41 Replies to “Traditional Manchu Archery of the Qing Imperial Guard”

  1. White man teaching Chinese archery…. lol… American chop suei…. typical colonial bastard.

  2. Thank you Scott your descriptions and diagrams are excellent they are clear and concise leaving no room for ambiguity.

  3. I wanted to learn oriental archery with thumb grip, so I went to a Pa-Kua accademy. The black belts shoot much worse than I do with my normal western style.

  4. Man I really wished this school was closer or that there where more schools similar to this. I've been really interested in learning things like Swordmanship and Archery because I wanted to get in touch with my roots and Chinese military history fascinates me. We have schools that teach European style archery and swords but nothing Chinese. It would be something fascinating to learn and preserve.

  5. Mr. Rodell is good person and a knowledgeable Martial Artist. I is a pity he uses Manchurian characters on his uniform. Yang style taichi is a Han martial art style. Manchurians are Han people's greatest enemy. Well I can't blame Mr. Rodell because he isn't Han plus the creator of Yang Style was a fuckin traitor himself teaching the Manchurians kungfu.

  6. A thousand thank yous my man. In near enough zen fashion, this is the one video a dude as I needs. Thanks again.
    P.s. More no-bs archery videos from you would be welcomed!

  7. This is the best explanation that i could hope for, thank you so much for this! I do have a question concerning the positions of anchor points, are there anchor points in this type of archery? If so, could you describe them? 

  8. Why the arrow is on the right side of the bow and not in the left side?. It must be more convenient for accuracy an stability to put the arrow on left side for a right handed operated bow. Is this due to the specific style depicted here?.

  9. I like this! It makes all the main points clear without the need for understanding English (or Chinese!). The form is excellent. Thanks Scott!

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