hey Eric hey chica Chico so we're off the tram we're just heading down the mountain we've decided as groups I give everybody option go where they want and everybody ended up at the same decision which is we're all going to go shoot the prime course we've got these awesome views guys this is what's so beautiful about torch challenge up the bird is you've got these views sick of courses over there but we're dropping off this side right here team digital video capture filmmakers cinema cinematography like everything we're going to keep them filled as as much mountaintops as possible keep their legs going because they got a lot of filming to do alright guys so here is an important mountain ops fitness tip from DMACC hush actually get to the age of 40 guys less about weightlifting like it's more about stretching mobility swatting crab okay my group is good overall stretch if you don't I go to North killing angles yeah Michael Phelps is this the Phelps okay the two old guys yeah and yeah loosen up the shoulders yeah did you get that you know this is when they're already smoked you got to get them loosened this Mountain ops fitness tip is brought to you by hush and wait that's right you ready to do this man dude I'm ready to fling them is this your first year coming to the bird it's my first year winning okay so first year winning the birds nice dude right so I'm going to do a quick run-through of names I'm Ethan broom with white tail fit Nicole hi Burton Isaac all-in-one Issac all-in-one G what – Isaac's in a row why not Shaw Jessica Jill Burnham owner whitetail fit pretty freakin Bowman dainty Bowman so we're shooting the angry wolf it's our first shot we're shooting the prime course this morning so let's let her rip – here faster I'm not sure cuz I think it was George Washington that said that so now my faster arrows in higher altitude was he riding on a horse and he said that or was he stable no he was not a boat okay he was steering slow with the East and arrow might I'm woozy Crossing the Delaware Crossing the Delaware on Christmas to kill people in their sleep Isaac show us these gangster old-school arrows because these things are just beautiful these are this is an ultimate throwback Thursday right now flashback Friday Oh is we Friday yeah take me back Tuesday take me back Tuesday from whatever weird okay what do we film are we right now 9800 with model better start hiking over more on them boom yeah he won this thing called reading one time it was really cute good job yep I can't work it unless you go on writing and you shoot freaking pins like that nice don't work 47 yards as the crow flies you tell me the truth here yeah I promise and I'm in the range imma take your word trust this is like falling backwards and I'm going to catch you okay just trust me nice shot that's that's called run run I just needed one of those I feel good now okay you done can we go back home see you guys sweet thanks guys I'm going to doing some vlogging can we check me out MySpace let's cue my top five bringing it back MySpace and go I got a GoPro and cellphone join the group – Jeremiah right here bro how you doing good man chase y'all told me to operate this I see this Cortese record the red light on I think you're good yeah I'm good okay that's awesome so we just shot the Sheep with a steep sheep as you can see everybody wants to stay down there except for me and Isaac jr. so we got two three in the kill zone me and Isaac jr. we're in the leg good left to ride just little oh it was actually 62 yards we were shooting for 60 guys this is an absolute blast this is so much fun share with your friends just giving each other crap on to the next though see how we do on target soon so you're getting high okay because we're high elevation oh okay you want to lower your poundage okay and as you drop down the mountain slowly turn your poundage back up accordingly okay perfect and you and you brought all your tools from other alright everything there's no your spot right now okay sweet okay all right Jeremiah up shop shooter for wild there are chickens every top perfectly smoke set okay so ready Paul we got some nice shooting on the hidden turkey what do you got back there Brian yeah because I mountain air tastes great I could do this all right so here's the deal time to go ninety-two everybody wants me to go first I set this up two weeks ago and I have not taken a shot past 60 with that well 92 yard shot you got it we split behind in here that left that is out there Oh bone baby momma's friend smokes a major bill this near time 65 but like a night until you're gonna want to shoot it for 59 so you're going to want to angle compensate yes okay so don't you're going to blow up an arrow so yeah so this is this we don't need a graveyard all the tunings good yeah I made a site adjustments okay how's FOC got a lot of a lot of FOC a lot of talk little foggy I was front of center guy really important and and in foam and that yeah it's really well wrapped not really the other since you and I remember when your whole arrows you got to check your spine after every shot yeah spine check spine shadow shoot the spine of the animal but spine check after you should yeah I'm oh yeah not the animal but yeah yeah okay perfect guys this is it this is archery tip was brought to you by wild arrow located in central Utah off parish line okay and link below you you don't lay your backpacks father I yell there is right there let's see if your runs off he live do it those are getting ready for the hundred and five yard elk shot all of a sudden my mountaintops product radar they remove went off and on because I didn't bring Yeti or ignite I bring biotics because you got to stay regular waiter it's all about that gut he'll about the gut health man and this just like a friggin word money the rule is she has to write a B on it if it's been boiled you know you spin them right do you have that real the B work okay right be honest and I'm save a crayon okay great shot Oh guys we're just here mid mountain this is the mid mountain hydration station by camel fire one of our partners so mount or should be there selling a bunch of the black bovis town fire here and then they've got products to hydrate you the best kind ignite we're going to hang out here for a bit and then keep going alright guys so this is the infamous cliff shot so the coolest shots that they do straight down I got 14 for that five I mean he's aiming at the floor got him that's our lady those that overlapping yeah there's no jokes for most Russian bore a rock in front of the file so I'll show you when we get closer but this one yeah no I just said which is a mobile mm everybody everybody's playing safe nobody wants to I am have also cut the rock he's got a closely the first one to blowing all right here we go somebody's got to do it all right here we go breaking it Tiffany and Co you're gonna hit me put it in the rock hopefully gone what'd you get me just got a break the idea is 72 oh that was like perfect he's trying to blow it up and it was like a perfect hard shots right that's friggin awesome whoa rock victim she gone some people play too safe some people played it dirty right over the rock wait wait a sec it the broke arrow it's the hex who shoot X dude that didn't want to blow up you hit it that's me hey I'm in Solomon get my childre off in ten you were going to do well point for calling your shot every time I turn around these Eastern guys from Nebraska or on the ground like to either kneeling down taking a shot playing white now doing yoga what poses that yeah the cramping leg this is what happened took make any sense when you forget to adjust your slider oh yeah yeah you're going for there you wanted a double piercer yeah look at that ages boom boom gauges we made it to the cliff check out some of these shots with sleeping envelopes and carbon all right 20-yard pin you fix your slider no put them through the ears this time bend at the hip boom crushed that is a dead mule there nice work man who grinds wanting to be extremely creative right now trick shots are thought somewhat controversial yeah I'm going to take this shot in the wild just so people know everybody should learn this shot it's critical that you really need to be able to do it when you're in the wild cause we take this shot if we can get in position in fact come off do I draw first I draw first and come down on it try that with back tension oh yeah I don't want to do a rock Hey ah four okay someday you might need to do this oh dang it we'll find out if the triggers a trigger we just come to do remove the cream it was not ready for that to go off no oh oh yeah that's my habit RIE one more time the fact that you even got that shot off of presentation because that is so always it about attention it's not even funny that it's fluid right mom we'll core word but hey whoa hello skinny little forward really this is what we call the Nebraska just get down on one hand anywhere on a mountain bullshit they shot in East Oh you practice your nebraska shovel man you got to yeah all we've got this is the result of whatever it was Brian was doing and this is the result of the Nebraska obviously if I want to kill this animal I need to do whatever this guy did last target we shot all 24 up to this point now it's 25 was it good yeah so I just shot it for 50 it's kind of a cool shot that we're setting up we're not shooting from the cone so we're gapping it red in between shots come off some aspen trees nice make you a little harder there you go you guys that is ready to go eat some food yeah dude I'm cramping so bad they drove all the way from Nebraska yesterday 13 hours and we haven't eaten anything since noon yesterday you guys you guys hooked us up with some jerky yeah yeah um dried mango like whatever gritty road after it was but is pretty good ready whole food yeah it was over here here's the deal that's what we're all about is everybody kind of when we found out they were starving on the mountain about to die they were actually looking for a moose tissue they want to eat some moose I wanted some backstrap yeah we all pulled together little teamwork talking to Brian's back shot come on we're going to check out for now so remember we always preach too good like like it subscribe to our channel as always comment below tell us what you thought and keep conquer


