Traditional way of Archery in Bhutan

Traditional way of Archery in Bhutan

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  1. By tghe way, please ad english subtitles, otherwise we eople from all over the world cant get priceless archery knowledge

  2. Excelente, muchas gracias.
    Shooting with the bow shouldnt be only abut shooting. I use to shoot to targets 90m away with just one arrow, that force me to walk the hills , and breathe pure air

  3. Estoy gratamente sorprendido de ver este video, en que parece que la competencia no existe, pero sí el compartir en torno a la actividad de tirar con arco…

  4. interesting traditions, but when im going out for shooting im focusing on different things 🙂 but with their sense of time and lifestyle – why not dance and cherish like that? 😉

  5. it would have been nice to have at least sub titles for us to read . great archery though . its hard enough to hit something that small with our compound bows and sights .

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