Todd White – Jesus Changes Everything

Todd White – Jesus Changes Everything

Are you ready?
Okay, we will see. I am really really excited.
I woke up that way. I really did.
I went to bed. I don’t know what time I got to sleep, but
when I woke up it was amazing. I did not hug my pillow god when I went to
sleep. I did not thank God the day was over.
Because if you hug your pillow god at night and you thank God the day is over,
you have got to leave your pillow god in the morning,
and that is a problem. It seems silly but if the day is killing you
and your life is hard during the day and you hit your pillow at night
when you go to sleep and you thank God your day is over,
you have to start a new one very soon, and you will wake up
on the wrong side of the bed and that is illegal.
What does the wrong side of the bed really mean?
It means you woke up with your attitude instead of his.
Listen, sometimes we just brought Jesus in for what we can get from him
instead of being like him and then we go to a different conference
and we go to a different meeting and we want to hear more
because it helps us there. But when we leave more condemned
then that is just tragedy. It should not take tragedy to get us to majesty.
If you would look in the mirror and see who God sees
you would be so thankful that you are who you are.
Oh so today I woke up and God spoke to me.
He does it every morning. Do you know what He said?
I love you. Do you know what I said?
Ummm yes there is nothing that can get in the way of that.
There is nothing that can ever infiltrate the reality
of the love of God toward me, ever. Man we are not big enough to get in the way.
The devil is finished. We have got to stop listening to him.
He is a liar. He comes to kill, steal and destroy.
He wants to steal your joy. He wants to destroy your life.
He wants to make you think that there is no way out.
He wants you to be hopeless, depressed, bitter, sad, mad, angry,
full of malice and wrath. That is what he wants to do.
He is trying to recreate you in his image. That is a real tragedy.
See, in the garden we were not just born into sin.
We were not just like fall. We did not fall just into sin.
We took on the very nature of the enemy of God,
and if we do not understand the reality of who Jesus has called us to be
then how he has called us to see? We will base our life on how things are going
and how bad things are. You will need church on sunday to help you
feel good. But on Monday you will lose your sanctity.
You will lose your mind. It is illegal to lose your mind.
You are supposed to be walking with his mind So if you are going to lose it,
lose it for his sake so that you can find it.
We can not afford to be a people that depend upon just the evangelist
to touch people. We need to believe.
If you would just be a believer you would be happy about what you believe.
And it will be exciting everywhere you go. You can bring the gospel everywhere you go
because you would be the mobile word. You just be the mobile word.
You would be the word, like Jesus was the word made flesh.
You would be like him. Your flesh would become the word.
And the only bible that you really know is the one you can walk out.
That was really awesome. Be like Jesus.
God says be an imitator of him. Jesus never told you to wake up a mark misser.
If you wake up a mark misser what you will do is miss the mark.
If you wake up, if you wake up that person,
if you wake up depressed, it is only because life has squeezed you
and moved you. I understand there is clinical depression.
I get it, but it comes from hell. I am not against the reality of people
going to the doctors and getting diagnosed. I believe that.
I was depressed. I was suicidal.
I was angry. I was bitter.
I was ashamed. I was in complete unforgiveness
and I did not even understand it. Rage was my life and that is who I was.
But then Jesus cancelled my lifetime subscription to issues.
He cancelled it. And then he took me out of the kingdom of
darkness and put me into the kingdom of the son of
his love. And I like to live there.
Listen, I get great joy out of believing. Your joy comes from your belief.
This morning I went to a gym. This morning I went to a different one than
I went to yesterday. And when I got there, they changed.
They are not the same gym as they used to be.
So I am checking in and I am talking to this girl.
She is like, you know she is just going about her job.
And I said man, she has tattoos everywhere. I am like man, I have got buddies. They have
tattoos everywhere. I have always been freaked out by needles.
I mean like tattoos and stuff I never wanted to get.
Thank God I have always been freaked out by needles
or I would probably be dead by now, because I was a drug addict.
And I never shot up because I was afraid of needles.
If I did I would be dead. I would have burst my heart for sure.
I would be done. But I told her, I said, man lots of my friends
have them. I said, have you ever heard of the band Corn?
She is like, yes. And I said, my buddy brian has tatoos everywhere.
She goes, aw cool. She is like, aw your buddy.
And I said no. I shared brian’s testimony.
And i shared fieldy’s testimony. Fieldy’s dad, the base player of corn.
Fieldy’s dad, you guys saw the holy ghost right?
Fieldy’s dad said he prayed for his son all of his life.
He was praying for Fieldy. Fieldy was one of the angriest people alive.
He was just so angry. He was addicted to drugs.
He was addicted to alcohol. Just addicted to everything.
And when brian gave his life to Jesus nine years ago
I do not know if you guys remember it or not but he shared his testimony on a stage of
a corn concert. Ten thousand people
And he walked off the stage and left the band. They told him, you will not hang out with
this band and get out. These guys grew up together.
So they like fieldy and brian and jonathan the singer,
they went to high school and middle school together.
These guys have been around for a long time. Together they have been in relationship.
So, when brian did that it was such a rebellious move to worship God.
Fieldy said, dud get out of my face or I will kill you.
And he meant what he said. And these guys were best friends.
You bring Jesus into the equation man. It is so weird but the bible says do not think
it is weird that you do not want to run with them
anymore. that they do not even want to hang around
you. Why, because you are and light and it exposes
darkness. That does not mean that I point the finger
at their darkness. That is not what it is about.
It is about walking in the light as he is in the light.
You are conviction to people. So that is what happened.
But brian is praying for fieldy and praying for fieldy and praying for fieldy.
And his dad gets together with brian. I am telling this girl this story this morning
and she is like, okay. And I said fieldy’s dad is like, I am praying
for my son, I am praying for my son. Brian said he has been praying for your son
and have been praying for all the guys. Fieldy’s dad said, if I ever die before fieldy
dies I am going straight to Jesus and say, what
about my son. Brian is like, whoa that is rad man.
Well a couple of years later fieldy’s dad got deathly ill.
Then fieldy’s dad was rushed to the hospital. So fieldy and his sister and relatives and
stuff, they went to the hospital.
And his dad, like, they could not fix him. They could not do anything for him.
His dad died and fieldy watched his dad get the shockers, the difibulator.
And he watched his dad die through the window. It is crazy.
And he is totally like overwhelmed. And he goes back to the house right after
his dad passed away. I am talking like within a half hour.
One of his aunts talks to him about Jesus and fieldy gets born again.
So what happened? Fieldy’s dad said, if I die and go to Jesus
before my son I am going straight to Jesus when I die
and I am telling him, what about my son. Within thirty minutes.
That is crazy. And so Brian shows up at the funeral
and Fieldy is there and Brian says to Fieldy, man all your dad wanted you
to know is Jesus He goes I have got Jesus man.
What is it to you? And Brian is like, What?
They became friends again. And then all of a sudden,
God wooed Brian back. Corn is not a Christian band.
They do not have Christian lyrics. I am not promoting the lyrics of Corn.
Jonathan is on his way to the Kingdom. That’s the lead singer.
They have a lot to lose, so to speak. Fieldy is on fire, saved and almost all the
roadies are saved. I have spent time with them, man.
