20 Replies to “Toxik-There Stood the Fence [HQ]”

  1. This song is 100% timeless and a true classic most people never heard…Josh's solo here was just so good..every note had a purpose yet it still displays his superior technique and melodic sensibilities..he was not only a very very underrated guitarist back then but seemed to be unknown by many people…I went to a Gilbert clinic around this time the album was out and asked PG if he ever heard of Josh and said no..i ended up giving him a copy as those 2 were my biggest influences back then…i told him to check out the solo on Machine Dream 🙂

  2. This track inspired my to go back to visit the place I grew up + having a lot of dreams about this place. I just took a day off work to visit, did not tell anyone. Have not seen this place in 20 years and the nostalgia was glorious. No way I could share this with anyone, total ego trip

  3. This is so beautiful. Embarrassingly I have never heard it before but glad I arrived now. So much class & emotion.
    It was rare that you found this kind of heart wrenching Melancholy in an 80's Metal band, you just didn't believe the sadness unlike this & The Omen by Laaz Rockit. Amazing song.

  4. Heard this the other day on my random select and thought it was Laaz Rockit, but then remembered it was Toxik

  5. Fot some reason this song has marked me like very few ones. I still remember when i got it…..December 1994, just before Christmas. I was fooling around with my friend in the Athens down town music stores when we found this 'tape' and strongly wondering who were these guys (Toxic) which have never heared before. Finaly we took the risk and bought it. Even now after so long time this song remains one of our strongest memories from that beautiful time.

  6. I've been searching for this song and album for YEARS!! I bought it when it came out and loved it. All these years later, I couldn't remember the band or song name. FINALLY!! I'm so happy to be able to listen to this again. what an epic song.

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