Wow it is 6:15 in the morning and we are going up there to see the sunrise nice hey good morning guys not eggs are the way so much energy already in the morning nice ready to walk living right there life is real hi-5 doggy No before [Applause] so now we can say good morning from hypnotics and the vlog is back I've been very lazy for the last three weeks when was the last vlog I think three weeks ago the last block was three Kerry parks one day yeah remember and since dead I went to Abu Dhabi for a few days I have no idea what I did there I was just chilling with a friend and then I flew back home for my birthday and it was nice because it was my first day first birthday in 11 years that I got to spend back home with family and friends again and then a few days later I went to Turkey to coach the English army in wakeboarding because they I got a call from them I think in March or something because they had a camp here at hypnotics and they asked me if I want to join them and help them out with some tricks and I have to say it was really fun they learned so much and I think I'm gonna do this more often from now on but uh now I think we should enjoy this beautiful sunset sunset this is sunrise not the sunset sunrise here see you in a bit down there down there let me introduce the most crazy dog in the world neo don't wake poor dog hey Neil you want to go for a ride huh you want to go wakeboard yes yeah let's go let's go wakeboarding Neil hey are you ready yeah let's go excited hey Otis one is ours nicely on me you should try riding by yourself you want to try riding by yourself I know you can do this I heard you can do this that's right doubles was male he's going by himself now on the board right he goes on the knee board and I go on any board now we need a life I'll get up for now it's crazy how uncomfortable these helmets are good look nice let's try again now you want to go again wakeboard yeah let's go second try Neal has the so since Neil is done with his wake what session for today I'm gonna enjoy some laps for myself now and if you guys think that I forced his dog to ride with me then it's not true because yesterday he kept on jumping on my board and he keeps on jumping on other people's board because he wants to ride on the wakeboard with them so today I thought okay Neil let's give it a try come on my board and we have a few laps and then I went to the other carry with him and I made him try to ride a lap by himself and it actually was pretty close he did half a lap by himself and then he fell off but uh yeah whatever the dog is just crazy so uh I'm gonna have a fun and last evening session here at hypnotics now mayor stay away stay away you're not gonna ride with me this time he always wants to ride with me let's trick him okay now let's go let's go let's go okay no Neil Neil Neil there was a good last session here hypnotics and i have one more thing to say I have a Q&A coming this Sunday which is gonna be my first Q&A ever on YouTube so uh thank you for watching and subscribe and uh see you guys on Sunday this is it from hypnotics one last beautiful sunset


  1. Any tips on how to do blind exit from an obstacle? You do it perfectly without the danger of catching an edge. Any help would be great. Awesome video.

  2. For the Q&A…
    1. What was ur first invert
    2. What was ur first spin
    3. What was ur first air trick after raley
    4. What’s ur favourite kicker trick
    5. What’s ur favourite wake park
    6. What’s ur favourite comp
    7. Can I meet u at Plastic Playground (if ur going)

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