Almost all the roadies are saved. All the guys are drug free.
All of them are alcohol free. Fieldy is on fire.
Brian is on fire. And when I went to that movie in the Holy
Ghost my heart was, dude,
if you are going to be in this band, you cannot be silent light.
You need to be a vocal light. Because if you are going to come back into
a role like this I am not against it.
I am not calling it compromise. Compromise would be for you to be quiet.
Because if you are going to be in that situation you better represent.
I considered it a great joy and they are like, for the Holy Ghost movie,
they are like, dude, we need security if we are going to out there amongst the people,
man. And you do not understand.
They are going to want pictures. They are going to want autographs.
That is all they are going to want, man. Because these are fans.
They are like freaks. And I said, that is alright dude, I am a freak
too. So we are going to have fun,
so it is pretty cool. We are walking up the hallway and you can
see in the Holy Ghost film, and Fieldy is saying, which way is it man?
And he is saying, maybe it is this way and he has his hood up and he is like,
man, we go out there and I told them no security, no nothing.
Not one person asked for a picture. Not one person asked for an autograph.
God showed up and touched a lot of people. A lot more than you saw on the film.
No matter profession someone is in, whether they are a rock star,
whether they are a football player We had one of the Sea Hawks here last night.
At represent, just and amazing, on fire Clint Gresham is just amazing.
I got to hang with him. I went to the Mac and workout there and got
to touch everybody. It was amazing.
It was really good. But let us not limit God.
And I was telling this girl today and she was like, wow that is crazy.
And I looked at her and I said, you know what? You were a Christian at one time in your life
and then it did not sink in. You just went because other people brought
you. She said, yes, I grew up so and so.
And I said you are running from Jesus. She said, yes, I do not have any peace at
all. And I said, you will never peace.
Joy does not come from you life. Your life is set up to crush you and destroy
you. It is set up to crush you.
See, people call us evangelism. I just call it truth.
I call it a life that is yielded to truth. Now I am not going to say anything about her
tattoos. It is not even about that at all.
It is about what is in the heart. David was one of the most amazing men
who wrote a lot of these pslams. And Samuel, the old prophet of God
the one that heard from God, said, I do not know about this one.
God said, don’t you dare. I look at the heart.
So Jesus is looking at the heart of a person. He sees what is in the heart of the person.
If that was the case, none of us should be in the Kingdom,
none of us should be saved. None of us should have a chance at this thing.
It is called grace. Grace is undeserved favor.
Unmerited favor. There is nothing that you had to do to earn
it. If you had to earn it, it is not salvation.
You cannot earn your salvation. Salvation is not earned by knocking on door.
Salvation is not earned by you going different places and witnessing to people.
That is not earning your salvation. That is the working out your salvation.
See, salvation gets in you and you get born again.
God gives you a brand new heart. But there is the working out salvation,
which is actually you growing up in Him. But also, you representing Jesus everywhere
you go. It is not about what I have to do to impress
God, no. I have already impressed God by believing
Jesus is enough for me. But your life displayed is the presentation
of what you believe. Hey dude.
I was like, is that an angel? Ha ha, no, they would not say, excuse me.
No way. So your life displayed is what you believe.
So we cannot water this thing down. We cannot afford to.
People are dying man. My question is do you care about someone else
other than yourself? Because selfishness makes you hold this thing
back. People are dying.
Do you not care? So we call it evangelism and that is just
for you. That is not my gift.
You are wrong. See, the five fold, just like Cindy said love
it because the evangelism can be from a platform
to where you preach. Like I run with Reinhard.
I have never heard anything like it. Everytime he says anything,
I need to get saved again. It is unreal.
I mean having a conversation, I get to sit at his feet and just listen.
And I am like, man dude, pray for me. You have got your own flame.
Yes, do that again. Just honoring men and women of God that have
gone on before, just thanking God for their life that they
have gone through. And so I am the product of their life.
Of what they have payed a price for. Jesus paid a price for all of us to live completely
surrendered, completely abandoned to Him.
All God is looking for is willing vessels. So when I teach, my job is to equip the body
of Christ to be normal. I just call it normal Christianity.
It is just normal. What is abnormal is you holding him back.
It is abnormal for you to believe in something so strongly in here
and to quiet about it out there. It is abnormal for you to point the finger
at people, point out what is wrong with them.
It is abnormal for us to do that. Anybody can do that.
The world can do that. Prophecy is not to hurt people.
It is to build up. And to strengthen people and tell them who
they really are. Underneath that trash is amazing stuff.
They are not trash. It is what they are believing.
It is what their life is encased with. People are not your problem, you are.
It is not about someone else. They did this to me.
They did that to me. Get over it.
I am talking to the church here. I am talking to us.
I feel like my life my life mission, my goal is to bring Christians to Christ.
Really. Jesus was radical.
He blessed people. He overwhelmed people everywhere he went.
This girl is sitting there talking to me. She gets overwhelmed.
She cannot wait any longer. We are talking, she gives her life to Jesus.
Yes God. Yes God.
And I am sitting there talking to her and she is like, wow.
Whoa, I said it is just like a bad dream. It is over.
Sometimes we say you have got to deal with all the stuff that you just came out of.
If it is that, then it is work and it is not grace.
If it is grace than it is God’s ability to keep you
and it is Devil’s job to deceive you. Grace is, you are saved by grace through faith.
So all of a sudden grace gives you unmerited, undeserved favor.
There is nothing you can do to earn it. You could not earn it.
If you had to earn it, Jesus would not have paid for it.
He paid for something for you to have for free.
So that you could walk, but he did not just pay for it for you to get to heaven.
He paid for heaven to get into you. But not just so you could heal people.
He paid for heaven to get into you to reposes that which was lost.
But God wants the salvation of our soul. He wants our soul, our will, our mind, our
emotions. He wants to completely sanctify you to be
set apart for his use. And sometimes we have incorporate in,
man if only we had given him this much, and we have only given him this much.
It is about a fully surrendered life. When you come to Jesus, he does not say, you
are kind of for me now. He says you are for me or you are against
me. You either gather to me or you scatter from
me. Sometimes we incorporate doctrines and principles
and different things in our life. We live by those principles and we never get
to know the one who created the word. And we have to have relationship with that
one. He is the only that sets us free.
And he sets us free from us. Because if we are free from ourselves, we
are free from others. Nobody can hurt you.
I have talked about this for ten years dude. I am coming up on year number eleven.
I still have not been hurt. I still have not been offended.
I am in no condemnation. I am not in guilt.
I am not in shame. Nobody can give me that.
It is not mine. There is nobody.
People have told me, you better be careful man.
If you talk like that, you are setting yourself up.
That is fear. That is demonic fear from the enemy saying,
if I talk like this, I am going to get hit. Who cares.
Why would I be afraid of an enemy who is finished? He is finished.
Why would I be scared of him? We have taught people that they are not supposed
to talk llike this, because we do not want them to fall.
We have taught people that the Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint.
