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  1. Very nice! What is needed for shooters in Michigan are, in addition to 100 yard ranges are 200 yard, 300 yard, 400 yard … and so on to 1000 yards. A wild dream is a full mile range. Shooting sports has had an increase of 51% while hunting (Think 50 and 100 yard distances) has had a decrease of about 20 % and is expected to decline by more than another 20 percent. More people are just shooting especially younger folk. Michigan DNR needs to recognize this fact (their data) and accommodate these shooters who are both young and older folk (like myself who cannot handle the woods and fields for health reasons) but really like to shoot.

    A Range with moving targets would be fantastic.

    Additionally, it is my observation, that younger (20s and early 40s shooters) enjoy shooting their semi automatic pistols and rifles at more than the range control of a round (shot) every 3 seconds. That rule enforced, severely and strictly, by DNR range officers dates from the 1940 days of bolt action rifles and 6 shot revolvers (as does the foolish requirement of only 5 rounds in magazine). The DNR needs to accept modernization of firearms and accommodate today's shooters not those of my father's day. I am 68 years of age and have been safely shooting and hunting for 56 years. I am hoping that my son (30), who chafes at the DNR arcane rules will continue to shoot despite the Michigan DNR overbearing attempt to put a halt to the use of modern weapons, as those firearms are intended to be used, at THE MICHIGAN PUBLIC Shooting ranges. The DNR needs to come of age and stop living in the past. Write and call the DNR Director office and your State Senator and State House Representative to wake up the DNR and allow for more realistic shooting here in The Great State of Michigan.

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