top 50 sports plays – worldwide interweb

top 50 sports plays – worldwide interweb

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  1. hate to criticize but most of those plays aren't in the top 50 more like the top 500 but making a video like this ain't easy so good job

  2. "Top 50 sports plays" pfhh horrible title. Should be "sports plays I put together to some Aerosmith background music" smh

  3. You're pretty small-minded to not realize that those American professional sports leagues import the best players from around the world….that's why you see so many Russians playing hockey and so many Spaniards playing basketball. You're just a hateful idiot….

  4. no other country plays gridiron dude,therefore you are 'world champions' by default.Should look outside the US there are heaps of great sports with unbelievable plays and im sure 80% of the plays in this vid wouldnt make a best of…

  5. Please rename this top 50 AMERICAN sports plays. No one else in the world as your sports or cares about them. P.s world series, Super Bowl, Stanley cup, championship games in USA do not make you World Champions.

  6. @wahhagoogoo then I would probably have to tear my ears off to prevent myself from bleeding to death. This music does not correspond to well with the videos theme

  7. WorldWide?
    Hell No..
    No one watches football, NASCAR…
    You named your video wrong.. this video should be called- USAwide interweb.
    Because this only is about America. USA is not the only country that play sports.

  8. Awesome video, though I find it hard to believe that only a few baseball plays were worthy of making the cut. You also missed a few of the top NHL plays like that dirty Tim Thomas stick-save against Tampa Bay

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