That is not in your bible. People told me, you can not run like this
Todd. You are going to burn out.
How can you burn out grace? You cannot burn out grace.
Grace is the inspiration of God on my heart, with his outward reflection of himself on
my life. He set it up this way.
He set up christianity that the only way you can live it is fully surrendered.
But if you do not push all your chips to the center of the table,
you are a target for the enemy. If you do not push everything into the middle
of the table. Listen, Abraham was told he was going to have
a son. And then they tried to move things their own
way. And Hagar had Ishmael.
And then all of a sudden, Sarah gets pregnant and has Isaac.
Sarah is like, okay it is not cool that she is here.
Because obviously that is not the one. So, get her out of here.
God is like, yes okay have her go away. And they are out there and Ishmael is out
there and Hagar they are going to die of thirst,
she thinks. And an angel shows up.
An angel shows up and says here, there is water over there
and everything is going to be okay. By the way God is going to bless a nation
through your son. It is the nation of Islam.
But, let us never forget what is wrong here. The nation of Islam lost their father.
They lost their dad. It is a fatherless nation.
And why would they want what Christians have if we cannot follow the father?
So Isaac is on the earth and he is the best thing ever
and you have got Abraham and like think about it
you are talking about a man that is one hundred years old having a kid.
Like, it is a miracle. It is beyond a miracle.
It is like, no way dude. A hundred years old.
You are going to hang on to your son. He is like the best thing ever and all the
promises hang on this one. It is the seed.
This is the promise. And God is like, you know what?
I see that Isaac has moved into the center of your heart.
And right now it is a violation to where you are with me.
He did not tell Abraham that, but this is the reason why he told Abraham to do what
he did. Because Isaac has now moved into the inner
place where only God was supposed to be with Abraham.
And he said, I need you to take your son and I need you to sacrifice him.
It sounds like a mean God. Who would ever do that?
God’s intention was not to sacrifice Isaac. We know that because God said, do not do it.
There is a ram over there. I know it all a type of shadow with Jesus
and Isaac carrying the wood. It is all a type and shadow.
Jesus carrying his cross. I get it, it is just all amazing.
Anyway, the fact is that God needed to make sure that Abraham did not have Isaac where
only God could be.
And so he removed Isaac out of his heart by testing Abraham
and saying, hey If you have anything in your heart,
I do not care what it is, it does not matter. It can TV, it can be sports, it can be your
kids. If your kids are your only salvation
your life will only be here because of your child.
Your kid is not your salvation. Jesus paid a high price
and if your kid is your savior if something happens to your kid, you are
finished. I am not talking about just death, loss and
destruction I am not prophesying doom and gloom.
I am telling you that anything in your heart that matters to you more than Jesus
will kill you if it is taken away. The cross is what it does, it does a quick
work, and cutting work. It cuts through and it goes with a swift cut
and boom. Where nothing takes first place.
To where I can love God with all of my heart, my soul, my strength and my mind.
Then I can love my neighbor as myself. If my wife comes into that place,
and loving my wife is like loving my wife like Christ loved the church.
That is an amazing love. But if my wife, if I went home today and found
my wife in bed with another man would that wreck my salvation?
That is what I am going to ask you guys. If you went home and the one you love most
in your life was fooling around with somebody else,
what would you do? Where would your salvation be?
See, the devil understands where the church is
and sometimes we incorporate God in for what we can get from him.
and as long as things nice, everything is okay.
But man, if stuff gets stirred up. I am not prophesying fornication.
I am not prophesying this stuff. I am telling you the truth.
If I went home tomorrow morning and I found my wife in be with another,
I would cry for her. It is so scary for the body of Christ.
They would say, I do not know what I would do.
That is a problem. This is not happy.
Joy, yeah It is awesome.
Your joy does not come from your life. Your joy does not come from your family.
Your joy does not come by how people treat you.
Your joy comes from your salvation. Your salvation is the reality of your heart
that has been given to another. And he gave you his heart.
You know the bible it says this will cost you,
I get it. And Pastor Dan said it in costing, it costs
you. It is true, it does.
You know Valentine’s Day was not sacrifice for me.
See when I said yes to God, I gave up who I was never created to be.
So all of this will cost you, is to give up what you were never created
to be. So you can finally become who God says you
are. God did not create you for you.
He created you for him. This is amazing.
The bible says, deny yourself. If my wife, she can become an idol so quick
man. And honestly, sometimes women are looking
for a husband and if he does not come, it is not okay.
That is not what makes you okay. What makes you okay is that you are married
to another. Man it is freaky to be married to Jesus, man
it is cool. Come on, women in the bible are referred to
as sons and that is crazy. But I am going to wear a wedding dress.
The bride of Christ. That is what I am talking about some personal
stuff. The truth is, if your kids are your salvation
or your boyfriend or your husband is your salvation, you will be deceived.
You will be let down, because what you will do if they are not around
you will replace it with something else. And then that will come in and be your savior.
Or something else will become your savior. Or something else will become your savior.
Football players, professional football players, their life is football and if football is
their complete life and you incorporated Jesus in you are only
as good as your last score. You are only as good as your last super bowl
win. And that is just not the case, man.
Life is set up to kill you. Performance is set up to kill you.
It is not about performance. It is about grace.
But real grace, real grace is divine inspiration of God
upon the heart with his outward reflection of himself upon your life.
When all of a sudden your life is a display of his goodness, of his glory
of his amazing love. Where Jesus said to walk like him
we are supposed to be like him. To be like him is to become love itself.
It is not even to learn how to love. You do not come to church to be loved.
You do not go to church to try to find love. What you will do is you will go to church.
You will think that people are looking at you and you will find fault.
You will be like, oh yeah they are looking at me, oh geez.
Who cares? Do you know that if you see the gaze of your
father, if you understand that he is looking at you,
you will never worry about what people think about you.
Sometimes we hear this and we think it is not a relevant issue.
If you have an attitude with one person it is very relevant in your life.
God wants to set you free from attitude. He wants to set you free from opinions apart
from truth. He wants to set you free from things that
have become idolatry in your life. Those things take you away from him.
God does not mind you having a wife. He does not mind you having kids.
He does not mind you having a professional career.
But he does not want your wife having you. He does not kids having you.
He does not want your career having you. He wants to be in the middle of everything.
And he wants to be in the forefront of your life.
So all that God asks for is that you would fully surrender.
Not just sing, I surrender all, but fully be all in.
So when push comes to shove and trials come, you do not run from them.
You rejoice in them. Trials are intense.
They are going to come anyway. But if you do not see who you are you will
think maybe God is doing this thing. You need to be very careful.
You need to know who your father is. God so loved the world that he gave.
Why do we give? Because God loves.
Yes, but giving is so hard. I go out there all the time and tell people
to talk to their waitresses and waiters. You know I checked in to another gym the other
