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  1. So my husband bought me a beginner's bow for Christmas and I finally had a chance to shoot it this past weekend (you weren't kidding about the archer's tattoo, btw!). The thing is, it has a shelf for the arrow to sit on, but the arrows have plastic veins, not feather fletching. Is there a particular reason it might come with the "incorrect" type of arrows, and would it be better to get some that have feathers instead?

  2. This is to train for deer hunting, correct? There is no point to shoot a bow and arrow if you aren’t going to deer hunt IMHO.

  3. Awesome vid. I got the samick sage about a week ago @ 45lb only because it was the only one i could get locally. I wanted to hold and feel it. Now its a little too heavy draw weight. Do you suggest i order 35lb limbs or just get used to the 45?

  4. Hey that's the archery glove I use 😛

    I got an archery tattoo when an archery school made me use my off hand to shoot and didn't give us equipment, I have no idea why. I then immediatly switched to a different bow for my right hand and showed everybody else up 😛 I never went back there clearly

  5. I have a question pls. help. I am left eye dominant that means according to the rule I should be holding a right hand bow. However, I am comfortable shooting a left hand bow and holding the bow with my right hand. What should I do?

  6. Great vid 👍 I haven’t replied in a comment in a long time .. went from compound.. few years break .. then wanted to do recurve with no sites and no club .. couldn’t work out why my vanes keep rubbing!!! And how That blubber rest works and which way the Caine should go to the rest !! 🙄 the guy at the gun shop wasn’t helpful.. but I didn’t know I would have a problem with vanes and a rubber arrow rest .. from what I got off your vid .. u need feather flechers?? So they don’t touch ? Sorry I had a few 🥃

  7. Just bought a couple bows for me and my girlfriend thanks for the video really happy with all the intro to archery videos on YouTube you're the man.

  8. A lot of the basics he talked about reminds me of shooting guns, I wonder, what about breathing? Is there breathing techniques involved in shooting bows and arrows?

  9. Great video. Thanks for explaining the basics for beginners! You represent the sport well. The wife and I are going to check out the local shop and give archery a go.

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