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  1. Impressive aiming there. i myself got me a recurve bow 30-35 lbs as a starting bow. in the beginning i was shooting all over the place now i can atleast get all the arrows in a good circle. i wish i was as good as you. any tips ?. ( sry for bad english im from Norway)

  2. I'm in an archery class at school. They have compounds and recurves, everyone grabs the compounds, and I'm one of two out of a class of 20+ that grabs the recurves (and even that other guy eventually switches to the compounds after a round or two of being disgruntled with the accuracy). What can I say, I got bored with the compound; the recurve feels more…. genuine… for lack of a better word, more pure. I watch this video regularly.

  3. Traditional!? I thought traditional archery was the archery that actually was customizable and useful, not the baby archery that they do in sports etc.

  4. I see that your bow and arrow isnt bougth so do you made them or some one do it for you. So if you made them please make a tutorial because all of these arent good enough.
    Thank you for this video.

  5. @andsowot lol he never said the bow had 58 pound draw weight. The 58 is the amo length of the bow nock to nock and the draw weight is 38 pounds at 28 inch draw

  6. I find it quite annoying in for example war movies where archers need to fire quickly, but they shoot on the left side, idiots I say. Moviemakers should learn from syrian archers, much better.

  7. Zach K, alot of traditional style archers prefer it since it follows your hands natural tilt. Also it obviously isnt effecting him. Compound bow shooters stress a straight bow because of derailing. But alot of Recurve bow users have a similar open tilted bow stance

  8. Awesome shots and BEAUTIFUL bow!!
    So jealous…
    There's only the metal hunting ones in my town, not wood.
    The one I have had too much torque on it until it loosened up in the winter…now I can actually draw it back! XD

  9. I just started Archery recently, though I have wanted to learn ever since I was a wee kiddo!  Watching you hit those milk jugs was SOOOO Satisfying!!  Can't wait until I get good enough to do that as consistently as you.  I am only using a 20lb traditional recurve bow for now.

  10. it was awesome with target practice but I had to glue it to some Styrofoam first but either way it was a good archery target!!!
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to1e9shLz

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