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  1. Are you not allowed to stand up and shoot then? Cause it seems like if you just stand up, you can see the road

  2. yeah, I don't get all the comments calling this range unsafe… how anybody is going to be able to penetrate the berm to shoot a car, idk. & its not like people are bringing artillery cannons/plunging fire guns there and, I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that those houses behind the target area are a fair bit further back than what the camera conveys/could ever convey, making them appear much closer than they actually are?

  3. I don't care what baffles or engineering is involved. There's good potential for something to go wrong.

  4. Its not nearly as Interresting as this Range but i do know a Range one might actually gets hit by a stray bullet. The Range has been built between two very long and straight parallel old castle walls, behind the targets theres about 5 meters of dense brush and right behind that theres a hanging Bridge spannig across the two walls. So if someone shoots high and misses the bullet catch you are relying on brush to stop the Bullet before the bridge.

  5. I live in Switzerland, and this is actually not a unique built for a shooting range over here. I have already been to three ranges myself, where you shoot over a street just like here in this one. Also, I have even been to one where there’s a hiking path just underneath the targets. Luckily (and yet not so surprisingly), no accident of the kind has ever happened, otherwise I could guarantee you that these mind of ranges wouldn’t exist anymore. For starters, people who go to shooting ranges over here are usually extremely careful with what they’re doing.

  6. How did this get approved? Because the Swiss aren't a nation founded by lawyers and ruled by hysteria and phobia. Note the range safety officer. Note the field of vision when ones lies prone. One can't even see the road let alone hit it. However, one would never get away with this in the USA because people would get hysterical about bullets flying over head even if it is impossible that one will strike a person. Emotion would rule. People would sue. It just would not be practical to even try in the US. We also have a lot more land than Switzerland. Why shoot over an active roadway when it will create so many problems and we have so much empty land?

  7. Apparently sweden also a concept of “sak b” which allows people to stand down range while they are firing as long as they are at a correct angle…it is totally sketch. I still dont get how this is safe? Could someone please break it down for me more?

    How do they prevent a person from intentionally aiming down or misfiring at the wrong angle? What if the bullet is not as “hot” as it should be and loses its arc too quickly?

  8. Interesting, is that baffle even bullet proof? Or would you still not be able to see the road if it wasn't there?

  9. Eh.. I dunno. I’m pro gun and wouldn’t have approved this. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable shooting here, where if I fuck up and hit a car I could kill someone.

  10. You know the movie the crow? They gave everyone real guns to shoot blanks. Well, one person decided to load real bullets in, and killed the main actor.
    Imagine if 1 psycho went to that range, and decided to shoot a driver while everyone else was shooting.

  11. It's nice seeing educated gun enthusiasts enjoying their sport, I enjoy target shooting when I visit my mother's farm and I'd love the chance to shoot in a really nice facility like this.

  12. Ok can I shoot a CheyTac 357 o .408 rifle or Accuracy International AXMC .338 Lapuas Magnum or Barrett M95 .50BMG with no problem in that range?? To me good but how that have built in first place?? I like to shoot with my rifles.

  13. It is not safe! You can have a round where the powder doesn't fully ignite or for some reason it wasn't a full load. Causing the round to drop at a high rate.

  14. Germans: let's build a 300 metre rifle range.
    Paul Harrell: I can hit groups at 300 metres.
    Bloke & Chap: most of us can, providing the rifle is okay.
    Paul Harrell: with a shotgun firing 1oz slugs.

    Chuck Norris locks his doors & pretends he's not in.

  15. This is nothing. There is another sitting range in Switzerland where there are literally people's houses at the end of the range, just a couple dozen yards over the targets. No baffle walls at all.

    Start watching @1:16 to see the range with the houses at the end. https://youtu.be/w4tzIuhmDa4

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