Top 5 Secret German WW2 Planes

Top 5 Secret German WW2 Planes

Welcome back to another top five video today We’re going to be discussing five secret German World War two planes two AK she flew For key factor for plane to have made its way onto this list is that it has to have flown in real life under its own power this also means that prototypes and wooden mock-ups are excluded from the list planes like the EF one two six a Prototype of a post jet-powered fighter plane it was completed, but it never flew under its own power Same goes for the mu2 63 for 260 was built but only flew and tests well was towed by another plane for me2 63 was intended to be an evolution of the rocket fighter for Me-163 it never flew under its own power so it cannot be on this list anyway. Let’s get to her number five for Blohm & Voss BV – 3 8 4 bv – 3 8 was the largest flying boat in history Well until just after world war ii when it was dethroned by the Spruce Goose this six engine behemoth was close to 60 tons Only one 248 was fully completed the were further two more in production But those two weren’t completed due to the war’s end for two free eight was being considered for free of roles It could be a heavy transport plane or a heavy bomber Being a seaplane means that it doesn’t need a large paved landing strip to take off and land on any Body of water is good enough It’s large lifting capacity could allow it to carry a very large bomb load The wings were so large that they could have had internal bomb Bay’s within them It could also have been used as a maritime patrol plane for maritime patrol It would work in the atlantic ocean supporting, yuba operations either for recon or with anti shipping weapons for to Freight could carry up to a maximum of 95 tons including its own weight and fuel its large internal area allowed for easy transportation of large quantities of supplies Loading was rather easy with forward-facing clamshell doors unfortunately there are no photos of the front doors open you can see the seams of the door in this photo if Needed but to 3/8 could carry up to 300 troops That’s significantly more impressive than the ME free – free Germany’s largest transport plane Even that could only carry up to a hundred and thirty troops with its range of 7,000 kilometers It will be ideal for reinforcing and resupplying for German African campaign Allied anti-shipping efforts were causing havoc on the Italian shipping convoys to North Africa airlift initiatives with the ME free to free and other Luftwaffe transport aircraft were used to transport urgent supplies such as fuel to the Africa Corps But to free eight would have been useful in this theater had it been ready in time originally But to free eight was designed to be a civilian plane, but that changed after the German Air Ministry Requested that the plane be used for military application for his role in the Air Force for two free eight would need offensive ornaments for ornament on this plane can make the b-17 Flying Fortresses armored cousin the YB forty blush for BV Two three eight was bristling with guns there were four heavy caliber quad machine gun turrets One in the nose facing forward and another in the tail facing backwards the other two turrets were mounted in the rear midsection of each way facing backwards For heavy machine guns would be placed along the plane’s fuselage To facing out and either side at the front and another to facing outwards at the rear Los Lee there were two twin 2-centimeter cannons in a rotating turret mounted on top of the fuselage Even with all these weapons 4bv 248 had a dull ending. It was strafed by allied fighters Who are sitting in dock the last of its fuel had been taken away for more important aviation projects So it’s test flights were on hold different sources argue over How actually but two free eight was destroyed? some sources say British fighters and Others sail was destroyed by American fighters all I truly know is that the plane was destroyed and any remains were taken away post-war It’s rather sad that all was destroyed because it was mere days before the end of the war Admittedly not that the Allies knew that there was a general idea that Long-range German planes could be used to take high-ranking party officials out of the country and to South America So is key to attempt to destroy these long-range planes before they could escape One very cute thing is that there’s a 1/4 scale model of the plane commissioned for testing They’re FGM P227 it’s a fully functioning scale model of the bv2 v8 Testing of the scale model plane was stopped once the BV to forget was destroyed 4 2 3 8 was awesome for its time But within a few years, it was outstripped by the American h4 Spruce Goose It was another seaplane which was being designed during World War 2 as a way to transport supplies safely to the UK without risk of Interception by you bow its cargo capacity was enormous. It could even carry 2 Sherman tanks I do have to add that the Spruce Goose didn’t participate in many flight trials so as flight characteristics are questionable It’s awesome that air has been preserved and is on display in the evergreen aviation and Space Museum I hope one day that I get the opportunity to visit that Museum because it will be amazing to see the h4 in real life number four for yonkers ju 390 Bianca’s ju 390 was born out of the American bomber project The idea was to design and build a bomber capable of reaching New York and making it back to Europe for payload ideally would be big enough to be able to carry an atomic weapon For plane didn’t need to be able to do the journey from Germany occupied France to America It was also an option to use Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as launch points for the operation that was until the Portuguese were not so friendly in 1943 Still there were two airfields in France that were suitable as they were long enough and close enough