21 Replies to “Traditional Recurve Bow Hunt 2015 w/ Bear Archery Cheyenne Recurve 55lbs Deer Hunting”

  1. Good Vid! I disagree with the phrase, "She is not a trophy." Any deer you harvest is a trophy.Β I know what ya meant. Good Job! Sub'd ya.

  2. Hopefully the bow works out for me I just got one of these at a pawn shop for 160 wich I thought was a good price and I'm only 5,7 so I think it should be perfect on my draw.

  3. I'm still shooting my Bear Kodiak Magnum and now in my 49th year. You can see it on my channel. Love the Bear bows. Good job on the recovery. Any pass through will usually kill the deer although recovery may be uncertain. Glad you got her.

  4. When you drew back and at full draw your arrow was really far off the strike plate. Your fingers much have been pinching the arrow nock a little bit. it must have thrown your shoot placement off a little bit. Great video tho. Good work

  5. Great shot and recovery. What is the brand of broadhead you used here? I'm liking the Magnus 2 blade myself. I thought that's what you had here with the bleeder blades.

  6. "She's not a trophy"??! Thats the wrong attitude Brother! ANY deer or game taken with a traditional bow IS a trophy. You should be thanking your lucky stars and give that dog a good treat too. We cant all get 12 point 180 inch Wall hangers.

  7. Where in North Ga bro? iM from Floyd county myself, although I reside in central Illinois now! Love to come back for hunting sometime! Always OPEN to invites from tradition archers! 😜

  8. damn gut shots suck. Sorry man. glad you recovered it though. Back straps for breakfast,lunch,andΒ  dinner lol. great work. love the bear bows

  9. Nothing like traditional methods. Try flinging an arrow at a 140" buck that's 15 yards away. That was a great hunt for me. He didn't leave my sight until I left him at the check in / processor quite literally. He died within 60 yards of me.

    Love Bear! Shot a lot through my Kodiak Hunter. Added a takedown to the collection too.

  10. Nice hunt there!

    I was kinda worried because I saw the arrow sliding from side to side on the arrowrest after your draw.

    What is your draw length? I also have a Bear Cheyenne, but I think it is to short for me.

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