day. About two days ago.
I went with Dan and we went in there and had just a great time
and I went over to get a towel because I did not bring a towel with me.
I went to the desk and they have this can there
it says, tips for karma or something like that.
I think that is what it says. Do you know what it says?
It says, I do not know, it says, tip for good karma or something.
And then I am like, I my gosh, I tried to live by karma my whole life.
And it is a rollercoaster. Serious and I am like and I looked at them
and I go, you know what? A towel costs me a buck, do
you guys take tips? I said, look I cannot tip for karma.
But I can bless you because God Loves you and God so loved the world that he gave
so I will just give. Is that cool?
They are like, okay. So I shared my testimony and I shared how
I was a drug addict and I shared how I was an atheist and hated
the church and how I was so angry and mad.
I never really saw anybody that modeled anything wanted,
because everyone is about their own thing. You know for thirty four years I have walked
this earth and not one person came up to me and told
me how much Jesus loved me. Never.
And we say, that is the evangelist’s job. Man do you know how many Christians I might
have walked by in thirty four years? Do you know how many Christians you walk by
in a day? Do you know how many Christians you probably
walk by in three hundred and sixty five? Do you know how many Christians you walk by
in a year? Come on man, if the shoe fits, kick it off.
It is not your shoe, okay. Do you know how many Christians people walk
by in ten years? Do you know how many people I walk by that
actually believe in Jesus but only for a building? And only from what they can get from God.
Are you guys okay? Some of you are angry.
Smile, Jesus loves you. I am not mad. All I am doing is preaching
the truth. Because if conviction comes, God can transform
you. It is not condemnation. It is not guilting
you into going and stepping out more. Guilt will not do it.
Because if you step out you are guilty if you do not step out again.
That is not it all. Being convicted and realizing that one day
see, one day, regardless of what you believe, one day everyone is going to bow.
One day every knee will bow. Every knee.
And right now I have the ability when no one is looking,
to be on mine. On a constant basis.
Because that is where I like to live. When I am by myself, when I am in my secret
place, even when I am on airplanes sometimes.
It just depends. I like to be in a place on my knees so I can
know my father. So that I can be completely convicted on a
constant basis. Do you realize that one day everyone is going
to bow? They are going to bow their knee.
And I have the ability for humbleness and meekness for receiving the planted word.
I talked about it last night, that it is able to save your soul.
It is the salvation of my soul. I am able to get in to the Word of God and
create in me the reality of what it means to walk like
Jesus. I have permission from the father to get in
there, to study, to show myself approved. I have the reality of the secret place in
my life and it is a priority so I can look like Jesus.
My bible says to be an imitator of God. Dear children, Jesus said be an imitator of
me. God says that he always leads us in triumph.
Well listen to this. God always leads us in a victory parade in
Christ. This is what the bible says.
It is so amazing. God always leads me in a victory parade in
Christ. But if I have to feel like it is a victory
parade, I might be big time deceived.
Well God, when I feel you then I will step out.
Man, I hardly ever feel God. I am compelled by the love of Christ.
The love of Christ compels me. It is in me and I have to let him out.
Christ in me is the hope of glory. But Christ manifesting himself through me
is that glory being revealed. And all creation is groaning for somebody
to walk like Jesus on this planet. Everybody has the same ability, same permission.
The only one who holds you back is you. The only reason you are held back is life
is more important than him. Come on man, I am not being mean, I am being
real. We are about to get really intense.
This is awesome. I am not mad at anybody.
I just love Jesus and I hate lies. I live in truth.
I am not possessed by a lie. I lie cannot hold me down.
The devil cannot stop me. He should have killed me when he had the chance.
It is too late now. I am done.
Finished. This is for everyone who will believe.
I am not afraid of this gospel. I am not ashamed of this gospel.
It is the power of God unto salvation for them that believe.
I fully believe. I am fully convinced.
God is renewing my mind so that I can think like him.
He always leads me in a victory parade in Christ.
Always.. Every trial that comes,
I get another opportunity to manifest my father. The devil should take a risk every time he
touches you. But you should understand who is touching
you when you are touched. When the enemy touches you, he takes a risk.
But he not afraid because a lot of people are seeking God for what they can get from
him, instead of becoming like him.
We are seeking heaven for what we can get from our father.
Come on if he does not show up in the time we have allotted him,
all of a sudden, forget it. And God forbid we incorporate him in for what
we can get from him. And God forbid I am reading the word so that
I can preach at people. God forbid I am reading the word so that I
can preach to people. So that they will like what I have to say.
And God forbid that I be a different man in my house.
That is not it man. It is about you being Jesus everywhere you
go. See, when I got born again, I got so free.
I was so excited. I just was praying for everyone.
It is on my eleventh year. It is constant, it does not shut down.
I am not here for a pulpit. I am here in your city to bring your city
to Jesus. But not because I am trying to tell them what
is wrong with them. There is a place in Christ, there is a place
in God to where you can speak to somebody and
God shares their heart with you. See listen, a lot of people say, God give
me the heart of people, I want to know the hearts of
people. Well the problem is, is when you get the heart
of people, then you start to know and understand what
they are saying about you. Could you handle it?
Could you deal with it? Would your word come out contrary to what
they are saying about you? That would be divisive.
You see God started to deal with me in the beginning of my life because I had a whole
family that hated me.
So when I got saved, Jesus came into my life and they said, Dude I wish you were a drug
addict again.
They did not say that because I stole from all of them.
But now I am freak, man. I mean freak.
I am sold out. I am just possessed by another.
See I am no longer possessed by the spirit of the world, dude.
It is not in me. I do not have a love for the world.
I have a love for the kingdom. I have a love for my father, to display him
in world. Because the victory parade that he leads us
in, it says that through us it diffuses the knowledge
of the fragrance of him. That means that everywhere I go I get to diffuse
the fragrance of the knowledge of my father. Of the fragrance of the knowledge of him.
That does not mean the fragrance of my Christian confession.
Jesus did not say, invite me into your heart. If you invited him into your heart but held
back your life that would be a big problem. Well I said the prayer.
It is not about saying the prayer. It is about understanding who you have given
yourself to. Because he has fully given himself to you.
So I walk up to my motherinlaw’s house.
It is like very soon after I got saved. And God starts to speak to me.
It is about, I do not know, about six months in.
God speaks to me and he tells me what they are saying behind the door as soon as I walk
up. He is letting me hear their conversation.
And I am like, whoa. I mean, I did not realize how bad I was.
I knew I was bad, but that was crazy. And he said, is that bothering you?
I said, absolutely not. I walked in the house and they said, oh hi.
And I said, hey. I just cried.
I just cried. Not because I am hurt by them,
but because I am hurting for them. See Jesus, he set me so free
that instead of getting hurt by people I now hurt for them.
Because they are not my problem. My war is not against people.
My war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, demonic strongholds,
spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.
