42 Replies to “Top 10 Horribly Tragic Sports Deaths”

  1. Pierre Levegh
    Jo Gartner
    Allan Simonsen
    Ayrton Senna
    Jim Clark
    Riccardo Palleti
    Gilles Villineuve
    Dale Earnhardt
    Kenny Irwin Jr
    JD McDuphie and many many more
    Drivers that lost their lifes doing what they love.

  2. The only time that NASCAR fans and Formula 1 fans didn't curse each other was because 2 driver's that changed their sport passed away doing what they love.

  3. I remember hearing something about the death of one team being caused by the type of cleats they wore. One team had metal cleats and the other had rubber ones. Thus the players on one team were grounded properly and left unhurt.

  4. well it happens every day on any sport around the world…..some are 'unlucky??or meant to be…get hit fall wrong whatever they die ,my husband [37yrs] came home from playing basketball and died 15mins later from massive h/attack….I didn't even have time to try resuss, left me with 5yr and 3yr kidies that's life I guess ANNIELEE

  5. Unfortunately the list in inaccurate, it says that Bill Masterton is the only player in the NHL to die as a direct result of an injury during a game.

    In 1937 Montreal Canadien’s forward Howie Morenz broke his leg during a game and he died shortly thereafter due to him getting blood poisoning, his jersey was retired by the Canadiens, the first time that had ever been done in pro sports

  6. Never forget the death of Ron Musson while drive the U-40 Miss Bardahl on the Potomac river… His boat dug nose in and disintegrated… He was one of 2 drivers who lost their lives in the unlimited class hydroplanes

  7. Tom Pryce, Formula 1, 1977 South African Grand Prix.
    Audrey Mestre, No-Limits freediving, 2002.

  8. Mojo if it was 2019 number 1 would be emilano sala because he died from a plane crash while going to England

  9. 2001 is a terrible year for the US. First Dale Earnhardt died in the Daytona 500 and next the 9/11 Attacks happen. 2001 is so terrible for the US. Really. I completely mean this.

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