Tomokazu Harimoto vs Wong Chun Ting | 2019 T2 Diamond Malaysia (R16)

Tomokazu Harimoto vs Wong Chun Ting | 2019 T2 Diamond Malaysia (R16)

40 Replies to “Tomokazu Harimoto vs Wong Chun Ting | 2019 T2 Diamond Malaysia (R16)”

  1. Wong's backhand is among the best I've ever seen for a penholder style, up there with the backhand of Wang Hao.

  2. You can tell from Harimoto's junior behavior that he has emotional problems. I guess he screams to release his stress. However this is unpleasant to opponents and the audience even he doesn't mean it. The authority should do something.

  3. Harimoto & WCT have similar power/speed styles- Harimoto should have varied the speed of his shots in order to win

  4. 3-1 for WCT in games, score is 5-2 for TH and they edit in the walk away… then the next game already started? terrible edit

  5. Cabrón chamaco castroso, además llorón. Sólo eso le faltaba, saludos a la banda de México |m|

  6. harimoto is screaming louder and louder, while he is playing worse and worse.
    BTW, any players in Chinese Table Tennis Super League can defeat harimoto.

  7. Not to take anything away from WCT as he played very well, however, it's quite clear that Harimoto has been in a slump for the past few weeks.

  8. I am not going to watch TT anymore. This is bogus TT. ITTF is becoming a joke. Why changing rules? This is a completely different game.

  9. I'm glad that Harimoto is outside and I do not have to hear his scream anymore. How can one
    be pointless and so loud

    at each point won

  10. Well, i've liked Harimotos style. But what i really hate is his loud shout after every point. It's ridiculous.

  11. Tomokazu Harimoto has kill by new rules,which is recommend by his Head coach!!!
    Ref: second round and the last round. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Rules in T2 league
    -Best of 7
    -No deuce
    – within regular time game up to 11points
    – match after 24min, if game already started continue to 11 points, if not up to 5 points)
    Push me up and let other knows the rules

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