49 Replies to “Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports”

  1. Curling isn't really a skill move, rather something that naturally happens when you kick a football. a Knuckleball, however is something completely different

  2. The lacrosse behind the back shot was not a behind the back. It was a behind the legs shot. But still that's classic JGJ

  3. I remember doing the forsberg as a kid I had that shit perfected I could do it skating or rollerblading backwards

  4. Can you do a video about field hockey? I know there is not that much footage of field hockey but can you just try?

  5. What they shudve showed is a one hander catch in Australian rules football (AFL) our players dont wear gloves and also take spectacular marks. Heaps of vids on youtube check em out or bouncing a football is a skill that shudve made it in.

  6. ⚾️ Ted Williams: "Hitting a Baseball is the most difficult thing to do in Sports"
    📹 Watch Mojo: leaves off the 500-foot Homerun blasted off a Curveball. 🤔

  7. Hey, you should enlist the skill of SWING and SPIN BOWLING in CRICKET, I think you should watch the skill one time, then you will regret thinking why you missed this skill in the list.

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