My war is not against people. Jesus died for people.
If anyone had the right to be offended, it would have been our king.
Come on man, he is hanging on a tree. He is hanging on a tree.
We put him there. He is hanging there.
Gasping. He was suffocating.
Because during the crucifixion, they would suffocate.
And with his breath he would say, father forgive them, they know not what they do.
Man, Jesus, they ripped his flesh apart. They shredded him.
Come on if anybody had the right. Can you image our king?
Come on bring yourself down from there if you are the Christ.
Call upon your father. I am out of here, forget it, no way.
I will never die for them. They do not care about you.
They care about themselves. They are lovers of themselves.
They do not care anything about you. Why would I die for them.
Look at how they are treating me. Look at what they have done to me.
Forget it. I am done.
I am out. Find somebody else.
We in our faith, our belief system in our not surrendered lives think that way and get
hurt by everyone.
I am not mad at anybody. Do you know why people do not come to church?
Because they cannot see Jesus in us. I am not mad.
I am not mad. All I want to do is be the real deal.
People come up to me and say, dude you are the real deal.
I am sitting there thinking, why is that weird? What is real is that someone would tell me
I am the real deal and not see that they are. Jesus paid a price for all of us to be the
real deal. Real deal.
Real surrender. Real love.
Real grace. Real truth.
Real sons and daughters of the king. Real representatives.
Real God in us, Christ in us. Real Christians that are fully surrendered;
That do not hold on to junk and lies at the cost of who he is and of who he paid a price
for. Real people who do not just come to God for
what they can get from him, but fully surrendered and saying, I am in
and I am not going back. Fully.
That is all God is asking you for. All God is asking you for is everything.
Well do you want my kids? Absolutely.
Well, they are mine. Then do not sound like a seagull on Nemo.
If your kids are in the middle of your heart, if you wife is in the middle of your heart,
if a prodigal is in the middle of your heart See one day we are going to stand before the
father and all the things that we have allowed See Paul said, we are limited by our own affections.
So, what are the affections of your heart? And what is taking you away from purpose?
What is taking you away from value? What on this earth is establishing your value
more than the price Jesus paid for you? Why would not we believe the simplicity that
is in Christ? Why would not we see just how simple the gospel
really is? Jesus said, if you do not become like child,
you will never see. So if I do not become like a child and I do
not remain a child, then I will always remain a child of my father
and it would be just me and him. See, whether I am on a crusade preaching to
a million people, or I am at a conference preaching to thousands
of people, or if I am on a plane beside one person.
I am still in it for the one. I still live for an audience of one.
I still live. Last night I shared how I believe that God
judges the thoughts and intent of your heart. I believe that the conscience and everything,
that when you get born again the blood of Jesus
cleanses your conscience from dead works in order to serve God.
I believe that when somebody says yes to Jesus there is this quick work of the blood of Jesus.
But now there is the growing up in him to all things.
There is the renewing of your mind. There is not relying upon the wisdom of the
world. It is not trying to incorporate the word of
God into your life thinking that it is there for you to have
a better day. God did not come to give you a better day.
He came to give you a new life. But if it is just about how your day went
today, you will hug the pillow god when you fall
asleep. Then you will have to leave the pillow god
when you go in the morning. And you will hit snooze five times, each time
harder and harder. Man, time to make the donuts, uh.
How are you doing? I am okay.
And life will become your potter instead of him.
Life will mold you and squeeze you and make you look like it.
And all it does is make you look like it when you have not surrendered.
When you have not been fully in, all in, it is a daily thing.
It is called repentance. Repentance is not just a one time thing where
you come to God and you give your life to him.
Repentance is a daily walk to where your conscience is clean.
It is not defiled when something comes and tries to defile it.
The Holy Spirit in you, shakes you and tells you this is not right.
And then your obedience is the next step. And all of a sudden you grow in relationship
and when you read the word it tells you how far you have missed it.
But you do not look at yourself as a mark misser.
That is who I was. So when you read the word of God, yes you
have missed it my gosh this is brand new. That is right son.
This is who I have called you to be. Now study and show yourself approved,
Because I am the author and finisher of your faith.
I am the captain of your salvation. You have entered in to my army.
Let me lead you. Let me lead you.
God has called us to be champions. He has called us to be David’s that carry
a stone that slay giants in the body of Christ and
have hope. He has called us to be the one to slay that
giant and not be afraid, no matter what the stuff is.
But if you do not have faith in your God, if you do not have faith in him,
he has faith in you. We cannot afford to be tormented by life.
Some of you are just waking up, like now. It is really awesome.
Good morning. God has paid a higher price than for us just
to get to heaven. Forget about everybody else along the way.
God has paid a higher price than for you to see how bad life is.
Sit there and complain about how bad life is and all of a sudden your life is a complaint.
Jesus get me out of here. My boss is a jerk.
Life is a wreck. My kid just ran away.
I cannot deal with this anymore. Jesus I hope you come back soon.
To heaven with me and to hell with everybody else.
That is not Christianity. Deception happens.
People get confused. They get deceived.
They are not your issue. No one else determines the value that you
have. Nobody else.
Your value is determined by the cross at calvary. It never changes.
It is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus paid such a high price to redeem you
and to get you back. That makes you a great value.
You are not worthless. Do not listen to the devil.
He is cut off. There is never a chance or hope for him.
He is finished. We cannot afford to listen to him.
He is a stranger’s voice that we are commanded not to follow.
Jesus is outrageous. So yesterday I am checking in at the gym.
And I meet this wonderful, wonderful lady that is behind the desk.
And I said to her, I started talking to her about Jesus.
I just started talking to her. No, I did not actually.
No, Dan did, I saw somebody walking and I ran out the door because I needed to share
a word with them.
Big guy, what was his name? Cam Yes, he did not come today.
Did you come Cam? Okay, I am coming to find you.
I am just kidding. No, I love him.
You did it. His car broke down.
Did he text you? Tell him I love him.
So I ran outside and I said Dude. He said, what, what.
I said no man, I just heard in my heart when you walked by me.
I heard in my heart that there is this thing about the police upon your life.
He said what. I said no, no, no kind of like the armed services
and all that stuff I think that is really awesome.
I said but I actually see you as somebody of authority,
but I see you having a desire to be a police officer man.
He said, dude, that is blanking crazy. I did not say, I my gosh, I cannot believe
you said that. I cannot afford to be hurt, man.
Come on dude. What are we doing? What are we thinking?
You walk up to somebody and they just cuss you out.
They are just groaning. You woke somebody and they are screaming at
you, that is groaning. All of creation is groaning for you to manifest
your father. How are you doing?
Man, shut up. Ah dude you are groaning bro.
Do not say that. But know in your heart it is because they
need to see their father. Isis are groaning.
See people do not even like to talk about that.
They are like, oh my gosh I hope I never encounter them.
I hope I never do. Do you know that if you seek to save your
life you will lose it. Why do you fear death?
You are never going to die. People hear me and they say, dude you better
