Top 5 Scariest GHOST Sightings Caught On LIVE TV! (Creepy Ghosts)

Top 5 Scariest GHOST Sightings Caught On LIVE TV! (Creepy Ghosts)

hey everyone to see string crave here and in today's video I want to be going through the top 5 scariest ghost sightings caught on live television so we've got some really scared reporters get some things caught in the background like some ghosts or or things like that you guys will love it before in this video if you guys believe in ghosts then make sure you like on this video and of course comment down below and tell me if you ever had a ghost encounter of your own any experiences anything like that and let me know if you do believe in ghosts or not and tell me why or why not and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to the channel cuz I would really help out but let's go and get in this top 5 which is actually top 7 and the number 7 spot were gonna show off what a lot of people thought was actually Michael Jackson's ghost and this was a couple days after he died CNN was doing some interview with what I believe was his brother and they actually went inside the house we're talking in there and doing that interview and at one point in time it actually looked like there is like a figure something like that walking across one of the hallways in Michael Jackson's house we're inside Michael Jackson's bedroom suite with Miko bran or to her guard here and you're looking at the doors and you could see the locks on the doors Miko privacy was key in this room obviously this is one of the bathrooms there are two bathrooms in this suite this is Ventura 6 this one's a bit of a short one and this one comes out for some Albanian TV shows slash radio show and these two were sitting down and talking and all of a sudden this newspaper on the table just flew away out of nowhere I don't know what it was I don't see how it could be wind or anything like that but the guy that was sitting there he was just speechless it's the living out of him I am the boss here and then you did him reckless me Justin to go number five you're a boy that was attacked by a ghost on camera and this boy he's from Jamaica and according to him his mom and a couple other people in the community he kept on getting attacked by this random ghost that only he could see so whenever he saw it and went anywhere near it this ghost would attack him and do stuff to him and that kind of stuff but this news crew decided to go out and kind of watch over him watch this happen and while they were there and recording on two different occasions it looked like this kid pretty much got attacked by this ghost now some people might argue that this kid is doing it by himself he's just kind of like pushing himself away with his leg or stuff like that you can be the judge of that personally myself I think this one's fake I think all the ones on this list are fake because I don't believe in ghosts but everybody has different opinions so tell me what you think down in the comment section below eleven-year-old boy claims he is being haunted by a ghost they say that's how it's been for the past several days you watch again as our news crew film the second incident similar to the accounts we were given this time the boy claims he sees the ghost standing near the wall and goes over to stand next to it good job good morning my birthday my third job [Applause] you in the number-4 spot got a news crew that went out to this really haunted location supposedly with this guy named whiskey bill used to live and was also buried and apparently a bunch of crazy things happened there at nighttime daytime all that kind of stuff but the news crew while they were there actually had some stuff happen to them and were also shown some of the things that had happened previously in the 1930s this was the home of William good burn some suspect he ran a moonshine out of a mine out behind his house that earned him the nickname whiskey bill today though that home looks nothing like it did but even though the walls no longer exist here something else does how haunted is this spot oh and 1 to 10 about 11 Bill's body rests at this grave site about a hundred yards away from the home Kelly Latham Joe stout and Peter Ward lower part of their own paranormal group called boogeyman NV they frequent this site often which will only say is near Lockwood there was a black shadow figure like part of his lower legs were appeared to be actually underground he's got a cowboy hat on just hold his right arm up a little bit it's almost like it has a bird another image shows crosses obviously there's no crosses here but they appeared right when this picture was taken Pete describes an encounter when he left a voice recorder out overnight there's a message that wasn't very nice what was that message it was diabete three times and that same message was also written with pebbles above the grave now all of this happened at night so the odds of us experiencing something were pretty low on this little digital point that'll that is the sound of metal clashing against metal coming from the house below and if you listen carefully you can hear what sounds to be a man with the deep voice no more Seth Seth another electronic voice phenomenon or EVP message was left this