to America It was hoped that by bombing targets along the American East Coast two things will be achieved One was reducing the will of the American people to intervene in a European war for second was stretching America’s forces America would have to commit large amounts of resources to provide protection for the East Coast a mass of anti-aircraft Defenses along the whole of eastern America would have to have been built lots of planes will also have to be committed for interception of German bombers Possibly even fighters would have to be withdrawn from Europe to provide cover for the u.s. More realistically for Ju 390 would have made a good maritime patrol plane working with the Quigs marine in the atlantic u-boat war For gu 390 is not an entirely new plane design. It’s based off the Ju 294 plane has essentially been stretched in length and widened Even though the ju 390 was a strategic bomber which is a class of air arms largest bomber It’s really just a medium bomber with a few upgrades German aviation Doctrine was never really in favor of heavy bombing as a strategy the Luftwaffe was designed to support the infantry for aerial superiority and close attack aircraft Even medium bombers were expected to support the infantry if needed for a chi 177 is a medium bomber yet it was fitted out with dive brakes circuit attack ground targets as Such German industry was never set up for the production of heavy bombers it also doesn’t help that heavy bombers are expensive to make and maintain if Germany wanted to switch war production from light planes to heavy They would have to forego the benefit or having several light aircraft in return for one heavy You can see how Russia faces issue – even with the end of the war evident from the beginning of 1944 Russia’s aviation manufacturing focused on light and medium bombers rather than heavy Only after the war was focused given back to long-range strategic aircraft For UK and America had different ways to approach warfare They wanted to strike the enemy with his little loss of life to their own people as possible For UK and America had the benefit of not having to actively defend a land border this helped swear pinion to heavy bombing This led to the British design of heavy bombers such as the stolen and Halifax Leading to development of the iconic Lancaster same for America They developed the b-17 Flying Fortress and the b-24 Liberator So they could operate from safety and still effectively fight a war This has been my long-winded way of saying that heavy bomber production takes resources and time to gear up Both of which Germany did not have in 1943 so a pimped-out ju 290 was the way to go For 390 was originally meant to have four engines, but during the design phase They couldn’t secure engines powerful enough, so they had to compromise with six weaker engines Its maximum range was nine thousand seven hundred kilometers So I was able to do a trip to America and back with 6.5 tons of bombs Although it would take a while around 46 hours round trip It is reported today ju 390 flew within 20 kilometers within the coast of america It was on a flight to test the feasibility of cross-atlantic bombing that flight is disputed to whether it happened or not Different sources argue over the feasibility of that flight and whatever not it could have happened When fully loaded but plane would weigh 55 tons not including bombs But 10-man crew had a range of ornament between them to defend the plane against Interception there were two turrets on the roof each one with 2 centimeter cannons There were two heavy quad machine gun turrets one in the front and one in the back there was also another tower under the fuselage Lost Li two positions in the waist of the plane on either side four machine guns Only two ju 390s were built before the war’s end there was a total order of Twenty-six ju three 90s for order was then canceled later in the year 1944 as it was decided to give the resources 2.0 programs rather than strategic bombers There are only rumors and speculation about the service that the ju 390 saw For only concrete evidence was that they never dropped bombs on enemy soil most of their flying done was just test flights Number three for your ward oh, they are too free to be Arado AR too free to may not look like much of an exciting plane and that’s because it isn’t it’s a transport plane for logistics What does make it interesting is how it attempted to modernize air transportation? Germany’s main transport plane was 4 ju 52 It was originally a 1930s passenger plane with its low lift capacity and slow speeds It was rather outdated compared to other a large transport aircraft at the time for other major German air transport plane was 4 M efreeti one glider and it’s powered variant for me3 2 3 4 massive cargo glider and plane Required large landing strips to take off and land at for a or two free to was to bridge the gap as a medium cargo Transport plane but to foodtube was designed with landing in short rough airfield him mind it could even land in unprepared Fields if needed that’s the reason behind the bizarre landing year But we’ll get to that in a bit for a are too free to had some pretty neat features for a cargo plane over time the tail of the plane was designed of A twin tail boom in mind to give easy access to the rear loading ramp The rear loading ramp allowed small vehicles to be driven inside or for towed artillery pieces and other heavy guns to be rolled in Something that is a bit more tricky to do with typical side cargo hatches inside the cargo bay up to six tons of supplies could be carried or 24 armed men for extra wheels decreased for overall weight on the main landing gear when taxiing There’s a total of 22 of the affectionately named millipede wheels four main tricycle landing gear could be retracted in flight but the millipede wheels couldn’t they were fixed a Special hydraulic system allowed beside rear