Traditional Bowhunting Turkeys/2019/The Stickboys

Traditional Bowhunting Turkeys/2019/The Stickboys

turkey hunting is a lot of things it's fun it's exciting for us it's social we get to hunt together and that's probably the best part hearing that first goblin opening day is a feeling I hope I never lose sometimes it can be really easy we struck up a bird immediately this year and after two or three calls he had already cut the distance in half we thought it was a sure thing by 9:30 on opening day it looked like Aaron was finally gonna get his chance with a bow this bird had probably cut 300 yards and under 10 minutes there's something else that turkey-hunting often is and that's frustrating this bird picked off air and trying to get his bow back Ethan and I kept after him all day that day although frustration was all we found despite covering a little over eight miles we never found another willing participant in fact the whole first week was much like that whether horrible birds not responsive the next weekend with the forecast rain and wind I consider not even going boy I'm glad I went it's probably crazy to be out here so saw a cowboy up this morning got all stuff right and then too bad it's been where he peaceful actually with my patience waning I was called completely off-guard [Applause] after a quick follow-up shot the bird didn't go very far as you can see we had a great hunt this morning mountains North Carolina we it's been a really hard season so far for us the weather has just been absolutely horrible weather was absolutely horrible this morning we went out anyway came out in this field landowners daughter I should teach the land hunters 200 she told me she said mr. Lucci you need to go up on this little flat behind the house we're always seeing she lives here so well so what happened so I came set up this morning I'm a little flat short enough heard a bird early and got what about six times I never really could tell if it was gobbling at me or if it was gobbling just on its own but it uh couldn't never didn't really tell what was going on and actually just texted my dad and sitting there hadn't heard a thing and just texted my dad and said boy this you know this season's really rough this is the hardest season we've ever been a part of put down my phone and heard that little noise at fighting per noise looked up and this guy was a half a yard from the decoy chest-bumping it so I didn't have an arrow on the string I didn't have enough and luckily I had my gloves and face mask on it so i gently got an arrow on and pushed record on the camera and you saw what happened he jumped up on my DSD jake marcus aurelius golly he jumped up on top of him and will spur him and everything else and I put that cedar shaft right where I wanted to knocked him off the decoy he went around did some circles afterwards I put another arrow in him and he didn't go probably 30 yards after the fact tickled to death to get this bird was really worried honestly we're heading to Florida to do a little shark fishing here in the morning so I was really worried it wasn't going to happen this year or at least get real worried that it might not happen and but luckily Lord blessed us this morning had a great hunt can't can't thank the landowner enough you know people like that is how we get to do things like this took it with my new 40 pound 58 inch Omega Natives first 58 inch one I've ever had sweet and Bo did a great job it was using cedar arrows tipped with the old bear razor head and fleshed with a turkey from last year so it's a great hunt hopefully we can get some sharks and get right back at it in a couple weeks stick with there's another thing that turkey huntin is rewarding Wow you

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  1. Great hunt man!!! I got to encounter some turkey this year and was trying to do it without a ground blind with my recurve. It was tough but fun had a blast. Hunted with someone on their property and called for them. Hope to see some more turkey hunts. Thanks for sharing

  2. Nothing more satisfying than taken one of the sharpest eyed critters out there. Awesome hunt and great video good eating is in your future. What broadhead do you use? I have used Simmons tiger sharks 175 grain ever since I got into traditional archery 5 years ago but have yet been able to score.
    But persistence hopefully will pay off this year. Have a blessed day

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