hey I'm dentine and these are my top five favorite trick shots first up number five behind these barrels – balloons I shoot – airs around the barrels so number five was a double curved shot I curved two arrows around the barrel to hit two balloons I like this shot in particular because I just love the way curving shots look I'd do it quite a bit and I'd always enjoy doing it so next up number four let's see if explain there okay you do so number four was behind the back arrow slip I like this in particular because when I split the arrow it broke in four different pieces I never had that happen to me before I've broke errors in several different ways and I even done that one over but I just love the way that arrow just exploded next up number three so this shot though Aspen there so number three was the behind the head aspirin shot I like this shot because I just love shooting aspirins that's why I typically practice before I start filling these trick shots is throwing up aspirins and when I first did it I didn't think I could top just throwing a regular aspirin up and shooting it so I decided to do it behind the head and I got it done and I loved the way it looked is awesome hit the aspirin just right next up number two this is a water drop shot that's how you do so number two was a water drop shot this is one of my favorite shots I just loved the way it looked it's a lot of people's favorite shot and it's pretty neat next up number one this shot I throw a ring into there and stick with a bell that's how you do the number one was the ring shot this is my favorite shot it's one of the funnest shots to do I definitely want to do a variation of that shot in the future but I just I know it's my favorite shot I put up and all my videos lately is I mean I just think it's so neat knowing that ring up and getting the error to go into the ring and pinning it to the hey belt so definitely a fun shot and I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you all next time thank you

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  1. You're on par with the best of them. Wilhelm brothers, hill , vale. Keep up the good work as you're a good positive inspiration to old and young alike. thank you.

  2. I love how humble you are about your amazing skills. I know it's not a contest, but I suspect there's no one (now or in history) who can pull those shots off. Great stuff!

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