35 Replies to “Tomb Raider Survival – Recurve Bow Stealth Kills & Combat Action Gameplay”

  1. I must say. Your accuracy on aiming is pretty impressive!! Makes me wanna play Shadow of the Tomb Raider again. Haha!!

  2. Thankfully you killed that guy with the submachinegun, because he wanted to die if he had pain like that.

  3. Good luck hitting anything with bow while holdin and shooting it horizontally,, That shit was the worst about whole game, sad that developers have no fuckin idea about archery basics when making games..

  4. Great, now I finally know I can blast out the light instead of waiting to get a good shot at your man using it!

  5. Please please I'm begging u get mafia 2 for PC its an amazing game has lots of blood its a very fun game please get it and make a gameplay of it funny brutal kills mafia2 amazing game get it please

  6. i know i'm gonna get destroyed for saying this but this was my favourite Tomb Raider game

    i despised the original games controls and they completely ruined the game for me

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