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  1. I grew up shooting traditional, but with no traditional archers or archers period in my family. So as a child I learned instinctively. Never even heard of these other techniques actually.

  2. That’s not historical in history they would put the arrow on the right side which is faster so they could shoot multiple arrows in a couple seconds

  3. What is it called when I don't stare down the arrow or aim. For some odd reason, i just know where the arrow is going to hit

  4. If a so called "Instinctive Shooter" cannot see the arrow-then that person is totally blind! Everybody aims or they would miss!!

  5. So if a center shot composite bow with arrow shelf or rest is a traditional bow, what is a non center shot long bow with no arrow rest or what is horse bow? Primitive bow? I just want to know the difference. Center shot composite bows with arrow rest requires much less skill than the other ones for sure.

  6. Not a question-a statement !! 'Muscle Memory' May Not Really Exist. A new study suggests that muscle memory may not really exist. … Muscle tissue does not have a "memory" of past exercise training, new research suggests.

  7. That's the first time I've heard someone describe instinctive shooting accurately. So many youtubers present instinctive shooting as something you just do and it will come to you after some time. But the honest deal is, sure you can get to the instinctive level of shooting and it'll take thousands and thousands of repetitions. Ain't no easy way to do it.

  8. I learned shooting a compound bow some 32 year's ago from a cousin in Kentucky and he was an avid Hunter that he has game animals from all over mounted in his house he's been in Bow magazines. I would set up targets from 10 yards out to almost a hundred yards and I always shot with both eyes open and I shot enough just sliding down the arrow and out always hit my mark I had targets deer size bear size and I would put the appropriate diagram of Where the Heart lung area is and I would pretty much hit that every time. Long ago I gave up bow and started hunting with a pistol and I use my 629 stainless steel 44 Mag and that was my dear gun after that. Now at 56 years old I'm wanting to get me a recurve bow and start hunting what do you recommend for a bowl and a proper weight that will take down a bear. The compound bow and I had back then was Bear brand Kodiak Magnum it was a justable weights from 45 lb to 65 and I shot it mostly at 65 what would you recommend for a recurve bow.

  9. If guys are using the tips of their arrows or using different marks on their tabs to address the string why not just use a sight? What's the difference? Traditional archery is going the wrong direction

  10. …Thanks folks, nice video. In my opinion, Mr Zirnsak did a great job of explaining and defining sighting techniques, while offering detailed steps on how to apply each method…

  11. so many lies and bs. Lancaster should have pro staff and know better than use a hunter dude that goes hunting when he can`t see his tab and basically guessing where you hit caus you look at you target realt hard and long and does absolutely nothing for shoot execution .just ask Olympic archers how much time they spend aiming . where the arrow is pointed has nothing to do with where it hits (general direction only )and not once mentioning string picture

  12. Lancaster not only a great store that gives great service but makes great videos. Thank you . Alan

  13. This is really a small summary of the super film that Matt has done, do not hesitate to see all of his production. For small Frenchy like me it is a great discovery, I put my sight in the trash after seeing them. It is necessary to dare to evolve mentalities. Thanks +

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