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  1. Bartman shouldn’t be on this list honestly. The real mistake was the error Alex Gonzales made the next pitch

  2. If I were Buckner, I would’ve never returned to Fenway or Boston no matter whether or not the fans forgave him.

  3. That ball going through Buckner's legs… was the happiest moment I've ever had watching baseball. I absolutely lost my shit as Knight pounced on home plate. It was one of the greatest World Series I had ever watched.

  4. Actually, in number one, the blame goes to John McNamara. WTF was Buckner doing on the field then? Ray Charles had better movement than him at that time.

  5. I feel like Patrick Stefan’s missed empty net is a honorable mention. He missed a empty net which led to the oilers tying the game and winning

  6. Does anyone else know about the time travel conspiracy theory about Buckner? Something like, if you view the video footage, it would’ve been impossible to miss. It’s pretty great.

  7. At number 6, you could have shown the real footage of Loris Kariu's mistakes.
    And how isnt Escobar number 1? You said you were ranking by repercussions. The dude was assassinated for a own goal!

  8. Buckner let the ball go through his legs. The media has chosen to take this one moment of several Sox blunders and poor performances in Games 6 and 7 that led to losing the '86 World Series. Buckner's error ended Game 6. They only got there because of several Sox meltdowns (Chiraldi, Stanley and Gedman just to name a few) prior to Buckner, – and then remember – it was JUST GAME SIX!! The Sox led 3-0 in Game 7 also, and blew that one too. We never hear about that one either!!

  9. The whole video I was wondering if Buckner would be #1. Being from CT, I was a Mets fan, but lived in Boston, attending Northeastern. In the 10 minutes before the error, at a bar in Fanueil Hall watching the game and cheering for the Mets, at least a dozen locals bought me Woo-Woo's that were lined up on the bar in front of me, celebrating what appeared to be an automatic win for Boston. It was loud and rowdy… then Buckner blew the play and there was complete silence. I pounded one of the shots they had bought and cheered in the silence. Over the next 20 minutes people were stunned into silence by the come back victory as I proceeded to drink my shots. You'd think that there would have been anger, but I can say, that at least, in that bar, the fans were decent and nothing untoward happened to me or my 3 friends, 2 of whom were also Mets fans from Long Island. It was, quite literally, a night to remember.

  10. Pete Carroll and/or Russell Wilson calling a pass play, when to anyone else, keeping the ball in the running back's or the fullback's or even Wilson's own hands would have been the smarter safer option. Simple common sense to anyone BUT the Seahawks.

  11. I don't know if this is wrong, but I get a kick out of watching replays of Lindsay Jacobellis blow the commanding lead she had in the Olympics by showboating in mid air. Never has come close to winning in Olympics since. If she'd just boarded straight to the finish, she'd have won. Bet that silver medal is not on display but in a sock drawer.

  12. I'll make you a better list below. The biggest problem with this list is that the relative importance of the mistake. For example, Desean Jackson throwing the football in celebration is bad… but the Eagles still had the ball at the 1 yard line and scored a 1 yard rushing touchdown from Brian Westbrook. Even Jim Marshall's wrong way run against the 49ers was a game in the regular season. A list of "Most Shocking Mistakes" should be on important stages.
    My personal list:

    10. J.R. Smith's Game 1 mistake (2018 NBA Finals)

    9. Gareth Southgate's penalty miss for England against Germany (Euro 1996)
    8. The ball going through Bill Buckner's legs in the 1986 World Series Game 6

    7. Steven Gerrard's slip against Chelsea (2014 Premier League)

    6. Seattle Seahawks interception at the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX

    5. Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis' showboating which caused her to lose the Gold Medal in 2006

    4. Steve Smith putting the puck in his own net against Calgary in the 1986 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    3. Fred Merkle's baserunning mistake in the 1908 National League season which led to a game replay

    2. Jean Van De Velde's triple Bogey in 1999 Open Championship

    1. Roberto Baggio's penalty miss for Italy against Brazil (1994 World Cup)

  13. Poor Steve Bartmann took so much crap, yet there were 5 other guys sitting around him who were also reaching for the ball

  14. Given how many own goals were in the 2018 World Cup it’s a good think we’ve increased security

  15. Does it seem like the goal keeper in Roberto Baggio's PK comes off the goal line too soon? Would have resulted in a yellow card for the keeper and Baggio retaking the penalty kick if so.

