50 Replies to “Top 10 Worst Cheaters in Sports”

  1. …….and how the hell are you cheating by using steroids when everybody else was using also?? Hell…at that point its not giving you an advantage; Its negating a disadvantage. Period.

  2. Ive never understood why Pete Rose is considered to be a "cheater". How the hell does gambling on baseball give you a competitive advantage in baseball?

  3. Serena, steroids (fake medical exemption)
    Flo Jo, steroids
    That midget gymnast Biles, steroids (fake medical exemption)
    Caster Semenya, a man posing as a woman
    The whole Patriots organization

  4. All pro athletes use some type of drugs and the Olympics are the worst in the world. Hardly example for children.

  5. The Spanish are savages lol they sent a bunch of regular people to go ball out on a bunch of retards 😂😂😂

  6. Pete rose never cheated. And he always bet on his own team he never threw games. Not in any way cheating IMO

  7. Ppl so clueless as to how many pro athletes "cheat" the reality is if u suck u suck if ur good ur good ppl use it as an excuse or to knock the greats, you would have to b stupid to play in the NFL and not at least juice through college and during off season

  8. The only thing dishonorable about cheating, in sports, is if you get caught.  I never thought much of "sportsmanship" as I've observed it in my part of the country.

  9. Pete Rose DOES NOT deserve to be on a list full of cheaters. There is absolutely no proof that he cheated by gambling on the game of baseball. He's done his time for whatever infractions he has committed and he deserves a second chance.

  10. Pete Rose might never get in, but he'll always have his number retired. Also if Bonds, Clemens and A Rod get in it will be as much of a discrace. Another if Curt Schilling get in Rose should not to mention his dumb bloody sock is init at least put the bat or ball Rose put in to get his last hit or his 4k hit. Name someone who has is close to or will get or get close to 4k or 4k+ hits trout or Betts might, but they're not even at 1500 or 2k yet. Icharo will probably be the only one close to it. What happens is a guy gets picked at 17-23 years old spends one to five down or in and out of the minors so youngest you'd start is 18 19 years old. You'd have too play 150 162 games for for fifteen twenty years so 200-250 hits per year you might maybe have one or two over 300 to beat his record.

  11. Just about all Olympic and pro athlete's cheat constantly. The world strong men all take steroids. The entire Jamaican national track team takes roids(including Bolt). All of pro baseball used to drink amphetamines daily. The 80's nebraska football teams were roided. The NFL has been roided since the 60's. Mickey Mantle got an infection in 1961 from a dirty steroid needle. Babe Ruth was on steroids in the late 20's. Fuck off with the blind ignorance and hypocrisy.

  12. Tonya didnt cheat she didnt even know her husband had hired anyone to hurt her she did not like her opponent but she didnt wanna hurt her

  13. ya pete rose get over it.. a small suspension..as someone else said..he was hardest playing guy ..maybe ever..hes kinda a dick…you cant deny the hustle and numbers..i think they are against him cuz he is kinda a dick.

  14. there's two ways to get Shoeless Joe & Pete Rose in the hall of fame but a cheating section in the hall of fame or wait 100 years from the time they did the infraction so Shoeless Joe is eligible next year

  15. Rosie ruiz just wanted to get caught. "I'm not sure what intervals are, what are they?" "No i advise myself". Did she really think she wasn't gonna get caught?

  16. The biggest sport cheat in history is that one girl in soccer who kicks the ball out of the goalie's hand or sum sheet

  17. Pete Rose don't owe anything to baseball what the hell is he talking about.. silliest shit I ever heard… yeah, he should be banned for just for saying that

  18. We need to remember that although Neil Armstrong did something wrong but he did contribute a lot of money to the Cancer research and also raised a lot of awareness and money for the stud of Cancer, so let's not jump to conclusions…

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