stop talking like that because man you need to
stay around. To live is Christ and to die is gain.
I am not trying to get a ticket out of here. I already signed my ticket when I said yes
to Jesus. I am already out of here.
I am already out of here. I just gave up I said okay yes I am in complete,
in. They are groaning, man.
They need a father. They are really mad.
There is a reason why they are killing Christians. They are trying to wipe them off the face
of the planet. It is not going to happen.
Because even our blood will cry out. Oh dude, I am so far gone.
I have approached so many angry people, man. I am talking to this kid and he said you do
not understand, I really needed this today. And I said, dude I love you and he said I
love you man. It was awesome, just this sweet guy.
And I said can I pray for you? What is the deal?
He said, oh man, legs, leg workout bro. I said, can I pray for legs to be healed.
He said, that would be awesome man. And you think, well that is nuts,that is self
inflicted. I said no, I can pray for them, he said, that
is crazy man. I said dude, Jesus loves you so much.
He said, amen. I walked back into the place and I met my
friend. And she is there working and God started to
speak to me, about her heart and what she has been through
and about who she is. Jesus started to tell her about her value.
How amazing she is and about what a good mom she is.
I said, you have a daughter do not you? And she lost it.
She lost it because it is everything you want to believe about yourself.
We are missing out man. We are missing out.
All of creation is waiting for you. All creation.
I do not know if she remembers but yesterday she said, my heart, my heart, she is losing
her breath.
Because God was saying, I love your heart. I want to give you mine.
So I held her hands and she said yes Jesus, yes,yes.
This is crazy, you are awesome. I am not boasting in anything less than the
reality of God’s love for people. All I did was see her value.
All I did was see who God sees. I saw who she is and all of creation is waiting
to see who God sees. The world can point out stuff.
You are not here to point out stuff. God reveals the heart of people.
He did it in my family. Not that they were saying anything about me
but my family was and he would tell me. And for two years I could not say anything.
He would remind me everything they were saying and everything they have said.
Not to bring up the past, but just to keep my heart right.
And I was not even allowed to talk to my family about what they said.
Because God wants to reveal the hearts of people to his people.
But not for selfish ambition and selfish use and never for you to have a pulpit.
He wants you to know the hearts of people. God knows the heart of everybody.
First he wants you to know that he knows your heart.
Completely, he sees everything. He sees the Isaacs.
He sees all that junk. He sees the idols.
He sees the stuff that you put before him. And all he is asking you is to give up all
that junk so you can finally have him. You cannot afford to incorporate Jesus into
your life. It is full on surrender, it is everything
in. All or none, gather or scatter, for or against.
This is not a grey area. There is no fence here guys.
The devil owns the fence. It is not your to straddle or stand upon.
It is full on. God is waking up his bride all over the nations,
everywhere. My joy is being beside somebody on an airplane
and them being an atheist. Because it will not last.
I am not saying because I have the best answer, I love people.
I am not out to manipulate or maneuver. I am out to display.
God wants to diffuse the knowledge of him. The fragrance of the knowledge of him through
us. Jesus was a fragrant aroma.
I am going to read Ephesians five. Are you guys okay?
I am almost done. I am right there on the get your kids time.
I am probably, am I past the get your kids time?
Oh five minutes, oh dude we could preach the whole gospel.
You said no he just opened up his bible, no. Yes.
Oh there is so good scriptures here. Oh my goodness.
Therefore be imitators of God dear children. Walk in love as Christ has also loved us and
given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet
smelling aroma. Hold on one second.
I was talking about a scripture in 2 Corinthians 2,
verse fourteen it talks about thanks be to God who always leads us to triumph in Christ.
And through us diffuses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place.
For we are to God the fragrance in Christ among those who are being saved and among
those who are perishing.
To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death,
And to other the aroma of life leading to life.
And who is sufficient for these things? For we are not as so many, peddling the word
of God, but as of sincerity. But as from God we speak in the sight of God
in Christ. It starts in chapter three,
Do we begin to commend ourselves? Or do we need, as some others, epistles of
commendation to you or letters of commendation from you?
You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men.
Clearly you are an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink but of the Spirit
of the living God.
Not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.
Oh my goodness, it is just so awesome. Then it goes on into the glory of the new
covenant. It goes in to, it builds line upon line, precept
upon precept. It is so amazing, but through our lives he
wants to diffuse a certain fragrance. That fragrance is the knowledge of him.
Jesus was a sacrifice and a sweet smelling aroma to the father.
We are to be a living sacrifice unto the father. But our ability to not be conformed to this
world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind.
The renewing of our mind is not just the memorization of scriptures.
It is to dive in to that word and see that hey my life is not lining up with this.
But God, you said that grace is available for me to become what truth calls me to.
In the secret place I grow in the knowledge of him.
I grow, all of creation. All of creation is groaning for you to diffuse
this right here. All of creation is waiting for you to disuse
the knowledge of the fragrance of him. Everywhere you go.
I was on a plane recently. I was on a plane recently and I was headed
to Argentina. And I was on a twenty four hour flight for
thirty six hours there. And a twenty six hour flight home.
So, I was gone for a little while, but a long time.
Do you know what I mean? So I am on the plane, I get on the plane and
I am talking to all these people about Jesus, because I cannot help it.
I cannot. I have to talk to people,
I talk to them in elevators, every day. Today I checked into that gym and another
couple came in after me. Are you guys okay?
I am just going to share a couple of testimonies and then we are going to pray.
I will be done, just give me two minutes. Okay, Okay
Just two minutes. I will just use ten seconds thinking about
it. So this morning I am checking in to that one
gym, the girl, she had given her life to Jesus,
I am sitting there, Another couple comes in and they say, hey,
I want to have a guest come in. She says, that is going to be five dollars
and so he gives her five dollars. She says there is tax too.
He says, oh man, I thought it was just five dollars.
I said, I got it. He said no, no, no really.
I said stop man, it is five bucks dude. Let me do it, I am a Christian, that is what
we do. He said, oh, take the five dollars.
I said, I do not want it, that is not what we do.
And he said, okay, thank you. The girl is like…not the girl behind the
counter, his girlfriend. So they go and check in and I workout and
come down and I see them and I think oh my gosh I want
to talk to him again. So, on the way out I said, hey, I said are
you all Christians? She said, I am, He said, ehh.
I said no dude, you were hurt by the church man
you grew up in the church and then you walked away.
You turned your back and said no more. Why did you say, no more? Because you did
not see it modeled. Today you saw it modeled.
It is only five bucks man. I said, I guess, he said, pretty cool.
I said, there is more, you damaged your right knee while running.
Did you run, like in track or something? He said no, I have runners knee right now.
I said how about this, you let me pray for you.
And what you do not believe in is going to make you whole right now.
He said, okay. I said, let me see your hand.
He is backing off and the girl is like. So Jesus radically heals this guy’s leg.
