Top 50 WWE Finishers of 2018 on Trampoline

Top 50 WWE Finishers of 2018 on Trampoline

49 Replies to “Top 50 WWE Finishers of 2018 on Trampoline”

  1. CM Punk didn’t invent the GTS. Superman Punch isn’t a finisher. This is for 2018 wrestlers only as of when we made the list in the summer, so no Rey Mysterio because he returned after the list was made.

  2. 1 of my moves is the helllock constriction u lock your legs around one of your opponents legs then rap your arms around your opponents mouth,eyes,and eyes

  3. It was the best day for me to play the best game game euek game and the. Op bobby Roode a real game she glory to a good 😊 game but cm punch out a game and I think 💭 Carmella on game is imkon
    NBA,j li 630 on iPad version is oikd and the Sid she in the game name is the Rock

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