21 Replies to “Top 10 Table Tennis 5ply Allwood Blades”

  1. it is impossible to draw up a list of absolute values. each of us prefers a frame rather than another based on their style of play and to their abilities

  2. yasaka gatien extra is much much popular than ma lin extra offensive and most of the blades here. tibhar stratus power wood is may be the best offensive blade and it is not in the list ?! not to mention avalox blades and butterfly primorac. voted thumb down

  3. Guys, make a video of the reasons for your choices… You really make good choices on your rankings… Althoug Stiga Infinity is way too far on 5th guys… It has to come right on 1st or 2nd.. That blade is a jewel! I'm testing Stiga Eternity right at this moment, and I absolutely love it, but Infinity has better feeling IMO… Anyways, cheers guys, love these rankings… Make me think on what to test next…

  4. it's a great list !!!
    I played with 2 of them: Acoustic is good except the tiny handle, Infinity is just perfect

  5. hi just curious, whats d difference between 7ply & 5 ply blade?? and which is better for offensive & defensive?? just curious ty guys..

  6. plz can anyone tell me why players do not play with Tibhar Or Yasaka blades..And how reliable is tabletennisdb.com's report card..

  7. please recommend me a set up of cpen with rpb.
    I am currently using stiga clipper cr non-wrb
    fh: dhs skyline 2 neo (black)
    bh: yasaka mark v (red)

    I wish to play as double wing looper with lots of top spin with great feel and control

  8. I'm so sorry to offence you but this list,
    It's just personal ranking, not reliable.

    There is way more decend 5 ply wood and each one is not superior or inferior in number of rank.

    Let just say lots of them have good control.
    Ethernity is superfast comparing to other blade.

  9. Great list! I use stiga evolution blade With t05 max on fh and t64 1.9 on bh, Great combination! I Will try boost it for more spin and speed soon. I tried korbel but i think The blade was till Hard With no feeling. .

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