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  1. Now that the end is near, I’m starting to get the shakes! I’ve tried to find the entire series on DVD or even iTunes. No luck. Just a few of the latter seasons seem to be available, and some compilation discs. If anyone knows how to get the entire series I would love if you can share! 🦴⛏💕

  2. What I find rather interesting is that the ridge of the roofs of both the church in the outer enclosure and the hall inside the inner enclosure are in perfect alignment. Hardly a coincidence obviously but that shows the Normans meant to build both building in line with each other for a reason. The church was build in the 13th century which is about the same time the castle hall was build…

  3. Could never understand why channel 4 cut time team it was the best show on tv. I have watch every episode so many times it is unreal oh what i would give for a whole new season but no chance of that .All tv channels want to make these days are soap operas so sad . I now have to watch replays on my computer and rarely watch tv because of the soap operas

  4. Time Team Drinking Game:
    pottery, lumps an bumps, geo-phys… 1 drink
    Can I get in your trench?… 2 drinks
    Early days… 3 drinks
    pub… 4 drinks
    stone o' crows… 5 drinks
    Good Luck and Happy New Year !!

  5. I am stealing this comment from another episode.. anybody notice the min. PHIL says I found POT, every one comes running?!

  6. This also proves that Raybans were also worn in the medieval period, see 22.07, medieval picture of Edith, the figure standing to the right of her!

  7. the reason it ended, was because, everybody finally got fed up with tonys bitching and nit picking ? and he always said we dug it when he should have said, they dug it, i just bitched

  8. I like Stewart as well. He's got a great eye for details. If I had to have something analyzed, I'd hire Stewart to do it. Not happy with that weird girl or the guy that supposedly replaced Stewart. I have it when some station gets a good show and then they mess with it. It usually ruins the show.

  9. Stewart was one of the most impressive members of the team. His skill set is unique: seeing in both 2D and 3D and the ability to put many small visual cues together into a coherent whole. Episode 3 of season 13 gives some of his background and explains his rather charming quirk of waving his hands so broadly (child of a weaver, and weavers communicated with large gestures due to factory noise).

  10. Manky : "1950s: probably from obsolete mank 'mutilated, defective', from Old French manque, from Latin mancus 'maimed'. This word meaning 'inferior, worthless, off-colour' is probably from obsolete mank 'mutilated, defective', from Old French manque 'lack', from Latin mancus 'maimed'."

  11. That first "horseshoe " they found .. I was always told that was a mule shoe, I also have been told that if you hang a horseshoe upside down all of the luck will run out .. guess theirs did eventually huh?

  12. At about 35:10 Matt is wearing a Kingdom of Loathing t-shirt. My life is fulfilled, we can move on.

  13. The hall is here on Google Earth:
    52°40'15.0"N 0°43'39.0"W (no signs of the 5 trenches around it)
    Stewart's trench is here:
    52°40'20.4"N 0°43'36.2"W
    And the 72 page post show report is here:

  14. 12 minutes in and still no mention of Rutland's most famous sons, The Rutles.
    If they fail to mention them I'll be pissed (in the American sense) enough to get pissed (in the British sense).

  15. ANON below is wrong about the USA…..we have destroyed recent history for money.but old human history has 10,000 years of 'finds'  .

  16. Phil and Stewart are very good at what they do. Phil stiks his nose to the ground and it speaks to him,   Stewart  scans the surroundings  and they speak to him.while our ancestry swims in our cells and remembers all.

  17. Granskare, you are wrong.  If you check the history of horseshoes and the symbolism you will be surprised to find that many people think the horseshoe should be hung upside down so that any luck it released would be spread to those around it.

  18. The London Eye is also a product of the de Ferriers family as a descendant, George Washington Ferris, Jr.,  is credited with inventing the Ferris Wheel for the 1893 Worlds Columbian Expo in Chicago.

  19. In the States (some states) we have what's called "Miss Utility." Under law you have to call them and let them know what, where, and when you plan to dig, and they coordinate all the relevant utilities who come out and mark all the lines. It's free – paid for by owner-member utility companies. I'm surprised the UK doesn't seem to have something similar.

  20. I am finding more and more A lot of them are a bunch of close minded whiners and it shows in a lot of these segments

  21. should he be driving like that? I got scared within the first ten seconds. I ride a bike and when he drives without looking at the road, how many other "car drivers" do it?

  22. I would love to live somewhere where there is so much history right under your feet. I live in one of the oldest settled parts of the US, and "ancient" around here means late 17th Century.

  23. Stewart is absolutly awesome. Right from the start I've always been amazed at the stuff he can figure out from lumps and bumps. In my opinion he is one of the most intelligent people on the Time Team team. Why Channel 4 decided to cut him from the 2nd to last series astounds me for its stupidity.

  24. And again – Indiana Ainsworth comes through! Phil, with mutton chops, Nosferatu fingernails + baldness looking like a zombie walker.

  25. What is the difference between a Texas prisoner and an archaeologist? Answer: NONE, they both break rocks for a living!

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