32 Replies to “Top 10 Sports Scandals”

  1. It is wierd when there are less injuries in rugby than in American football even when football players have more protective gear than rugby players, rugby and football is like the same game you throw, you kick, you tackle, you score touchdown. touchdown.

  2. Damn!! At 4:42 that dude got some THICK ASS glaases!! It's pretty quick so here's a time stamp for one second earlier. 4:41

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  4. ummm no its not the biggest scandal in the aussie sporting world its actually essedon bombers drug scandal.

  5. 2005 united states grand prix? 6 cars starting the race while the rest of the field retired before the start? michelin being in hot water?

  6. I'm not really a sports savey person, but would somebody be able to tell me why deflated balls would give Tom Brady an edge in the game? Is it only an edge for him? Or could it do the same for other footballers?

  7. Deflate gate had zero influence on the outcome of the game. New England had 28 unanswered points with properly inflated balls.

  8. The skank Donaghy got off way to easy. Only 11 months in prison plus being able to write a book profiting even more for being a low life cheat was a joke. He’s a waste of oxygen and lower than whale shit.

  9. Operation Puerto, Russians atleths, Balco case, LA Clippers former owner, Italian football…should i go on?

  10. ' melbourne storm was at the centre of the biggest scandal in australian sporting history'
    australian cricket team hold my beer

  11. This fucking list is too American. Where is Calciopoli? The scandal that make Juventus, one of the best and glorious club of Italy and Europe to go to the Serie B?

  12. Barry bonds is by far the worst in all of this he stole a record for Hank Aarons who was still alive while using steroids like wtf bro you know you cheated how could you be ok with this

  13. 2:00 this was blown out of proportion all times have been caught cheating and before you say I’m bias look at my profile pic

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