Topoint Diabo Stronghold first look

Topoint Diabo Stronghold first look

hi I'm Stephen hamper archery supplies today we want to look at that toe point is a toe point as it died about I don't know toe point is a company that makes a whole bunch of different except arch or accessories based out of China compound birds recurves a whole bunch of accessories sites and all that sort of stuff release aids and this is the latest target compound bow on offering now they have made Titan compound bows before but this is the latest I want to show you this bow so some quick stats about this bow 38 inches axel axel 330 feet per second IBO comes in two cam options one twenty four to twenty seven point five and one twenty seven to thirty inch in draw length with a rotating module it's a twin cam system so same cam top as bottom with yokes it built into the cam very much like a PSE and very much like the dark and Kansas and there's probably some other manufacturers which have cams like this mass weight on this bow is published at four point seven six pounds its I put on scales and it came in slightly under that at four point six seven so 0.1 pound lighter which is unusual for a bow manufacturer brace hone on this bow I'm gonna guess eight and I'm just going to look at the specs on that seven point four eight inch bracelet so quite a long brace height now this bow comes in a whole bunch of different panel dyes colors this is the blue it comes in orange red green pretty much any color you can think of now this is now like a matte finish now toe point used to do a shiny and a dice finish and they've gone to a matte now I've noticed that on the latest unison risers that just came in they've gone matte as well now with the overall finish of this bonus that's pretty good when we zoom around metal limb pockets these limbs he is standing Gordon glass limbs that fit it on all bows this system you see on the Matthews this this you use their oppressors when you put in a bow press little fingers go in there and it has a double feature that if you dry fire your bow it stops their limbs falling apart the modules to change the draw length you do not need a bow press and there's a stop right there now with bows I'm going to say elite do this bridge riser design here I don't think elites the only company to do that obviously PSE do it now as well there's a whole bunch of bow companies which do this and this is new for toe point the bridge riser design top and bottom a lower mount cable guard balance on the bow slightly top-heavy which is good for target archery because you can put a big stabilizer on the front of it the grip feels narrow so it feels very much like a height grip similar to an elite group if you're familiar with the late but a late start wider at the bottom then sort of narrow in so this is definitely thinner than a PSE grip more rounded around the edges here so it feels quite comfortable to shoot the cable guard on this is unique you can adjust the cable guard left and right and change the angle in or out to reduce torque on the cables which is a nice feature so things I like about this bow I love the fact that the modules are the same color as the riser which is the same color as this yoke system here this yoke system is very similar to what's used on the Matthews I think high country is this system and I think there's a few other boat companies which use this I'm going throw obsession in there and they may not but I think they do use this system as well Matthews the one I best not on and definitely a high country have been using this yoke system for a number of years the Machine limb pockets are quite nice machine down here as well which is good the cable stop is fairly standard a good little system these cable guard bolts into the riser in two spots this is good only one spot for your site so that's fairly standard PSE does have multiple with this bow you obviously can't fit it the strings to me look then look okay I'd prefer them in a colored finish so I would prefer these strings to come blue and black maybe or blue to match the blue of the riser but it is what it is overall this bone looks nice I like the way it's adjustable I like the feel of our like look of it now let's go to the manual now most marked by manufacturers have manuals for the company and not for specific bows this is this manual is specifically for this bow it's in English which is a good good feature it's got specs there to tell you about the bow how to increase and decrease the bow poundage which I'm not going go through a little chart there to show you what setting on the module is what draw length which is nice now I wait put that on the limb look I'm happy for it to be in the manual I would probably prefer it on the limb now on the limb of this bow this is a 60-pound bow all they've got featured is 60 pounds so I prefer to point to have a sticker here say what size cables you've got what size string you've got specs on this boat is that what the draw length is from what size to what size now they do have a little card here which is quite good it's very simple and it's got all the basic specs 330 feet per second 404 points 6 7 in pounds actually that's interesting the card says four point six seven I'm sure on their websites four seven six the when I weighed it was four six seven CNC machine dries it comes in fifty or sixty pounds twenty four to twenty seven point five now I ordered this bow wrong I made a mistake so I originally was hoping to get the 27 to 30 so I can bow test this in order to cam to and I actually should have been honoring cam one so I'm just hoping that Gimli from Lord of the Rings comes into my shop wanting to buy a target bow because otherwise I'm stuck with this thing seriously like 24 to 27 inches and there's going to be someone out there who's going to me there's just not many people that draw length so and yes in ladies there is but nineteen sixty pounds so I'd prefer this bar available in 40 pounds as well for that shorter draw length so this this tack here has do string sizes all on it quite a nice simple the graphics are quite nice nice nice finish by overall so let's just try the draw cycle out it's so it's a very smooth draw cycle this is a sixty pound but it feels like a 50-pound boat so I'm getting on this cable garden I don't know what type point did this they using a plastic cable guard they have got matching cable slides for their bows it made out of aluminium which they should be fitting on this bow in my opinion just stop it gripping and otherwise use a Teflon cable slide here to stop it gripping because this is just annoying house grips so it starts off it's it's a pretty standard pull and here it's done and drop off dropping off dropping off dropping off and dead solid it's very solid once I'm back here now this says it's 75% LED off for me I can't feel there and there's no way in high heaven this is a sixty pound bow so I've got a scale here let's try this out I'm guessing fifty 52 pounds this bow even though is rated at 60 pounds from the factory 52 pounds is what it came straight out of the box I haven't touched this bow I haven't done anything to it now you're gonna say well now I'm going to talk about quality here when you compare it a Chinese product to an American product and mr. I'm gonna say mr. Lee God is it is everyone mr. Lee in China and Korea all the companies I deal with it mr. Lee I don't know names probably not mr. Lee's gonna hate me but I'm gonna say mr. Lee like the quality when this stuff comes out of this hour the factory it should be 60 pounds this is not a cheap bow this is not the type pointers they produce a lot of cheap products as far as bow low-end beginners this bow is not that this this bow while all the features of the top Ambo retail and Australia this is going to retail probably between 850 and $900 now that puts it cheaper than the American products for sure no question about that so you know your your American products the PSE Supra focus is 1350 the the elite victory 1300 weight prevail 2300 the Le – Ilan 1900 so this is cheaper okay but when you get you know 52 pounds people are not going to be happy with you and that's this is the bits they need to fix up because over a little over all he's made a nice product that people are not going to accept the poundage being too low like that now I don't think this is going to shoot 330 feet per second also the draw cycles way to smooth some of the machining I'm going to tell you there's little lines here on the riser you can hopefully see that's not it's not ideal this little Mark's up here on the machining hopefully get those in look but overall I think this will be a great bow to shoot there's some more marks just up here on the machining in the inside here there's some little marks look I would prefer this bow probably to be shiny shiny matte but I think this is a nice boat and I don't know if it's gonna sell I don't know if it's gonna sell because the top line arches around the world are going to be get paid by big bow manufacturers to shoot their product however I think there's a couple little things here that tow point could improve cable slide for one that parent needs to be sixty pound if it comes out of the factory it needs to be sixty pound if they publish this about sixty this would be our careful 250 pound bow right if as a 50 pound bag comes out at 52 well that's that's fine but 62-52 not acceptable so overall I will do a review of where we shoot this bow and see how it goes it's just I just wanted to show it to you show you what it feels like and what it you know this is the latest offering from tow point now there was a I did see a thing on Facebook where there was someone in Europe Asia who did win a tournament with one of these but nice thing now for the American companies colored modules with cold risers with coloured yolks a must I cannot stress how important is when you're shooting in a good-looking target bow to make everything matched and make everything look pretty so my recommendation for toe point fix the cable cable slide some pretty strings on it make the strings look pretty fix the poundage the quality assurance when the bow gets made it needs to have someone pull it on a pulling on a draw board and check the poundage but besides that I think this is a pretty nice product I think the price points a little bit high I'm type went D so well on the market you're not going to get that back up service that you get with the American products with lifetime service I don't know what the warranty is offered by two point I'm gonna guess a year but overall I think it's a really for me it's a next step of the Chinese compound bow development and I think that they're approaching very quickly the top end of the American product I think this is a pretty decent product I'm Stephen Haines from archery suppliers the more you shoot the better you'll shoot and it doesn't matter whether you shoot this bow or a cheaper bow that will never overcome the amount which you practice and whether you're a good archer or not so don't think if I buy a $2,000 bar gonna shoot better than God with a thousand dollar bocas that guy with $1,000 by shooting or than you he's got a bad technique he's gonna shoot you every time anyway thanks for watching bye