  16. WRONG! The worst sports blunder was in the 1982 NCAA National Championship game when Georgetown down by one point, Georgetown's Freddie Brown comes down the court under 20 seconds to go….. passes it by mistake to North Carolina's James Worthy who runs out the clock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTX5rD0lNeY

  17. Roberto Baggio only HM (dis-HM) ? That penalty cost them the World Cup!
    Screw your World Series, that one was much more important!

  18. There are so much mistakes – but it seems, it has to be in Baseball, Football, Hockey, Golf or as only acceptable exception Soccer (but honestly, nearly nobody today remembers Karius' mistakes, that were'nt that bad as stated). What's with Felix Loch's final run at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Luge, where he gave away a nearly safe Gold medail. Really knowledge of sports you don't have.

  19. what about Dan Boyle overtime own goal in the 2010 western conference semifinals? Repercussions weren't huge considering that the Sharks still won the series, but Colorado immediately won the playoff game and took the series lead because of that.

  20. WatchMojo, this Top 10 List doesn't suck quite as badly as most of the ones you publish. Here's my take:

    10 – DeSean Jackson — interesting water cooler conversation moment — embarrassing, but an insignificant play in an insignificant game.

    9 – Jean Van de Velde – Nice choice, but this was really a series of mistakes. Here's a much better example of a single costly golf mistake that was televised around the world:

    Roberto De Vicenzo is best remembered for his misfortune in the 1968 Masters Tournament. On the par-4 17th hole, De Vicenzo made a birdie, but playing partner Tommy Aaron inadvertently entered a 4 instead of 3 on the scorecard. (Roberto) did not check the scorecard for the error before signing it, and according to the Rules of Golf the higher score had to stand and be counted. If not for this mistake, De Vicenzo would have tied for first place with Bob Goalby, and the two would have met in an 18-hole playoff the next day. His quote afterwards became legendary for its poignancy: "What a stupid I am!"

    8 – Jim Marshall wrong-way run — Hard to argue with this one, even if we're all seen it a million times.

    7 – Leon Lett's drop –Just as embarrassing as #10, but it had no effect on the outcome of the game, a Dallas blowout.

    6 – Soccer goalie mistake — Worthy of this list. Too bad you didn't bother to show any related video footage.

    5 – First base umpire blows perfect game — This could be #1 on my list. It's a textbook example of why replay can be a good thing.

    4 – Hockey own-goal — Embarrassing, but probably saved Edmonton from being humiliated by Montreal
    down the road. The Canadians beat Calgary 4-1 in the finals that year.

    3 – Definitely a high-profile and high-stakes moment. Replays fail to show if Bartman leaned out onto the field of play or stayed within his own zone. It's impossible to know if Moises Alou could have caught the ball, and the Cubs shortstop booted a double-play grounder moments later.
    (I find it interesting that the other two fans to Bartman's immediate right tried to do the exact same thing. In the end, the "villain" label all came down to seat assignment.)

    2 – Bad choice. There have been other own-goals. Everyone would have forgotten about this one if not for the response from some thug.

    1 – Bad choice. The game was already tied, they were playing in New York, and the Mets had all the momentum after the Boston bullpen collapsed in the 9th. Even if Buckner makes that play, the odds still favor New York winning that game in extra innings.

    You deserve one more knock for including Jackie Smith's drop in your opening montage. A lot of fans and analysts draw the superficial conclusion that the additional seven points would have changed a 35-31 loss to a 38-35 win for the Cowboys. The truth is, by the 4th quarter, the Steelers led 35-17 and went into a prevent defense. Dallas managed to score two touchdowns to make the contest look like less of a blowout. If Smith holds on to that pass, the Steelers simply would have pursued their original game plan and almost certainly would have continued to dominate.

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