Tomahawk Serve Preview | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Tomahawk Serve Preview | Table Tennis | PingSkills

now let's take a look at the tomahawk serve so why is it called the tomahawk serve because the action is just like throwing a tomahawk one of the advantages of the tomahawk serve is that you are set up in the center of the table that means that you don't need to move very far to get into your basic ready position for the rest of the rally let's have a look at your feet position you can either have them set up quite square to the table or you can turn more side on which will make it easier to swing through with the tomahawk action to do the tomahawk serve effectively you want to hit the ball at eye level from here it's easier to swing through fully with that tomahawk action but if I'm standing up straight hitting the ball at eye level is going to mean that the ball is going to bounce really high so what you want to do is you want to get down nice and low so your eye level is down here to hit that tomahawk sir you

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  2. when i do my tomahawk server i dont hit it hard so it lands near the net and low so the only way is to face the sidespin or return it with a spin

  3. hello sir
    i have an issue in this serve. when i serve this…many players , even the begginers return my serve when ball hits at there racquet periphery.
    it makes it unplayable

  4. This is my service. i m using it since my childhood and was able to defeat some quality service. this service is v effective if you can generate very good speed and spin.

  5. I feel tomahawk is a comparitively easy serve to excecute and is very effective. Since one can do topspin and backspin with very similar action, it is quite difficult for opponents to read. I prefer it to my pendulum serve which is a bit more obvious.

  6. It took me more loses than I want to admit till I got it right after a long night of practice and ended up winning games with it :3 recovery needs work though.

  7. as a mix-up, you can hit it on the backhand side too. It is really hard but has a high-risk, high-reward ratio

  8. amazing works lot for me, I got dhs hurricane 3 rubber what sort of rubber is it and will u please explain SWOT analysis for it??? m waiting , please

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