gear legs to lower closer to the ground For front gear leg could then be retracted into the plane, but plane could then rest on the smaller of millipede wheels Lowering the plane closer to the ground decreases for angle of the loading ramp Surprisingly for a transport plane the fence of ornament was a mind to during the design phase there were free defensive positions a heavy machine gun in the nose a heavy machine and just above the rail loading door and Finally a two centimeter cannon in a tower on the roof the four crew members Wouldn’t be stationed at the guns over time only if they were flying through contested skies, and of course if an enemy fighter was spotted Supposedly eight light machineguns could be mounted in the side windows of the cargo area This would be for flights into contested skies when carrying troops The men could use their light machine guns to assist in the defense of the plane I haven’t been able to find an account of this configuration actually being used though this configuration may just be wishful thinking Originally, but – free – was designed around having two engines But had to resort to redesign based on form that was demand from fighter programs that Understandably had more priority at the time for the best and most powerful engines Some of the ar2 mbutu’s were built with two angels But most will fall before engine variant also had an increased lifting capacity over the two engine variant But it was at the cost of its maximum range But to free to was looking like he would replace the Ju 52 But with his late introduction in 1943 the war was turning against Germany there was little attention given to air transportation Programs there were also plenty of other transport planes that Germany had available Does even avoid a similar looking plane to the AR two three to four G? Oh two four four four two four four was originally a glider that was refitted with engines it could carry up to twenty four men and even had a rear loading door its overall lifting capacity was lower than the AR two three – Still they made a hundred and seventy four of them a total of 22 They are two three twos were built this includes the two engine and the four engine variants number two for Heinkel he 111 H8 or really any plane with balloon cars this item on the list is more of just a heavy Modification rather than a new plane during the bombing of London Moscow and other Allied towns countermeasures were used to reduce the effectiveness of German strategic bombing the most effective way of reducing German bombing is simple just Shoot down all their bombers not so easy to do the next best option is to lower the effectiveness of German air raids This is done with a combination of interceptors and ground-based defences Networks of ground-based anti-aircraft batteries would fill the skies with steel as they fired show off the shell at the foreign invaders firing for these batteries will be coordinated by radar and flak control stations who will feed radar and Observational data such as speed height and direction to improve the Gunners Accuracy men crowing searchlights will try to target enemy planes with their beams With a bright light reflecting off the Bombers. There’ll be easy targets for interceptors Ideally fighter planes will already be in the air ready to intercept for vulnerable bombers Another type of defense that wasn’t as fancy, but got the job done were barrage balloons Barrage balloons will be tethered to the ground by a cable this cable would cut through the body or wing of any plane Unfortunate enough to make contact with it think of it as an aerial mine But with the mine going straight upwards as high as 4,000 years that’s around 10,000 feet if two balloons were tethered together four cables could be as high as 4,500 meters or around 15,000 feet German planes couldn’t risk flying for these aerial minefields So they had to fly higher in order to avoid the risk of collision with the balloon cables By forcing bombers to fly higher their accuracy decreases It would also make the Bombers easier targets for anti-aircraft guns due to the guns not having to traverse and change elevation as quickly This is especially important for heavy caliber guns for Londoners out there. Here’s a quick sidetrack You know Primrose Hill this photo is of twin 145 millimeter or firing 1/4 inch anti-aircraft guns they were part of London’s air defense moving on in the daytime Flying below the height of the balloon it will be very difficult to see the wires that were connected to it At nighttime the cables may as well be invisible with over 2000 barrage balloons flying over England this was an issue that needed to be dealt with an Experimental idea was tested out on German medium bombers this idea was a balloon cutter Big old lumps are metal stuck in front of the wings engine and nose of the plane This idea was tested on the Heinkel 111 and the ju 88 For overall result was that it wasn’t too effective for extra weight mess with the centre of gravity of the plane Giving it not so nice flight characteristics pilots flying the planes were very unsettled with the performance of the plane it also didn’t help that the British were Experimenting with explosive cables to be connected to the barrage balloons For projects soon came out of favor with only a few planes being converted into balloon cars It was seen as more dangerous to the crews in the plane, then it was worth attempting to take out four balloons Some of you may be asking why not just shoot the balloons down it would take time to shoot the balloons down Even with machine guns punching hundreds of holes into a balloon It would still take ages for balloon to deflate and be dragged down by the weight of the cables While spending time engaging for balloon the fighter or bomber is being targeted by enemy interceptors or flak? For longer spent in hostile territory for more chance of not returning back to base There