1. 12 Tips for Beginners:
    5 Tips from Liu Guoliang:

  2. My local coach conveniently happens to be an ITTF level 3 certified coach – I can vouch for the 5 points coach emrathich spoke abt as my coach taught me these skills first

  3. now we know the sacrifice all the young kids had to go through at such a young age being away from their parents and family. The top Chinese Players past and present are all the same product of this programme. They have gone through so much hardship to be where they are.

  4. Hy Coach , i play in a senior (+55 ) club and one player told me <<dont play to become an olympic player>> bla bla ,,,,here it is just for fun. I disagree because i try always to better myself …am i right ? i dont think i should play lousy because he plays lazyly <just for fun>.
    What do you think ?

  5. When you say rotate your whole body does it have to feel like your body is kinda like a whip because when i tried it it definitely felt like that

  6. When you say hit by the legs, do you mean that we should make contact with the ball near our legs, or do you mean that we should just use our legs to generate the power to hit the ball? Or, should we do both?

  7. Who am I ?
    why I exist?
    What is my destiny?
    These questions and made the whole world .
    You will find its solutions or answers only in Islam

  8. Dear Sir,
    I wish to attend your videos to train myself correct and better. Please keep sharing. !

  9. Feeling based on spin as shown in this video is more important for inverted rubber players. For pimple rubber players, feeling based on contact point and trajectory is more important.

  10. I want coaching. Help me. India is bad for coaching! Or tell me where I can get someone who can coach me.

    If I want to have coaching with you.

    Plus, can you suggest me a good blade and rubber, right now I have Stiga All Round Evolution with Mark V on each, small pimple. Love playing offensive!

  11. I am 13 years old I want to improve my game but I don't have any coach I play well but I want to improve can you help me out

  12. Ok, you are my table tennis coach! …my game is much better because your advises from others videos too. Thank you :))))

  13. Thanks coach. Your advice on feeling and spin really helped me improve a lot on executing top spin loop. I am using my body more and spinning more. The more spin, the more control. I got a new Ipong V300 during Christmas and that has really helped me also to find the conditions of a consistent good loop. Eyes on the ball when you hit.

  14. You are by far the best instructor on YouTube for table tennis and the broken English helps keep me focused on what you are saying

  15. Sir
    Your videos really helped me to improve fast ..but now I want to request you to instruct me that how I can move my hands faster in table tennis …usually many people told me that I am not able to move my hands faster
    So please help me to improve that

  16. Table Tennis is really fun. Hours can go by like nothing while I'm playing it. That's when you know something is very special. When it makes time fly.

  17. Feilinig is sure important and quality of this speech is. You work on your speaking feilinig. Okay? Good.

  18. hello coach and thanks a lot for your awesome videos,they were very helpful to me. Well I play with (butterfly tamka 5000 blade),(donic coppa Jo platin rubber) on forehand, and(yasaka mark 5 rubber) on backhand,and the backhand rubber is not supporting me to play offensive. So can you suggest me a rubber and please tell some of the strategies for a left handed offensive player.

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