Tibhar Basic exercises in TableTennis training

Tibhar Basic exercises in TableTennis training

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  1. Really thorough video showing lots of different drills to practice. Kids were great – I hope they are still playing? Thank you.

  2. Very nice! There are so many steps to perfection and so many levels in this sport. What equipment do the kids use at this level? Im not necessary curious in the actual product but in the speed range of blades, their hardness and flexibility and same for the rubbers.

  3. the input of the mind must also train to be a fighter to make you a winner,,,lots of other players fall short when the stand in front of the chinese lion,,,the mind and concentration get like a fish net,,,,and this is the weakness of all the europeans players

  4. How much training time is recommended for beginner to spent playing single excercise from excercises v1 – v15 on a training? 5min, 10min or more per excercise?

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