Top 10 Sports Rants Ever!

Top 10 Sports Rants Ever!

I don't have to answer a question I answer it the way I said and and from day one I said well we will make the announcement of the starting quarterback when we think it's the appropriate time not when you not win this person or this person or this person now maybe that person but that's about it I can say anything I want that's the beauty of this country I answered if I can answer one hunter tell your offs and backwards and answer the question I'm sideways at the appropriate time we'll make that the announcement when I think it's the appropriate time yes Brian I understand it was this Bay game all right let's go on decks because you don't have a clue of what it takes to win let's go oh I'm unhappy with these seniors that's what I'm unhappy with it has nothing to do with X's and O's we got it we got the worst group of seniors right now that I've ever been associated with their mentality is awful their attitudes awful it's been their mo for the last three years as you come out a game like this with no emotion just flat this terror I mean it's unheard of Rob just hangs out the entire game he does it all season long he doesn't do anything he doesn't feel like playing he shows up sometimes and then and then you put him in a fourth quarter in a big game or whether it be regular season or the playoffs and and and he's like okay all right it's time to play now I've been hanging out the entire season it's time to play now and and he just turns it on and as funny as that seems it's just it's how it look and how it's how it is he doesn't want to show up he doesn't feel like playing until it's a big game I've been coaching for 34 years and tonight I saw and heard one of the most disgusting rudest sick demonstrations in my entire career probably the worst when Wade Wilson got hurt I actually looked up in the stands and saw people standing clapping and cheering when he was laying on the ground with the knee injury and I'll say this those are some sick sick sick people mentally sick in that instance that where you were trying to be positive it was funny and I don't mean this to be sarcastic or pointed but I mean seven out on Monday night television a lot of fans are talking about it right now is a big problem with this team can you put into context what was going on at that moment what caused what Dusen I talked about is nobody else's business but why was something funny when you're down 18 points in the fourth quarter it wasn't it wasn't funny I wasn't laughing about anything they ever showed you okay that's fine that's fine that's fine commented about it that's fine that's fine I'm not laughing about it you think this is funny I take the serious I'm not I'm real serious I put my heart and soul into this every single week all I'm saying is the camera shows I'm just telling you right now what I do every single week every single week I put my freakin heart and soul into this I study my ass off I don't go out there and laugh it's not funny it's not funny to me I don't want to go out there and get embarrassed on Monday Night Football in front of everybody that's why I'm asking you what I'm telling you right now is we're not we're talking do so I are talking what was the context ambushed sorry and that was a disgraceful performance in my opinion we threw that game we gave it away by doing that we gave them the friggin game in my opinion that sucked what's that ah playoffs don't talk about playoffs you kidding me playoffs I just hope we can win a game so thank you so much Richard let me ask you take me through it well I'm the best corn in the game when you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that's the result you don't get don't you ever talk about me was talking about you Crabtree don't you open your mouth about the best are you on the center for you real quick hello be one of my athletes you go after one that doesn't do the right things you don't downgrade him because he does everything right and may not play as well on Saturday and you let us make that decision that's why I don't read the newspaper because it's garbage in the editor that let it come out is garbage attacking an amateur athlete for doing everything right and then you want to write articles about guys that don't do things right and downgrading the ones that do make place are you kidding me where we add in society today come after me I'm a man I'm 40 the Bears are we thought what we thought they were we played them in pre-season who the hell takes a third game in a preseason like us both boom we played in the third game everybody played three quarters there bears or who we thought they were that's why we took the damn field now if you want to grow them then crowner but they are who we thought they were and we read about to hook up how I feel damn sick and tired of getting out rebounded 25 offensive rebounds first time we block that we get girlfriend damn block out we're pushing people me wider on the other court grabbing rebound goal the top and grabbing them we get one offensive rebound having a call for over the back we don't block out very damn well and we're not getting called one or the other that's where I'm frustrated so my whole frustration comes in offensive rebounds the entire thing came down the offensive rebound they got every offensive reading we don't get one of them what else do you want to know

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  1. I can understand in a way of Derek Anderson,…he want laughing as hard, I think he was getting upset b/c they were losing and maybe its loose him up.

  2. You don't have THE best rant ever…Cubs manager Lee Elia ranting about the fans at Wrigley Field… April 29, 1983. You Tube… "Lee Elia Tirade"

  3. Two Rants that aren’t in this one are
    Allen Iverson’s “Practice” rant

    And Dan Hawkins: “It’s Division I Football”

  4. Fifteen years later still don't know what the fuck Denny Green is talking about but I wanna start walking into work meetings like the weird guy at #1

  5. Jim Mora was absolutely right. People clapping and cheering after a player gets hurt is totally sick and disgusting. He had every right to go off like he did I would've done the same thing.

  6. The college coach publicly humiliating his seniors was disgusting. I don't know who he is, but I hope he never coached again.

  7. I will never get tired of watching Dennis Green ("they are who we thought we they were!") and Jim Mora ("playoffs??!!").

  8. The media have big mouths. Put them in the game on the court or field and be destroyed, I'll gladly watch and hike up their ratings

  9. R.I.P. Dennis Green.

    BTW this is way more better than CBS's Meltdown of the Year video in 2006.

    I mean, thank God CBS has fired Shannon Sharpe.

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