came from the grave what would have to retrieve it a ghostly shadow or spirit or something like that supposedly that was filmed on live TV while this woman was doing like some reporting she was standing over this road and in the background you can see it's highlighted by this like like light circle you can see that there's like a blob that kind of moves around and she liked that a lot of people thought this was a ghost or spirit and a lot of people also thought that this was just like a camera error or something like that but you can go ahead and let me know what you think it is down in the comment section below a television journalist reports from the scene of a car accident on the m11 just outside London but wait what is this mysterious blob moving across the screen the unusual image has been stirring debate among viewers of the ITV show London tonight it's been speculated that this could be some ghostly goings-on something supernatural a spiritual energy or ectoplasm trying to cross the road how did emerge even a reporter that was filming in this Dalhousie castle in Scotland and it's really well-known apparently for being haunted and having ghosts and like that so this girl she went down into the kind of like dungeon or basement area by herself there was nobody else with her and pretty much got spooked really badly by something that moved this is a bit older of a clip it's like 10 or 20 years old but it's still a decent one anyway I'm prepared to wait Katherine Oh Katherine the chin next to me is about to start thumping on its own you'll be able to clearly hear it okay I'm going I'm going I'm going I'm going okay Katherine I get it then something moves in the dungeon but I'm not staying to find out what it is freaking going and finally everyone in this video off with one that happened at a soccer game er I guess I guess I should call it a football game for those of you that are watching it from like Europe and like that I guess you know what I'm gonna call it soccer because pretty much everybody that watches my videos is from the US like 80% of my viewership is from the US doesn't matter that I'm just blabbering at this point but this ghost sighting happened when somebody was running across the stands don't look at the players even though that was what I initially looked at you want to look up at the stands because there's this random person or ghost that was like running across terminal encuentro sigh can I let it get alipio for Philip we look back those are the clips that I for today's video hope you guys did enjoy it if you did make sure you like on this video if we can break 10000 likes not be insanely awesome I really appreciate that also make sure to count down below and tell me which one of these clips was your favorite like which one of these ghost sightings was the scariest or the most real look into you and let me know if you believe in ghosts or not or if you just think they're a bunch of and if you have ever then let me know if you've had a ghost experience yourself or something like that maybe yeah you met Casper the Friendly Ghost or I don't even know at this point but if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to this channel except really help out and if you guys want to see my video kind of similar to this one but she wouldn't check out my last videos it's how 5 ryos actually the top 10 worst package-delivery fails so like some male men doing some really messed up failing really badly I think that you guys would like that one it was really funny I'll leave a link to it down in the description if you guys wanna go ahead and go check that one out and if you guys want to see me do more of these like scary videos so let me know down in the comment section below too because I know we're getting kind of close to Halloween so I'm probably just going to do a mini

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  1. I believe in ghost cause my dog died and he was just a little pup and i see his ghost like there was a shadow of a a little pup on the wall and there was no dog there

  2. Not only have I had paranormal experiences, I have my own team. My experience left me shaken and filled with questions.

  3. I would Say that both of them are real because the first one I saw an object behind him and the second one it looked like his left leg was in the air

  4. I was asleep then I woke up and I heard footsteps but my parents were asleep sooo I was really scared

  5. I'm from Africa specifically east Africa 😂💃🏾💯✌so there's us
    Also the boy really was being tortured by a ghost coz they pulled his leg …it was really creepy😑

  6. The second one on the video was from my country! I watch it every morning, but never had the choice to see this one! I live in Albania.

  7. I have had a ghost incounter! So I went to an amusement park called Canada’s Wonderland and I went on a ride called the Behemoth and it wasn’t a bad spirit I was going up the hill and my friend noticed my seatbelt was not buckled properly then we went down the hill and my seatbelt basically grabbed itself and bucked then I felt something kinda touch my back and I felt protected for the rest of the ride. So I think I have a guardian angel!

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