19 Replies to “Top Gun Range: Take pictures, video safely”

  1. Didn't realize that this incident made the local news. Also, I'm glad that I wasn't there that day.

  2. I'm as pro 2A as anyone and actively and openly carry, but gun ownership does NOT make you the exception to the universal rules of basic gun safety.

  3. Gun safety is important, always assume the gun is loaded. I mean never, and I mean ever, pointed at someone while taking a selfie at all!

    He did the right thing about kicking them out. Zero Tolerance Policy.

  4. I had similar incident that my friend became immature with. It's an absolutely No No! It's not a toy. Sure you can aim at your eye ball while cleaning your barrel, nothing more. Never assume your gun is not loaded. Always check the chamber first. Gun is a special hobby. It's a science, a sport, hunting and self defense. It's a catch-22, I love guns and hate guns. It's just a tool. Nothing more.

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