37 Replies to “TOXIC Broadhead! Flying Arrow Archery's 6-Bladed Innovation”

  1. It all comes down to arrow placement. New broadheads come and go every year, and no, I'm not bashing this product. Practice, practice, practice, and find a durable, reliable broadhead that works for you and the bow you shoot. If you hit an animal where you should with a quality broadhead, it isn't going very far. The latest and greatest broadhead does not make you a better shot. Know your distance limits and no matter how nice a buck it might be, don't take a bad shot (outside your effective distance, a bad angle on the animal, branches/brush in the way, etc). Again, I'm not bashing this product. The main thing in harvesting an animal in a quick and humane way comes down to arrow placement. If this product works for you, then that's great, because having confidence in your gear is important. But, put in the time it takes to become a good shot. You will have much greater success, and the animals we hunt deserve a well placed arrow for a fast and humane kill.

  2. I have dropped 6 deer right in they're tracks with 3 blade broadheads and not one hit in spine I wish satellite still made the same broadheads I used All 6 died in just a second or two from the moment they fell a well placed shot doesn't need to create lot's of blood lost to kill because there wasn't but a few drops when I got to the six One more dropped instantly it tried to lift it's head and that fell fell down and that deer was dead the broadheads went in the third virtabra beneath the skull and it still is there I saved it that was a 9 point and butcher that cut that one up said none of his guy's could pull it out and the other 6 deer we're all 8 point Buck's so none were small I don't understand why this guy thinks that you need lot's of blood unless that's what his sponsor's told him to say I don't have any site's on any bow and shoot bare finger don't never had sponsor and don't want any I think they help create people to tell untruths

  3. Ok, seriously. Six years later, most channels still are not on the quality standar you were on in 2013. Crazy. Props!

  4. Shouldve called it "the clover". It makes sense. The "toxic"….what? The toxic what? Makes no sense. Also the "clover" doesnt sound like something used to kill deer. Dangerous things with innocent names are funny. Probably help with sales instead of making people think the arrows are dipped in a toxin.

  5. A faster kill is always more humane and safe eat what you hunt & hunt what you're going to eat. Good video I'm going to subscribe..

  6. I've seen a three blade version of this called "The Cyclone" if I remember correctly about the name

  7. It's not an disadvantage but rather a big advantage since the blades are not that sharp. The reason for this is because it works like a sharks teeths, it cuts but also ripping up the flash and the organs more. This only works perfectly if you have a sharp arrow end and a good mount of force as you get from the Crossbow..

  8. Its still shit dying no matter what label you justify it with pest, crop, age related. I saw a herd of pigs getting crossbowed. The family were all eatin toughter then blam. No more momma pig. How would you feel out for walk in aspcial group and then suddenly a humane. Double lung shot comes your way no time to say goodbye just gargling on your red rich blood in unbreakable part of a stange forest.

    Let me ask you hunters a serious question if i gave you robots to shoot which mimicked animals almost perfect but with hyper real feild craft and stalkin would you give up hunting other organisms? Hypothetical in this scenario your meat intake is taken care of by the free….. market there is no fleas and your crops are safe. Or do you need to actually take and stop life.

  9. That head cuts three cores of tissue out of the animal. That design is humanely devastating, and would execute a very quick kill. That’s what you want. Well done.

  10. Rediculous that hunting defenseless mammal requires high tech gear. What may have been arguably a skill based sport is now just killing for pleasure. Psychopaths

  11. I have bow hunted for over 30 year's. Through trial and error, my opinion nothing beats muzzy. The worst is rage, in my opinion. Muzzy are easy to resharpen and just plain tough. I still have and use muzzy I bought 20 years ago. Use what works for you. I know guys that absolutely hate muzzy. As for me they have NEVER let me down.

  12. Is everybody just copying each other's comments?
    Do you not have the brain power to create original comments?
    Humanity you lets me down on a daily basis and yet again what a surprise.
    You are all the same and there's no pride in that.
    Try to be original for once in your life just try it out.

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