Total Body Circuit Training (Cybex) "Be a 10 in 2010"

Total Body Circuit Training (Cybex) "Be a 10 in 2010"

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  1. Been dong this for about a month now, keeps my cadio going the whole time I do it. takes about 75 min with a partner and I toss in a couple bonus exercises at the end. My question is, is it possible to use the machines to bulk up by going heavier with less reps, or should I hit the free weights to do it. Im really enjoying the 3 days a week instead of 6!

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  3. is there a rule for what machines to superset ?
    is the point is to rest while working on another muscle, or should you target the same muscle groups differently ?

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  6. I just joined the YMCA this week so I am going to try these exercises at the gym if they have the same equiptment there. Keep up the good work Scott.

  7. My gym has nautalus it has everyone one of the machines I think except for the tricep excercice what would you recommend to do instead of that I was thinking a tricep workout like a skull crusher?

  8. Scott isn't looking to be a body builder. He is into getting stronger and fitter. Im pretty sure he excercises for performance. In a lot of his other video's you see him lifting weights that 6'3 230 ib body builders lift. Check out his Chest workout video, the dude is doing 125 IB dumbbells on incline bench! Crazy as shit in my opinion.

  9. @skeletonlord2126
    not really
    i wouldnt like being that muscled,i have my own atheltic body already
    but yeah
    this guy helped me to get it.
    all im saying is
    hes not getting bigger since his first video about a year ago

  10. you look the same since you started making videos
    i mean
    it seems you havent got any bigger in like a year

  11. and do you own any other shorts give me your address ima buy you some shorts for free 😀 (thumbs up for the free shorts )

  12. scott you cant just make say i made a training programme and i ts complete body circuit…

    programs are made by sport doctors who have tested them on many people before giving them to us

  13. Those shorts are Scott's trademark costume! You don't see Batman changin' costume outfits. Yeah, I'll fight crime in this on Monday, and beat up bad guys in this on Tuesday. #LOL

  14. Can you bring out more video's with free weights please. Not everyone has access to gym machine's like you do..

  15. Glad to see your still pumping those sexy muscles of yours!*heh*, your a true inspiration. 🙂

  16. @epicsamp95 I'm on my 3rd week now with this kind of training. Biceps workout in 30 min 😉 i also got a partnet to help me with those forced reps. But as of now on the third week i can't really say there is much different, although i noticed a really supperior strenght in the chest on the 3rd chest workout day. So i'll just keep hitting the gym. Got some no-xplode pumping in my blood right now so im soon gonna do some biceps/back 😉

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