TRAILER "FENCING; The Art, the Science and the Passion"

TRAILER "FENCING; The Art, the Science and the Passion"

the entire basis of fencing simply put is to hit and not be hit I never belong to this fencers who are wanted to be just okay I always wanted to win I stay in my defense I can compete it's like it up odd offense fencing permeates in every aspect of my life condition and it's really about discipline trying to be the best I can be self-control you have to know where your body is when your mind is where your hand is where your blade is standing on the you getting the medals listen to now national icon it's just a constant challenge it just never ends and it's just thrilled you

10 Replies to “TRAILER "FENCING; The Art, the Science and the Passion"”

  1. WOW…
    …go tell your barber (or therapist) and please stop boring us! The whole disussion becomes a little bit stupid now!

    Übrigens habe ich keine Lust mehr, mich länger in Deiner Sprache mit Dir zu unterhalten. Werde erwachsen und lerne mal eine Fremdsprache und dann kannst Du weiter diskutieren!

  2. Ever heared of a word that's called "irony"? I really don't know what's your problem – but there's no discussion that there must be a big one!
    If you don't like the movie clip or the movie-maker (maybe this could be your prob?) just let me know, but stop your pretty silly comments and advices. I now got it that you might be the omniscient godfather of fencing tradition. But who cares…???
    If you're just half as good in fencing than in grousing you must be on the way to the world-championship!

  3. ???
    I'm fencing for more than 13 years now, but thank you for your advice. What's the rpoblem in finding the trailer interesting? Does Hollywood movies represent the real life…?!? OMG

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