He looks at me and says, amen. Then I start talking to him about how amazing
God is and he says dude thank you so much, you have
no idea. I said, I do.
So anyway, okay it was really fun. So this morning, I mean the other week,
I was going to Argentina I get on the flight and I am telling the airline
attendants how amazing God is and how much Jesus loves them,
and praying for them and they say, okay. The head airline attendant says, sir, thank
you and he kind of avoiding me a little bit because
I am very talkative. And everytime he comes near me I want to talk
to him about Jesus and how amazing he is and how much he is a leader.
He said, I am the head airline attendant, I really appreciate you saying that.
I said, by the way, your airline is my airline, I fly about three hundred thousand miles a
year and I love you guys.
And said, well okay, all right.Thank you sir. So I am praying for people on the plane.
The person beside me, I always make sure I pray for the persons beside, in front and
behind me because that is just in the immediate area
of certain comforts where I am at. I need to diffuse, because if the airline
smells bad it is because someone does not know him.
Because I am an air freshener. Everywhere you go you get to diffuse the fragrance
of something. Your attitude is the fragrance of another.
If the shoe fits, kick it off. It is not your shoe.
My shoe stinks, stop. Okay, so, I am sitting there and I am talking,
talking, talking and we go to land. We are not too far, but we are about to descend.
I went up front and there was this lady. She is cooking, she is the only one, the airline
attendant, because I talk to them all, everyone of
them. Why, because I am in a steel tube, thirty
five thousand feet. Sometimes people are sleeping and the only
people to talk to are the attendants. They are up all night.
They are sitting there bored man so I am just going to fill them with truth.
So I walk up and I said, hey I did not get to talk to you.
Let me tell you how much Jesus loves you. She turns around and says, do not preach to
me. We are talking at about five in the morning.
So she screams at me. Where are you guys going?
I am just kidding, I love you, bless you. She said, do not preach to me.
Keep that to yourself, she said. She screams at me and there are five attendants
up front. And the airline, like the head guy, said,
oh I am so sorry. I said, no it is good, I went into the bathroom
and washed my hands. I walked into the bathroom and the Holy Spirit
speaks to me and says, confront her now. I have rarely ever heard that.
When I hear that, I will, but it will always be in love.
I walked up to her, I came out of the bathroom. I did not know how to go about it.
God did not say this is what I want you to say.
All he said was, confront her now. And I thought, I my goodness.
The fear of the Lord is upon me. I can never walk away and not yield to my
father. And I said to her, I did not know what to
say, so I said, honey, you yelled at the wrong guy
today. With a smile.
Oh really. The other airline attendants are like…freaked
out. Listen to this.
Because it happens. I said to her, God immediately downloaded,
you lost your father to cancer when you were a little
girl and you blamed him ever since. And you think it was his fault.
It was not God. She is like, dude, her eyes rolled back and
she started freaking out on the plane. Like right there. Ahh
I said, leave her now in Jesus name. And the airline attendants are like, oh my
gosh. He said, sir, sir, I said no stop, I said,
now. She fell into me and said, I need you right
now. I need you right now.
We went around the corner of the little thing near this little tiny wall, right there between
the passengers.
And everybody is like…. So I prayed for her, Jesus comes.
Oh it is crazy, awesome, you think. A nutzo.
I am saying, amen, praise God. Honey, welcome home.
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am pouring truth into her, right.
The airline attendant, the head guy, said, listen, you need to go back to your seat.
I said, sir, he said, no look out the window, we are about to hit the runway.
I said, oh my gosh. So I go and get in my seat and I said, wow.
Oh no this is crazy, because this is totally illegal.
It is not good for me to be up there because all they are more freaked out because of what
was happening,
but they are also freaked out because they want to keep me safe.
So I get down, we hit the ground and everybody in there is trying not to look at me.
We hit the ground the bell rings and I get up and I get my stuff out and I said, God
loves you guys so much, so do not be afraid okay.
He loves you, it is okay. What happened today is way different from
what we think. We do not think devils are real, but they
really are real. And they are like…trying to get away.
So we go to get off the plane. I walk by the head airline attendant.
He said, listen, I am so sorry. I said, do not be sorry man, I love you. I
am not going to call the airline and complain. I love you, I am not a complaining Christian,
we are not supposed to be. He said, okay.
So I get off the plane, I go down and I waited for them all, because I wanted to talk to
them while I waited.
They never came off the plane. So I go through my day and I am thinking,
man, oh I got to go this amazing conference, I got
to hang out with Carlos and Acondia and just listen to another champion father.
I just love him. I just love God, so I go and I am getting
on, I have to go so I am getting on the plane
It is thirty six hours later and it is the same flight crew.
That is my God. That is my Jesus.
That is my champion. I went, you should have seen it dude.
I come walking down, I get on the plane and they are like…
I said, you guys are acting like you have seen a ghost.
I said, he lives in me, man. It is so good dude.
It is awesome. So I got to go and sit down.
The head airline attendant. This is why I am sharing this, sorry, boy
I really blew it. I know you forgive me, but there are kids.
Someone is depending on you to model Christ, so that they can run.
The head airline attendant comes up to me. You know I am checking in, putting my stuff
up. He said, you know what, he said, it is a real
blessing to see you. And he said, I just want to say I am sorry
again. And he said, no I really do, I will be back
after we get up in the air. So we get up in the air and he comes back
and everyone is settled, you know we are at that
safe, unbuckle your seatbelt point. He comes back and he says, listen, he gets
on his knees in the aisle and he says, I am sorry for
other reasons. He says, and here is why. I have been a Christian
my whole life. There are two things I do not talk about on
planes, one of them is religion and one of them is
politics. And I said, man, what about people going to
hell? What do you do with that?
He said, I am so convicted about your life lived.
I have never seen anything like this in my whole life.
I told my wife as soon as you got off the plane, I have to meet this gentleman again.
And tell him what an impact what he has made upon my life.
That he walked out something that all of us are meant to walk out.
And I just want to thank you and my apologies are not believing on a plane and I have
separated God from my job. And he said, it is not going to happen anymore.
He said, because I know what happened up front. I know what happened.
She is a different woman. I said, yes.
I shared my testimony and he said, man,thank you so much for representing Jesus on my
plane. I cannot tell you how many airline attendants
I have had talk to me, and say that thing to me.
Almost the worst comment I can get is, you are the real deal.
Because I think to myself, the church should be the real deal.
And all God is asking us to do is wake up. And see who we are called to be.
The real deal. You are the real deal.
You are. I really blew it.
It is late. Two minutes went way into more time.
Stand to your feet please. Could someone come up to play.
I do not even know how much time I have, but get your kids, I am so sorry.
Hey guys, thanks for watching the video. We came up with a website.
It is called Lifestyle Christianity. We have our newsletter that is going to go
out. You can sign up for our email list.
We also have testimonies on there. Event schedule, all that stuff.
It will be amazing. We want to empower a generation to walk in
Christianity as a lifestyle. We can all walk in the power of God on a constant
basis. It is going to awesome, so come on over.
Bless you and thanks for watching.

