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  1. Thanks for highlighting this station. I just joined PF and found this system pretty cool and was looking forward to trying it out next time I go in.

  2. I took a look at this area and I’m like “I have no idea how to use ANY of this, except the monkey bars.” 😂 Isn’t that crazy? Haha thank you!

  3. I can see some old f using the bands for about 1 hrs, same guy who would tie up the fly machine and same guy who would shave at the locker room sink balls naked.

  4. I feel you bruh I just joined last month and did 2 rounds on the PF 360 that's all I could do but for sure I'm easily 100 pounds heavier than you no dips though lol i couldn't do them

  5. Thanks so much for this!!!!!!!! I want to try this and the 30 minute! I didn't know how awesome this 360 was! Thanks so much!!!!!

  6. Thank you! I always thought this was like a special room that was reserved for a class or something like that

  7. Thank u for the video my home gym did not have this area but they opened a new one near me and it has this new area and I was like I’m not going in there until I understand what’s going on in there 😂.

  8. Thank you so much for the instructional video. I find that area quite intimidating, but you broke it down so now I know what to do!

  9. This greet! I’m just starting out at Planet Fitness. I get winded and pounding heart very very easily. I’ve had check ups that were clear. I this normal?!

  10. Thank for the great workout suggestions. My pf just got one of these and your video will be a great help. Peace!

  11. too bad none of the pf near me or that i have seen have this equipment in the video. i have even searched about 20 of their actual floor plan videos for each location and none have a 360 section or this equipment, this is why this gym frustrates me as a man on a budget. the fact none that i have seen allow you to do any of the 5 or so core functional lifts with free weight or even at all in a cpl cases is silly. add to that i cannot even do a box jump or basic athletic training because, as i said none have a 360 near me, is shameful. this places business plan is get $10 from ppl and hope they don't notice they have been paying it for the last 5 years even tho they haven't gone. they have taken the "so cheap our customers won't notice they are still paying for something they dont even use" approach to fitness

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