before we get into this video guys are quick out-of-focus reminder I'm gonna be in Detroit September 23rd at 7 p.m. if you guys want to come hang out I'm gonna be at the defy park there again all the information is at T Burger calm focus focus this is the good lighting and enjoy the video okay try it out but don't break it don't break it so close hit the ground can you hit it no what is going on guys someone smell in the yard behind me okay we got to do this quick before he comes back over here and ruins the clip what is going on guys today we're back and today hope you guys are all having a great day so we made this concoction oh my god what I just remembered that blue bucket over there you know what that's from that's from the Attic oh my god that's the bucket go over there this was kind of fun really scary but you guys seem to like it so I got the idea what if we put the little mat with all the springs on the Goliath well that would be true scariness and I will probably hit the ground so we're gonna yank this trampoline then we're gonna yank the other one that we're gonna yank these Springs on the other one by the time we're done we won't be yankin for a week no Tanner's cool I'm coming okay if you let go hey we're stealing all your Springs kid moments later do we go outside go go go go go go alright now we've got some help from the gym buds with the big tramplesteam one two three watch out for those they're deadly let's get a couple on the normal no longer will these injure my toes I'm still a little bloody from that time so we got some foam first backflip attempt Oh see we need to start having good ideas like this ones that keep us safe Wow and five minutes later it's pretty much done not like the whole thing but you know the disassembled it just went fast thank you guys hey I know you're known for being a pain but yeah this thing might rip yeah that's a lot of definitely gonna rip this is over concrete we might die holy crap so far we're at eight Springs it Springs and it's so off-center does this is the ultimate spider web the race is on you're about to get your tripod knocked over like I've got mine some of them are like that and some of them are just there if these things rip off dude someone's dying they're so sketched here is my hand dude normally they're about 1 Tom quit playing with spiders I love the mochi turn around that you're so weird why look at he's so cool he's cute and kind of party they're like pink on we'll be the little eyes he's just looking at me like hey Oh big get him come here come here we started doing like it's a dog they're better than dogs okay their weight they do a lot more for the ecosystem than a damn dog does I'll tell you well in the cuteness scale there they're losing you I'll tell you that you need help are you stuck you're stuck on the ground oh you Kiwis why is Rosa not a model yet bless you bless you you got it you got it pull it yes yes that one is not okay dude oh my gosh my so it only took like an hour and it's starting to come along oh yeah [Applause] this is so weird Luna look at this one I don't see how you can get I would break through it if it wasn't concreted ornate I would jump right on the hole yeah you can straight up like the holes on there and when you started bouncing you could see the entire frame lift already like a diving board oh my god whenever you land it takes a second then half of it'll throw you it's just throwing me off dude oh there goes the frames anybody else want to get on it before it probably breaks sure yeah someone get on it before I get on it you do it I cannot believe all the springs stayed on dude I'm keeping my distance as much as I can see what I'm saying I know Suns coming out the spotlights on it was so hard it shakes side to side yeah it was at this moment that he knew he you don't want to try it out Quinn just a little balance oh yes Parker Parker Parker yes yes give it a bounce trying to jump yeah you're getting up there oh dude I want to do a Cody on it but it's too scary every direction yeah I feel like if I did it Cody the trampoline would come up and hit me big in the grave moon is like I want to see no Luna no Rose are you the jealous one now get the feel for the bounce first yes yeah okay do a sitting back foot now world's only sitting back flip on world's biggest smallest trampoline all right now you're going for height well maybe it's not gonna rip I kind of wanted to see someone go through it for the grand finale we have taped the cooler full of Springs and we're gonna throw it off the roof onto the Tramp hate hate hate Tanner why are they getting on your chest Ripoff one of those chefs one of the springs croaked how are we gonna rip of this thing you're gonna break this song by the time I risk my pin [Applause] yeah hey Tanner does stay there lean forward alright guys I think this Tramp is done I actually have an idea we could do with this Tramp we put the rectangle mat in this with all the springs so it's a big mat but super bouncy if you guys don't see it let me know but for now we're you're gonna go ahead and in this video here and I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you guys so much for watching don't forget leave a like insurance prints if you enjoyed subscribe for new and I'll see you guys


  1. You should take a empty trampoline build a wall around it with anything and fill it up with foam blocks with a cushion on the bottom

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