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  1. Hey man,
    was wondering where this forest is at?
    I live near Stuttgart, and so far I couldn't find such a great spot 🙁


  2. no, ist just a plain old leather back quiver, the decoration with feathers, amber and shells I made myself

  3. …haunting native american pan flute music… plus great scenery = great combo.

    Quiver is very nice too! Who's the manufacturer/vendor/price?

    Many thanks

  4. ah yeah your right about that, I forgot… well then, have fun shooting.. and dont forget posting some videos mate

  5. thanks for the reply, nah its not a war bow, I believe it has to be over 100lb+ draw weight for that, this is a more comfortable 40lb. I think id have to get down the gym before hitting the war bow

  6. Hi, naa i tought you were shooting a modern longbow – what you have is an english longbow or warbow, and there pulling back 32" is normal, still 34" is still unique, but for warbows its ok I guess – just make sure you warm-up the wood b4 drawing back all the way – – – Im not sure if you need to wax or polish a warbow, since most of there already are when you buy them, but keeping the bow away from moisture and direkt sunlight is always good

  7. hi mate, im a big chap at 6,4 the bow stands at 6,5 ,its made from yew wood, in a D shape (as in flat on outside curved on the inside) you have me worrying now ive over pulled it (gulp). anyway ive done some research and we have very lax laws which is good. could you tell me a good wax or polish, or maybe comment on the pull length (if im over doing it) ect. best regards friend

  8. unfortunately I dont know the UK laws concerning roving – you draw your bow back to 34"??? thats quite extreme, usually people draw back between 27" and 30" – may I ask how big you are??
    what kind of longbow do you have? yew-wood longbow or modern longbow?

  9. awesome video, I have my first long bow and have weighed it at 40lb at 34in which is perfect for me, so now to get some arrows. im trying to find out the law concerning roving in the UK at the moment. anyway could you help? what is the best wax or oil to maintain your bow when not in use?

  10. Perfect. I love that you don't need to be cruel to animals to enjoy being in nature, to test your skill and to enjoy your sport.

  11. great stuff … thank you for posting it. Great shooting and a locale that is the stuff of dreams …….

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