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  1. Thanks for your advise. Where can I buy the Kindle version of your book?. I have got introduced to archery through a book named Zen and archery. Would be interesting to know your point of the spiritual side of Archery. Please let me know. Vladimir.

  2. Thanks a ton for the tips! Here in PA, I missed my first 2 archery shots ever on a bucks fan have been beating myself up over it since. My consistency has been poor, and I had no idea the importance of relaxing my hand, pulling it back to the right point on my pace, and your other tips.
    Thanks for all your tips, they’re so applicable and very useful!

  3. Hi Shawn! I have a question about draw length. At first my draw length was set (pro shop) to 28.5 inches using the Armspan/2.5 method. It felt much too long and difficult to find a good anchor point. My instructor told me to shoot the bow more to get used to it. After a day of shooting I reduced it to 27 inches and things line up better. Is a shorter draw length a bad thing?

  4. Thanks so much, I'm a new archer, and I was getting very frustrated with my bow. I will be sure to practice what you mentioned in this video as much as possible.

  5. Best shooting tip video on YouTube. Thanks so much Sean. Watched it last night and used the info this am and my shooting has improved dramatically already. Seems to have cured my case of target panic. The advice to take one piece at a time and practice it I.E. holding the bow works wonders. Keep them coming and God Bless!

  6. i have infinite edge pro from diamond by bowtech.
    i have been shooting well for very long time but recently i got a disease of thorwing the shot to right always… checked arrow rest and sight but its the same. i was doubting it on my mussels. if its so how do you think i should do to get back on form? any suggestions?!

  7. I really appreciate your videos. I've been a hunter (rifle) and have gotten into bow hunting. Your archery videos have been like a personal trainer for me as I am trying to work on my form and consistency. Thank you for these videos.

  8. great informative video Sean. I totally change the way I shoot (looking for my own preference) every session. Need to remember the grip and anchoring portion you described here. Thanks for the info! Keep it up.

  9. I just got a bow also I shot it for the first time the string hit my arm boy did it sting …my arm was black and blue the next day!!!

  10. Thank you so much for this video. Just had bow tuned and new strings. I learned to listen to my body and found I was keeping my release too tight, I found that relaxed state. It dramatically tightened my grouping.

  11. Great video. I watched this a few years ago when I took up archery and ran across it again. I remember it really helped me.

  12. Every archer have his own way to pull the string back. It depends from many conditions and indyvidual body motion. Its not fair to oreder ppl to string the bow like you.

  13. wow, just wow! I like to shoot for hrs on my days off and was noticing today that although I had paper plate size groups with 6 arrows @ 80 yrds , I started having 1 flyer in every group,
    I think I'm gonna try your Idea, and drop to 3 arrows , and see how I do tomarrow! Thanks Sean , great advice .

  14. Man I wouldn't be as good as I am if it wasn't for you Sean👍🏻 keep up the good work great vid as always:)

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