55 Replies to “Todd White – Jesus Changes Everything”

  1. please can you put part one on this so it can be able to be viewed before part 2 please thank you

  2. Because this is for everyone, then the only person holding me back is "ME."
    #RunningForChrist #SimplicityOfTheGospel

  3. can anyone please help me? anyone who knows a descent amount of god and/or of salvation (a lot more than me) i need to talk to someone about a an issue. please anyone that can help me message me, thank you. love how you represent Jesus todd!!

  4. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life AMEN !!

  5. Todd, a friend I recently met told me to listen to you.Β  I was living a broken life – my own worst enemy.Β  My wife passed away in June and I let it control me into a dark dark depressive state.Β  I was trying to be a Christian halfheartedly, bouncing back and forth.Β  It was eating me alive and it showed.Β  Your messages are so positive and they explain the truth so well, they are just what I needed.Β  I now understand that it's 100%, nothing less will do.Β  Thank you.Β  We're in Dallas, we're going to try and come see you.


  7. God Bless You… Thank You For being an obedient child of God and courageous enough to not back down to this world when it has to do with God's word in your heart and saving souls…. You have truly encouraged me to get out each day and tell who ever crosses my path that they are loved I love them so much and God loves them so much more and they have a purpose here. I love you brother thank you for building our church strong on a rock that cannot be moved. Glory be to God

  8. sjoe this Todd White rocks he just now's how to make an broken spirit feel like you belong to Jesus and that you now that Jesus Loves You no matter what you have gone through

  9. I don't get it, I gave my life to God, I pray, go to church and I feel so empty. No friends, nothing is there. I am so empty. I just wish I could feel this and figure out this Jesus thing.

  10. I have been praying for two brand new knees without surgery. He has given me hope that Jesus wants to heal me.

  11. I like Korn and heavy metal but some of their lyrics are bad and dark. Lately I avoid listening to slayer because it's satanic

  12. You and Jesus are amazing and What Makes You amazing is the fact that you share Jesus,s anointing Hallelujah praise you Jesus thank you Lord

  13. W h y S h o u l d I B e A f r a i d ?
    T h e E n e m y I s F i n i s h e d .
    I W a n t T o B e P o s s e s s e d B y J e s u s !

  14. Oh my friend you are real presentation of Jesus Christ. I am always stored up when watching and listening your testimony.

  15. God bless you and your ministry.You a true example of really bless by watching this channel.Now I know what God has calling me for it.

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