Tottenham vs Liverpool | McManaman, Kane, Jenas, Robertson | No Filter UCL

Tottenham vs Liverpool | McManaman, Kane, Jenas, Robertson | No Filter UCL

I see there you lost weight this is it's true that you lost weight I saw you thinner is it true there we go look you're hanging on for dear life at the studio he pushed me through that what if it's Jordan Henderson lifting the trophy or somebody else they will go down songs will be sung about them and it's a very very special song feasible [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] place 2/2 lucky right now it started isn't it teams are here just been on the pits behind us set a loss of couple of the players the manager it's really starting to ramp up my spirits high in the camp yeah I think so why not the favorites Andy they've had a really good season we've been excellent and rightly so I think spill it should be I think they should be confidence of getting the results I think some I think after the season they might I think it is a big moment be like because it's a big moment because if they don't get over them and you have to get over the line somewhere down the line and you know everything seems to be falling right for him with Liverpool tomorrow or topic they will be remembered in the history of these two great clubs whenever they walk down a street in Madrid people keep saying are you willingly you one the septum at the 7230 of the Champions League he scored the goal bla bla so you always remember for that occasion and it's the same we know Alan Kennedy scored and winning goals against them against millions in Paris and of course boost gobble out the wobbly legs him against warm so it does from the menses moments in the history of football clubs and that's what happened if never build in tomorrow if it's Jordan Henderson lifts a little fee or somebody else they will go down songs will be song about them and it's a very very specialist offensive first of all have you decided what your team is going to be tomorrow night have you told the players look is Harry Kane going to start its mean second row I see there you're you lost weight this is it's true that you lost weight er I don't know I saw you thinner is it true no okay they say just the same I almost you come from that triumph over Barcelona as opposed to a you know a scratchy nervy victory against Roma does it change how you come approach this finally you know the Barcia game will obviously you know be demerit for a long time and this seems after and stuff for that was special but you know the team are playing against done the exact same the next day so I think talking about unbelievable I think the manager is you know one of the best in the world I think he's so clever and so you know switched on in terms of the game and you know we know how tough a task it's going to be it's a very even game and but we believe if we play our best then we can be any team and hopefully if we do that then we can show that again tomorrow night someone look back I mean we're both kind of sat here and gone how we got here Barcelona well you actually tweet it I think along the lines of this is not good for okay the whole campaign has been a bit of a test came to be thick so Dortmund got the job done at home yeah obviously away for moment did you ever doubt Harry when he went in that one-on-one at that point no no as soon as you saw him going in there then you thought that I'm just a piss away yeah did it really work so drawers been made quarterfinal we've got saved now this second leg Wow all your thinking your first thoughts are don't concede early bang four minutes sterling but I'm corner deal with that incredible in the moment big Fernando getting himself up for the corner to take it okay this is the one he's the one where my head goes in my hands and then down in the monitor I saw and I went he's off side I've never seen it a stadium challenge like that no it was scary on it I didn't know that even went to the area all up because I'm my eyes went straight to Mauricio so I'm looking at him and he can't take enough clothes off he's that frustrated with it and then and then the next thing I hear he Spurs fans going crazy and then I'm like oh my god what a moment and then I thought it can't get any better no no and then we had to go and play it's iyx over two legs here we go look something you're hanging on for dear life studio he pushed me through that wall on the side that's what got me kind of seen yeah go Chris lost everything emotions just just one more to go [Applause] wish I could Dortmund seize him but he my fabric that yeah so I was good you know in English yes please do you remember the question so now it's about German power yeah yeah yeah I would be I said it wouldn't be disappointed if a lot of German people would be part of them because there's no German player in the Tottenham team or German coaches that yeah son had as a Bundesliga player but he's South Korean his proud of that he played for the country but yet you went nearly to the army so and it means obviously that you're fit how is the ankle the ankles with the ankles so it's been a yeah kind of a seven or so weeks of hard work and then whatever happens I'm ready to you have to G on the tape on the sides or obviously if I'm gonna be playing and do my best it's what three weeks you know since then sedan we saw you jog on didn't we yeah everyone's Spurs fans just the hope went up when tying on these running what's going on yeah that was a just an amazing amazing game and everyone who watched it was just couldn't believe it happen and yeah I say to even to be a part of that and be with the squad and to be there and celebrate after and obviously run on the pitch and it's just the emotions took over and well you're making history already this is the furthest I've ever been in the European Cup champions league which might you know you must be proud to be a part of that yeah absolutely I think that was kind of what – you said – grabbing the opportunities where here and of course it's amazing that we're here but you know why don't get another chance to try and lift a Champions League trophy so that's kind of what we said we're here to actually win the game and to make history even more so on that note I wish you all the very very best and let's let's hope that Spurs do come out winners I thank you you look at what they've been up against this season with the stage of delays injuries it defies logic that they're even here doesn't it yeah and more importantly maybe their lack of spending in the last couple of transfer windows as well it's a huge achievement to be here and I think that it'll be great for fuller great advert for wood it's not always about money it may be revitalizes a lot of other teams around around the world around Europe you can get the right building box in place you've got a chance of really successful very quickly tomorrow night I think they would pull that too much I think no four by three goals how is saying Tottenham but it's it's they're gonna have to play exceedingly exceedingly well I've been saying all along something weighs up and in whispers we stick with it

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  1. Jordan Henderson's dad broke an interview to say hello to Jamie Carragher and they embraced as if they were close families. Meanwhile, Harry Kane met Glenn Hoddle – a Tottenham legend – and only did formal shook hands ๐Ÿค” If I were English, I think I know which team I would support ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ”ด

  2. Most boring championship game ever. If this is a boxing match both teams got penalties for not making initiatives.

  3. We were so close but on the other side so far away.
    Btw did someone see Harry Kane in the basic 11 cuz i didnt see him xDDDDDD

  4. Well done BT๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
    Giving it back to the fans.

  5. Yidoooooooooo!!!!"!!!! Up the Spurs, do it for all of us. All that dreamed this our whole life. Spurs fans live to be the best. Today's game represents a pinnacle in all our lives Believe and Achieve.
    Come on lads do it for London. Do it for US!!!.. Tonight we make impact across the world.

  6. Man, i just admire Mauricio, hopefully he comes to United if not sooner maybe in the future… he's proven he can do it on a tight budget; imagine if he had a 200-300 million budget

  7. See, Liverpool have a hell of a lot of pressure because they are supposedly favourites to win this

  8. I just want Liverpool to win because I canโ€™t stomach another Scouser saying โ€œ5 Times, mateโ€ any longer

  9. Both teams deserve it! Liverpool trying insanely hard to get back into the Elites of football and need a major trophy meanwhile Spurs have a chance to make a huge impact on the history of football.

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