what's up guys James Jean here and today I'm gonna show you something that thing helped me improve in my instinctive archery and do you want to know what the secret is a bottle of water let me explain to you we're gonna be shooting this out of the air and I'll show you how it has helped me over the years improve my instinctive archery first I'm gonna explain to y'all like y'all have never shot a bow before I'm gonna explain my equipment and how I like to shoot my bow all right first things first I've got a recurve bow now you can do this with a longbow – I wouldn't recommend it for a compound is just about impossible but for this exercise but this is 45 pounds you can go pretty light you can go 20 pounds I mean 15 pounds if you want to do this partly the lighter the better this is kind of overkill right here you can use a heavier pound bow but my Terriers a little bit but yeah this is what I shoot and this is how I grip it it don't listen don't try this unless you feel comfortable with it I use two fingers one above one on the bottom of the air shaft a lot of people use three fingers this is actually a three finger gloved I cut one of the fingers off why I shoot that way I don't know that's how I've been shooting since I was a little kid I'm just real comfortable shooting that way and that's how it works for me next thing is the air now we're gonna be shooting stuff out of there so we're gonna need a flew flew air I recommend it because if you have a regular air most likely you're not going to find it it's just going to shoot way too far and these seem to slow down maybe 60 yards the spiral wrap flu flus the regular flu flus will go farther 120 yards man the bugs are killing me but I recommend the spiral wraps just because you're gonna be walking over and over to go pick up errors and a closer walk is better than a longer walk but notice I have a lot of open space here I don't want anything in the background I don't want anybody for this because it's going to take some practice all right now we're good we're going to explain what we're about to do okay now I got a water bottle here I filled it up with rocks what I like about filling up a rocks as you can throw it up and most of time if it gets a little wobbly it'll end up flying like this and it's easier to throw when it's a little bit weighted you can have full water if you want it to but what we're gonna do I'm gonna put this down you're gonna have your arrow nocked you're gonna want to throw your bottle up keep your eye on the bottle put your hand back on the bow pull back and shoot the bottle now I've been doing this for many many years now this is probably the main target that I shoot I party shot more bottles than anybody I know with the bow but that's what we're going to do this simple exercise what I recommend for people that have not done this is grab a to you later a little bit bigger target boost your confidence a little bit it's going to help you out the main tricks of these and this is why it helps you be more instinctive is because you throw it up you grab your bow you don't have time name you just have to shoot before that bottle hits the ground but one of the hard parts about this is throwing the bottle right and getting back to your boat so what I what I would do if I'm out of the house I would just practice just throwing up a Majan area bottle getting back to you're both throwing up your bottle get back near but just keep on doing that motion until you kind of get used to the way things go all right now how I shoot is going to be different than how everybody else shoots now I don't have an anchor point as you can see in my trick shot video I'll link at the end of this video the last 20 seconds I'll have you know a little clip of it where you can click on it and watch it but I shoot from many different angles I'll shoot from you know having it anchor point right there having it down here you know having it behind the back with my feet up over my head all kinds of ways I just know where the error is going to go all right and this kind of helps you practice for all that now let's get shooting it's time to start shooting okay got my bow got my flu flu I've got a nice open area here and I got my two liter what I'm gonna try to do throw the two liter up in the air grab my bow shoot it before it hits the ground okay you don't have time name this will help your instinctive poetry at least it did for me okay we're gonna throw it up if you didn't see it there it went straight through the 2-litre all right now for the throw it's easier to throw it closer to you at first and then you might want to try you know backing it up a little bit make it a harder shot the closer it is the easier it is to shoot the farther is the harder is gonna be shoot all right let's try that again we're gonna throw the bottle a little farther all right getting do the same thing throw it up shoot before it hits the ground same thing went through the bottle that you can hear it alright now once you have that down it's time to start shooting the smaller bottle now this is what I usually shoot this is actually the first time I shot a two liter so we're gonna throw this up do the same exact thing this is a smaller target it's harder to hit okay that time it didn't go through the bottle stuck in it that's makes you want to do like keep on practicing practicing practicing whenever I first did this you know I wasn't hitting bottles every try but you know now I hit it most of the time Aaron now then I get a little screw-up but let's try it some more that time I went through the bottle alright now we're gonna try it a little harder we're gonna throw a little farther that's a little farther than that c4 is that you've got a bad back [Applause] there you go folks another error through the bottle this is why I recommend a ladder pound bow either that or fill your whole bottle up the rocks because it kind of screws with your flesh and you know flu flu errors are kind of expensive if you buy them they're 15 bucks apiece you know I wouldn't you know if you're gonna try this grab out one error you don't need a bunch 15 bucks to get you started this is what I do I spend about 45 bucks on the Dozen errors and I spent about 30 bucks on a hundred feathers and I do him myself and uh you know that bag of feathers will last me a long time in a dozen areas last me a long time it's cheaper in the long run and a lot of times I shoot compound to and whenever I get a crappy air out of my compound I don't like or something or knock a fledging off and then I'll you know switch on the flu flu feather on it don't have to use you know fancy areas for it alright try a little harder shot throw it out a little farther okay alright that one went through it oh yeah that's the gist of it okay just get out there practice if you understand if you see what I'm doing here you don't have time to aim your you know just about the time I pull it back I'm shooting okay you know you've got unlimited targets I don't know how hard is for y'all to find an empty water bottle but it's pretty easy for me yeah it's a fun thing to do you know you don't need somebody else to throw it this is you know another thing I like to explain is that will help you you know draw aim quick you know a lot of people when I see them first start out they want to sit here they want to draw ain't like draw before they even throw it they draw back wait for the wait for them to throw it and then they end up messing it you know that happens for some people and not all people but it happens for me whenever I sit there and try to aim at a target I usually miss it whenever I try to shoot it instinctively most time I hit it so this is you know good practice for me it might not work for y'all but you know this is my main squeeze right here this is what I do all the time but ya go out and try it let's shoot this bottle out and then uh I'll show you some different stuff you can do all right let's try some trick shots now all right guys for this trick shot if you notice my bows on the ground what I'm trying to do here is throw the bottle up pick up my bow and shoot it before it hits the ground way easier said than done let's give it a shot [Applause] that's how you do it let's try some more shots now we're gonna try it with a smaller bottle if you notice two litre water bottle a lot smaller target let's see if we could do it that's how you do it you know what that's good for whenever you out there on the duck field with your buddy and get your bow on the ground and you're showing them pictures of your new girlfriend and all of a sudden you see you dove you can pick it up shoot real quick really I don't know what you'd use that for in real life hunting but it's fun to try all right let's try some more things all right for this trick shot Oh for this trick shot I got my two later here I'm gonna do throw it behind my back turn around and shoot it before it hits the ground all right that's how you do it all right this is working dude here try the same exact shot with the smaller bottle throw it over my back turn around shoot it alright for this shot this is for the people that do not want to throw it by themselves you can always put out the end of your foot kick it up and shoot it [Applause] hope I didn't walk in front of the target right there we could try it again if you want we'll try out with a two-litre now alright put on the foot kick it up shoot it alright guys I hope you enjoyed it I had a lot of fun shooting this video and I hope it helps you out and then stinked of archery I know it helped me out we're just yeah get out and grab a few bottles and go out and shoot you know just make sure nobody's around you and you're not gonna shoot anything you don't want to shoot so just go out there have a good time shoot some bottles and get better at archery that's what it's all about you know improving yourself making yourself a better Archer or better at anything else you do you know I know it instinctive archery is tough but hopefully this will help you out you know it's hard to explain it for people how you do it but you know it's awesome it looks good and it's fun to do but I'm James Jean I'll see you next time as I said earlier I'm gonna post my trickshot video at the last 20 seconds of this vid so y'all enjoy if you haven't subscribed please subscribe and if you have it if you liked the video like it if you don't like it dislike it so either way it doesn't bother me so hope y'all have a good time and get out and shoot I'll see y'all later thank you


