TradLife Films 2017 "Kansas…on the 8th day"

TradLife Films 2017 "Kansas…on the 8th day"

oh there he is he's right there he's right there oh my god there he is it's November 3rd my first morning in Kansas beautiful morning cold real cold north wind I might have underestimated the cold a little bit with what I have on but I'll make it through the morning that's for sure on a great-looking spot there's cut corn and cut beans about 3 4 or 500 yards to the east and to the north which is the way the deer should be coming from like I said we have like a north northeast wind so the wind is perfect it's about 40 degrees it feels more like 30 though I know should be good just waiting on the first deer to show up it's about 7:45 right now I think I've even looked at the time but uh yeah it's a great spot I'm in a cedar tree and Tracy was understand he's only sad at once just put it up this year and he saw about nine dough's out of it the first morning he's sad so if there's those here the Bucks will be here and there's some great bucks in here the trail camera pictures are phenomenal so we'll say should be good there's a big book coming up over that hill right there I hope you can see that was a beautiful buck first year I've seen don't buy I mean he didn't really give me a shot until he was at like 30 yards and I don't think I was gonna shoot him anyway I was really thinking about it but he was beautiful though I may regret that not trying to do more with him gratin him closer or something but I just let him go by but he was big he was probably in one 30s three-year-old dare look like it's only the first warning so like I said I might regret it but I hope not I know there's bigger ones here Dan's cold we do even drown more than the gold I'm shaking like crazy now it's a good start it's November 4th 2nd day in Kansas Kansas day three it's on November 6th we've seen six box now Monday afternoon I might regret that one it's November 7 it's afternoon November 7 it's Wednesday morning I have not seen a single deer yet it's Thursday morning November night it's afternoon well it's come down to the last morning it's November 10th and wearing a killer spot we set this down yesterday yesterday afternoon late morning after we on it great spot I mean it's a spot where Gracie doesn't go into too often it's kind of a sanctuary for the deer but it's the last day were pulling out all the stops so it's a strong wind easterly which is good for here oh it's cold hmm it's like 23 degrees this morning with a stout wind so it's gonna be a challenge keep my hands warm enough huh I did blow out a deer just about what I got here it blew at me a couple times but sounded like it was just one I will say fingers are crossed man this is it it's the last day right well it's been about an hour since I shot that doe and I reviewed the footage I don't know I thought I hammered her I knew it was close to the shoulders and she was definitely moving as the arrow got there but it still looked like I got her through the shoulders to me but the arrow the shaft itself is full of fat I can see that white fat and the feathers have blood on but she ran off you know laboring in the front end I thought she was gonna go down any second she stood over there for 30 seconds again I thought she was gonna go down right there and I watched her walk off and with my binoculars from the tree here I cannot find a single drop of blood on the ground so I don't know I don't know I thought I hammered I really did I thought she was gonna go down right there 50 yards so hopefully she just walked over the hill and died at me because I just you know I did get her through the meaty part of the shoulders and all and stuff that could explain the fat on here but the arrows I mean the feathers are in soaked in blood they have blood on but it's not soaked in blood so I don't know I once got me a little bit baffled hopefully she's just right there your boyfriend they'll come by like I said it's been about an hour so far it's you my dear I've seen see what happens that's the first doe in eight days on this trip that I've had close enough to shoot oh thanks [Applause] know what to say I think he's a ten-pointer he's not the biggest deer in Kansas but I couldn't be happier oh girl I can't believe it I can't believe it I saw blood come out instantly I know I got at least them near long but I'm pretty sure I heard him go down he went about 70 yards I saw him stop and then I heard him crash oh my god I can't believe it the last day last morning oh my god I got this camera I didn't get to the other camera in time it just came out behind this tree oh hey Kara gotta look on the ground see if there's blood down there I saw a gush right out as soon as I hit up I got a text Tracy I can't believe it it was unbelievable he just came out from behind that damn cedar with this wind I never even heard him I looked down he was right there he was ten yards from me already oh my god and he can he walk straight to the tree he didn't walk on that trail he kind of started coming right at me and I had a shot one I mean he was gonna go right underneath me so I shot I mean he was a little quarter and towards me when I shot him but I drilled on I mean a blood just gushed out I could see a blood Chuck could follow the blood trail with my binoculars and I'm pretty sure I heard him go down well Mike I I really – Tracy I honestly have no idea how many points he has I don't I don't know anything about him I mean I really don't I think he's a ten-pointer he had a bunch of points but by the time you know trying to get cameras going and everything else um and he was right there I just I had to reach around a tree to get my bow and I just prayed to God I didn't ding anything or hit anything and I got away with it and thank you man I have no you know if I if I had to guess from the picture I have in my head you know he looks like he's a 130 s you know ten point or something but I really don't know man I really don't know he might be an eight pointer I have no idea but I don't care I can't wait any longer I gotta go look I'm pretty sure I heard him go down let's go well there he is he's right there he's right there there he is right there yes you

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  1. Great job man, I always look forward to seeing your videos! Keep up the good work!!!🤙🏻

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