38 Replies to “Top 10 Games with The Best Horse Riding Physics”

  1. Not a horse but Horizon Zero Dawn's riding looked and felt better to me than Witcher 3, Last of Us, AC3. There's also a very good animation transition where the mount runs along the main character's sprint and then the transitional to riding from sprinting is smooth compared to most other games. Didn't feel any worse than RDR2. Only thing missing is an ACTUAL horse lol

  2. COUGH COUGH: oof where is red dead redemption that has 100000 times better graphics a physics you can even lassow a break wild horses!!!!! Week x3 ( I got a ultra rare horses there awesome 0-0

  3. Assassins Creed Odyssey should slap itself to the face more then billion times cause the game itself has the fucked up horse mechanics…
    You know who nailed the horse mechanic then any other game publisher………………………………?

    Rock Dwayne Johnson
    I mean Rockstargames they’ve nailed it with RDR2.

  4. Best horses are in the mobile game “Rival Stars Horse Racing”
    Horses in console games do not have the proper proportions and do not move like a real horse. I can see that someone who doesn’t know horses would think they look awesome.. but when you’re around horses every day you know the difference. Lol

  5. I mean The Witcher is a great game but the horse physics suck dick. Theyre one of the worst Ive ever seen in a AAA title.

  6. I've been around horses for 22 years and I can assure you that the majority of these games didn't even get the movements of the horse correct. Either the horse looks choppy af or the legs aren't even proportionate to the body. RDR2 is an exception.

  7. I don't agree with the first games, they are ugly as fuck. Maybe it's compared to their release date, but well, i think games like Shadow of the Colossus or Horizon Zero Dawn (even if it's not really horses that you can ride) are better on this point. I do not count Red Dead 2 because of the date of this video …

  8. As someome who owns and rides horses I must say rdr2 is the only one that's almost dead on with the horses. The muscle outlining of the horse is dead on. From the facial features like the exact outlines in the jaw and nose etc and even down to the beat pattern of a horses walk trot and canter. Even to how the neck and heads react during different riding movement. You gotta give them props. The whole game itself is very accurate when it comes to details

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