was a case in August 1940 when four Germans did a dedicated raid on barrage balloons over England For result was 40 balloons were downed at the cost of six German aircraft Four very next day more balloons were back up the cost of destroying the balloons was not worth the loss of planes in purveyed number one for Heinkel 80 to 80 in July 1944 a British mosquito was shot down by an Me-262 it was the first recorded victory in a jet fighter ever But for me-262 wasn’t the first jet fighter there was another plane for 8284 first jet-powered plane to fly was to Heinkel 81 7 8 it was little more than a testbed for a new jet engine design it first flew in 1939 its development and Construction was kept a secret from the German Air Ministry for one seven-eight was revealed to the German Air Ministry Only after its completion and his flight tests had been done for one 7:8 showed off its flight characteristics in a demonstration there was little interest in the plane as the Single-engine jet plane had a top speed of 600 km/h a speed which at the current time propeller-driven aircraft could easily compete with Its flight endurance was also not impressive with a flight time of around 10 minutes This plane was the first step in jet plane evolution It’s also important to remember that was fought that the war in Europe would take less than a few years Will be absorbing our countries and the successful invasion of Poland and France both of which which took less than two months You can see how war priorities were looking at short term rather than long term from private investors There was also little interest in the project so the development of the one seven eight was slow taking what they had learned from the failures of the 8178 Heinkel refocused their efforts into making their next jet powered plane better Unlike their last plane this plane was built to be a fighter plane It’s ornament would be free 20 millimeter cannons in the nose the main issue was power output This was solved with not only using more powerful engines But by also using two engines instead of one but 280 flew for the first time in 1941 It was arguably one of the most advanced planes in the world at the time it had a top speed of 820 km/h improved engine output and better fuel consumption gave her 280 almost twice the range of the 178 a total of nine prototypes were produced over four years with updates and improvements to the agents between models slow engine development was the death of this project for Me-262s angels were capable of producing more frost than the angels of the hg 280 It is important to keep in mind that the me-262 was being produced by both B&W and Yonkers Both of which were funded by the air ministry to produce a jet fighter Heinkel was using self funding for their jet project Still Heinkel was the first organization able to get a jet fighter operational first Remember earlier when I said it was the most advanced plane for its time whilst that might be true It certainly wasn’t because of its speed 4hu 280 was for first ever plane to be fitted with an ejector seat system Also, it was the first plane to have its ejector seat used The ejector seat was first used when a test flight on a new posture engine went belly up For pilot lost control of the plane due to heavy ice and had to eject as a side note for Prototype being tested was the fourth hg 280 produced it had been configured with a new power plant But two jet engines had been replaced with up to six pulse jet engines no source agrees on whether the HP 280 had been refitted with 2 4 Or even 6 pulsejets the same type of engine used on the v1. I really wish I could see a picture of this monstrosity I’ve seen a plane with two pulsejets But not six it must have been a rather unpleasant plane to fly as pulsejets are not known for their smooth ride There was a demonstration of the hg 280 to the german air ministry This time for work on improving the agents and airframe had paid off for a ministry requested a production of 300 HP 280 s Agent issues with the first few – 80 s received by the air ministry Cause for delivery of further planes to be delayed while Heinkel attempted to fix for issues, but the long delay Honker was ordered that all work on jet plane should cease and that they need to focus their efforts on two other projects Before I wrap up this video. I just want to show you an early prototype Me-262 it was for first me-262 to fly it had a traditional propeller as well as four new B&W jet engines It’s a very interesting hybrid this configuration was used on the very first me-262 variant when the ages was still not reliable it’s probably a joke I can make about late-war German jet engine reliability But I’ll save it for another video Well there you have it Those are my top five secret German World War two planes that actually flew we saw the world’s biggest flying boat during World War two a plane which could travel from Europe to America and back again to drop a nuclear weapon with no fuel stops a medium-sized cargo plane capable of landing in Rothfeld scooters interesting landing gear setup planes modified to slice through barrage balloon cables and Lastly for world’s first operational jet fighter I hope you enjoyed this top 5 list and if you have any Suggestions for what you think should have been on this list feel free to tell me in the comments There is a good chance that I may have already covered the plane you’re talking about in another one of my top 5 videos already One last find you and I hope you enjoyed your time Like comment and subscribe I love regular fucking likes You

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    3. Ar-232: Heavy transport aircraft.
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  29. The Ju 390 was flown to a point off the coast of New York City leading to it's nickname " The New York Bomber ". Arado Ar 242 not Ar 232

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