  1. I know this is an old video but I was glad to see someone who actually shoots instinctive. A good description of an instinctive act is putting a fork full of food into you mouth. You never think about it,it just happens after many,many tries and you can't see your mouth. A baby will stick his spoon all over his face until he finally gets to where he can hit his mouth every time.You can't see your mouth so the only way to learn is doing it every day. People make videos and try to tell you how to shoot instinctive and they can't shoot instinctive themselves. You are the only person that I have heard that knows what to tell a person. When you said,"a lot of shots" That is correct it is the only way ,it can't be taught, just like the baby and his spoon you will finally learn to hit what you aim at! I no longer shoot due to personal problems but you sure remind of my youth! Thanks friend!

  2. Excellent video. Glad to hear from someone else that a consistent anchor point and conscious “aiming” is NOT the key to accurate instinctive shooting.

  3. Thankyou for sharing this I really appreciate it. I really liked how you explained and demonstrated what you do and I particularly liked the trick shots at the end especially the one picking up the bow from the ground ! 🙂

  4. No offense but compound bows suck. Having owned a couple i sold them both and bought a guitar. I have been shooting traditional bare bows for 60+ years. With a horse bow, or long bow I shoot with either hand. Some of my recurves and long bows have 2 arrow shelves. I had a Ben Pearson back in the 60's that had two shelves so I learned to shoot with either hand.

  5. Beautiful absolutely beautiful! As one instinctive archer to another, you should do competition archery. Keep up the great work.

  6. James, you are my favourite archer! By the way, you post this vid on my birthday ;-))
    Greez from switzerland

  7. James. You are a great instinctive archer, but all of your hunting videos that I have seen are with your compound bow. Do you hunt with your recurve or just use it for target practice?

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