  1. 92 yard shot stupid no wonder game gets mamed by guys who dont know there limitations bowhunting is about getting in close if i want to shot an elk at 105 yards il use a gun whole thing seems like an add to make money.what happened to real bowhunters who do it for the love of it not to be a celebrity??????

  2. Awesome video! I am planning a Total Archery Challenge shoot this year. I am curious, what type of backpacks are those? Are they made with arrow quivers built in or they are modified backpacks? I don't think my belt quiver is going to cut it for those shoots.

  3. I love how at the 11:00 mark he shoots the bedded deer 30 yards from the people on the trail. Probably swept the fully drawn bow across them to aim at the deer. Watching muzzle direction isn't just for guns.

  4. That looks like so much fun . too bad my bow sucks . there's no way I could make half those shots with my current bow .

  5. hey guys, you are the reason why i started with compound shooting, especially the thick bearded guy from mtn ops……

  6. Yesterday was my first time shooting a bow it was so much fun and i shot a elk at 43 yards (3D Target) im only 13

  7. I skipped the TAC in 7 Springs to shoot the Rinehart 100 in MA, if you guys are there next year I'm going, even though it's a long drive👍

  8. Hey if a gun guy can watch the whole video, you've got something right? Seriously though, it looks fun. I'd love to join you guys on one of these.

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