Tough Mudder – Circuit Training Workout – Johnny

Tough Mudder – Circuit Training Workout – Johnny

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  1. The trainer that you were hitting pads with, didn't he used to work for Dragon Muay Thai in Phuket?

  2. I am sorry if someone else asked… what shoes that you put on with the toes at the begging of the video

  3. @lfdlumpy In the beginning if you don't spend much time barefoot (live in a cold climate for example) they will feel very strange to run in, and will be uncomfortable to run in on hard surfaces. It takes time to build up the tendons in your ankles and lower leg, so start off walking in them until you are comfortable, then build up to slow jogs. When I first got mine I was running 8 miles in normal shoes, but dropped it back to 2 miles in the five-fingers. But I love them, they are all I wear now

  4. @jordangillespie1993 If you ever get the chance to do a Tough Mudder you totally should. They are the most fun you can have while hating yourself for signing up at the same time.

  5. @jordangillespie1993 The idea of circuit training is that you do all of these consecutively without rest or with minimal rest. So it might start or look easy but it is pretty tough to do.

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