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  1. I have been looking at getting this same system to put my 2 feeder pigs (blue butts) to work tilling pasture. However, it's a very large area so I'd like something I can move every few days or so until the entire area is clear (plus would minimize manure buildup). Is this system easy to move around?

  2. Hey John, I'm loving the pig videos. We are considering getting a few this spring, but I had a question for you! My fear is predators. With this short pig fence, wouldn't coyotes be a concern? We are wanting to put them to the back of our property, about 4 acres away from our house, because we need some aeration done to that part of the land. I am afraid they'll get eaten before we can eat them! Thoughts?

  3. Questions

    1. What energizer do you use?
    2. I cant get the pig netting where I live in Ireland, Will poultry or sheep netting work as effectively?

    Thank you for all your videos, you are awesome!

  4. John,Just wondering why I have not seen any of your pigs with nose rings to stop them from rooting.  I am getting some pigs in the spring.  Have you found the best breed yet?

  5. So, when you have tourist around, do you turn the fense off or let them learn their lesson by experience too 🙂

  6. They do learn quick!! Mine are still pretty small/young. they will run as fast as they can up to me…..but stop about 6 inches short of that hot wire LOL. I am converting my pasture area for them to a netting …this week?? maybe ?? Great video. thanks – Mike

  7. simple and to the point – great advice for someone like me who is only just getting going. Thanks again John – love your work 🙂

  8. I have an electric fence for my goats and it works great. Mine is the single strands of wire but I set it up so I could put pigs in with the goats. Last season I had pigs in a fence made with chicken wire which worked great till they got to digging. Then I used pallets behind the chicken wire but it was a lot of work keeping up on repairs just to keep them in (never had an escapee though). The electric fence definitely will be better. How long is your hog fence and how many pigs you got?

  9. So when they hit the hot fence, does the area smell like Bacon? 🙂 Just kidding. Good to see you again. ~Smile!

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