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  1. The design and manufacturing of compound bows is one of the key interests in the sport (in my case hobby) certain principles that different brands adopt are something the owner lives with every day.
    I have a P.S.E one of my friends has a Hoyt another a Merlin ! And they are in their own rights and way great products (obviously pse rule ! ). I started of with a jungxing and the lack of support led me to build a bow press , my own strings ( big hassle ! ) alignment jigs bronze bushings etc etc and It was the best learning experience, the little Chinese bow was strong in some areas and weak in others but fitting it with cheap components allowed me to experiment and gain my own opinion on my particular style and set up . I have found Steven's opinion to be to sound on many devices as well as techniques and thier pro and cons . It I think is essential that people like Steven give us the opportunity to see these cheaper products to inform us on the possibilities at hand and to challenge the top manufacturers . Archery is after all an art not just an industry! The more you shoot the better you get !

  2. Shame your poor customers may end up buying one of these from you. 🀣 make the bow look pretty with coloured strings and mods…. when did pretty win anything. 🀣

  3. I have no idea why people immediately start hatin' on Chinese manufacturer producing good bows. The comments below their hunting bows review by BHP were horrible and biggoted…

  4. 900? steve you sell win and win dragonflys for 990!! (i bought one 3 yrs ago brilliant) why would anyone buy a 900dollar topoint

  5. I get when people buys a cheap traditional or ILF bow for recreational use or hunting, because for a couple of hundreds you have a very functional product which in the case of the ILFs is also very easy to improve. But when you need to spend near a thousand in a target bow, why don't just wait a bit, save a few hundreds more, and buy a compound which have been proved and used to win tournaments? The PSE Supra Focus, the Bowtech BT Mag, the Halon X Comp, the Elite Victory X… are bows that cost barely a grand and you can find them winning titles and reaching top positions in tournament after tournament.

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