hey what's up guys brian here from Ranchos personal training so in this video what I wanted to go over with you guys is my updated top 3 tricep exercises and they're gonna be done with all cables so if you have cables at home or if when you have cables available this video might be right for you alright guys so cables let's get right into this video without any distractions so my first exercise is going to be double rope push downs so right here you can see when I have two ropes on the cable attachment I'm actually able to bring these ropes further down behind my body now a couple of tips on this exercise is that you know sometimes when you put the ropes together one is a little bit further than the other one so you want to grab them a couple inches above the bottom of the ropes so that your arms are even and then also you want to take a few steps back to create more slack on the Rope actually stepping back further is gonna create more of a contraction when you go ahead and lock those elbows out all the way down like this and you do want to slowly lock those elbows out because that allows you to get a full range of motion and contraction on the tricep muscles but you don't want to whiplash those elbows down okay so a big difference right there right second exercise guys is gonna be also with the rope but it's gonna be with a single rope and you can see right here it's can be an overhead cable extension so right here you can actually see I'm actually walking a little bit out making sure my arms are parallel to the floor and with this specific exercise if you look very closely I'm doing an advanced stretch on the end point right here so what I mean by that is when I bend my elbows all the way back and let that rope come back I'm actually shifting my elbows up slowly towards the ceiling together get a further stretch on the long head of my triceps because when you push your elbows up you're creating more lengthening here of that long head which is going to give you more mass with the cables okay so when you're doing this slow stretch at the end please go very slow remember we constantly talk about quality with these workouts and not so much the quantity or speed so if you find it like you're really speeding up on this specific exercise and not allowing to get that slow stretch please slow it down please allow your muscles to really focus on what's going on okay and third exercise guys is gonna be with the EZ bar and this is a finger push down okay and this one's really and probably the most different one that I've ever done as far as tricep exercises with the cable and you can see right here this one's all about positioning it's all about grabbing that easy bar in the center with your fingers and allowing your actually your wrist to relax and allowing your elbow extension to do the work so it really really optimizes that tricep extension it really puts a big load on those triceps way different than keeping your wrist locked but also keep in mind this is going to be abnormal for your body and biomechanics because you're not used to it so really focusing on relaxing the wrist extending your arms and letting those triceps bring that weight down rather than you know your forearms and your wrists and your joint structure bringing that weight down okay so it's a lot different so guys all three of these exercises you can see are very very good with the cables but I add my own little quality twist on them like we always do with these workouts right and that's the thing that really makes the big difference with specific workouts and exercises is the small details okay so guys as far as the sets and reps I would start simple maybe just doing three sets of ten but if you know me and my programs I'm a big believer in that variety factoring big believer in switching things up to continue muscle progression okay and if you need help with that please make sure to check out our membership workout program at Renshaw's PT comm right now we're in the May 2018 workouts which is all cables actually and it's going to have our specialty set called the Hydra set in it so if you need a little mix up in your workout routine and you're finding it in that Plateau please check that out at Renshaw's PT calm guys thanks for watching thanks for all the support and quality of a quantity talk to you soon

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