slow down fucker come here bro come here I just make you some scrambled eggs bro mmm okay you're gonna take that shape nah nah nah that's my bet doulas you slow down trust me bro I'm a professional come back I used to work at Denny's bro come here oh good dude he said silverfish yeah yeah fuck you guys get it what what is of use eggs mean well foes I've missed you guys welcome back guys welcome back to another guide slash tutorial slash training ground this is not going to be like any other guide this is going to be an interactive practice session like before I have to put a disclaimer behind every single one of these if you're an emoji player you're an MLG motherfucker this video is probably not for you if you play pokemon go all day all night this video is not for you I read a lot of comments on the initial guide for a lot of people that were looking for some help in maybe getting better at the game and I wanted to make this guide or wanted to make training ground sort of like a practice ground so that we could share some ideas together with people that are just starting out in the game and want to get better with time so in this first episode of training grounds I'm going to focus on three very important things three things that I had to learn and adapt to a long time ago almost three years ago when I first started playing battle royale which was for ARMA 3 the first and most important thing we're going to focus on is the muscle memory the second thing we're going to focus on is reaction time and the third and most important thing we're going to focus on is weapon range specialization I feel like it's rudimentary at this point but I have to emphasize this this is just for beginners people that are starting off with the games that have never played any survival game they've never played any Last Man Standing game and just want to improve in battle ground alone so let's start the practice together guys muscle memory it's so important but I feel like it's so left out nobody even mentions it I feel like people just have instincts that they react to but muscle memory is key in how you handle situations every single time you're faced with a different enemy for this part of training grounds we're going to constantly focus and practice on switching your weapon you remember seeing some of your favorite streamers doing this very same thing over and over again and again with different weapons and different scopes to different weapons that's all that they're doing they're doing the same thing they're getting used to their muscle memory remembering how fast they can change weapons when they need to on you primary weapon – secondary weapon that's number one I would strongly recommend if you're new to battlegrounds do this over and over and over again so that you get used to finding your secondary and your primary weapons super fast all the time it's all about repetition and time guys if you do it long enough eventually it will become like habit like second nature to you it's only going to get easier and a lot less of a struggle when you get into those key firefights no medkit for you checking corners Q and E switching side to side always checking corners on every single turn I can't emphasize enough how important it is to check corners especially in the beginning of the round I hate to be the one to say this but it is somewhat true the beginning of each round defines the outcome of each round as well this is something that you're going to have to practice again and again and again and to do it you're going to have to sacrifice round so I would strongly recommend don't care about your win ratio do not care about the scoreboard just go in there with one mindset that you're going to practice every single time you fall down from the sky and you're about to lose you're going to check every corner you're going to switch your guns and you're going to make sure that you do it over and over and over again till you get it right in every single situation and lastly don't forget to check your fire mode because that is important guys do it like you're checking yourself every two minutes you never know which mode you're going to need to always make sure that you're prepared that you know what mode you're in single fire auto fire single fire auto fire do it constantly get used to it practice it you do it while you're running to a car do it while you're running into the zone do it while you're running to Luke check yourself frequently so that you know what mode you're in before you actually engage in a fire fight that's it for muscle memory but here's a quick recap of all the things that you can practice number one switching weapons number two checking corners using Q and E and lastly checking your firing mode on the gun making sure that it's on full auto first or single fire as needed now we come to the hard part reaction time I have to be honest here guys reaction time isn't something that I can teach performance I can probably show you guys a whole lot of examples of me reacting to other people getting the jump on me however I'm hoping that if you practiced muscle memory enough checking corners and you're ready for any situation that you should be able to improve your reaction time and your reaction speed tremendously in any fight situation there are a few basic things of course that could help you with reaction time and one of them is of course footsteps just remember no matter what you're doing always try to pick up those little sounds because that's going to be the difference between living and dying I think footsteps are key especially in the beginning of the round another thing I want to mention is if you do end up on a server which has weather effects turned on I would strongly recommend you turn your spidey-sense on to the fullest because you won't be able to hear shit this is obviously something that you're going to have to experience in the game itself and the only way to get better is to learn from each and every encounter doesn't matter whether you live or you die as long as you learn from it that's all that matters I'm hoping that if you practice muscle memory enough that your reaction speed and time will also improve tremendously because in the end that's what's going to get you these derpy I mean I mean buttery smooth kills alright let's talk about weapon range specialization now I know what a lot of you are probably thinking that weapon specialization or weapon skill sets are probably a different video of course I'll make that video if enough people requested down in the comments below but for now we're just going to talk about weapon range and how to take out enemies effectively given the range between you and the targets so let's talk about the three different types of firing modes that are available right now in battleground the first mode is straight-up third-person where you can move around quite freely however you lose a lot of accuracy this firing mode works really well especially with shotguns and SMGs what the fuck oh my god I got so hard in this version of CQC you really don't have to aim down the sights just try to get your target somewhat in the center of the giant circle and anything is possible even if it's you taking on a team of four with little to no health yeah come on back up baby just like this oh my god he doesn't even know I'm in here what the fuck in the ruins again you can bounce around quite a bit in this mode however it's not that effective for anything more than 50 meters now let's talk about the second aiming mode which is over the shoulder third person so you're going to have to right click on your mouse and hold it down this will definitely help improve your aim from CQC to mid-range battles especially with ARS this firing mode is definitely going to come in handy especially when you're low on health and you don't have the time to pull out your shotgun or any other toys that you have in my opinion it's one of the most effective firing modes there is available in the game especially if you're just starting out I would strongly recommend that you take some time in mastering this over the shoulder third person aiming modes because it is truly effective for everything up to a hundred meters killing teams of four will be a walk in the park for you once you can get all of them to commit to this particular range oh and before I forget please stop asking me who these Randall players are that I'm playing with because I honestly don't know I play solo on squad servers because I like the challenge that's it yes it can get sloppy at times but you don't have the luxury of a times 4 or a times 8 scope all the time so it is definitely my go-to aim mode over the shoulder third person practices now I know what some of you is thinking that yes it's fine and dandy that you can do this third-person over-the-shoulder trick with a lot of the ARS but DB can you do this with a sniper my answer is absolutely yes you can given the right range you can do the third-person over-the-shoulder trick with snipers as well just a fuck how are you not dead it's night bitch so ask me when it comes to weapon specialization range open the shoulder aiming is super effective with all weapons especially since you still have good mobility while keeping a good amount of your accuracy alright moving on let's talk about the last and final weapon specialization range mode which is hardcore aka first-person I feel like when you get a kill in first person it is by far the most rewarding getting kills in this game it's so gratifying especially in first-person nothing compares to it guys the blood the gore you get to see it firsthand from the other side of the scope and I just love how the development team has done it so far it just feels so damn good that's another headshot design it himself look the first person firing mode is something that you definitely want to practice there's going to be hardcore servers coming out soon enough now obviously I can't aim for you but this is something that you're just going to have to get in the games and practice you're going to have to know when to switch out between third-person third-person over-the-shoulder and first-person in certain situations where you have no cover your only choice and your go-to is going to be first-person because it is by far the most accurate however you're going to lose a lot of mobility you're not going to be able to move around as much but in the end if you want to talk about just being accurate and you want to just focus on sniping and you want to focus on pinpoint accuracy on taking someone's head off then I would strongly recommend go in and always practice first-person live first-person breathe first-person when you spot someone always going to first-person and just practice practice practice if you've got muscle memory down if you've got reaction time down then this right here is going to be a walk in the park for you got one going to his buddy who's dead shine that yep walk in the park kind of like center part but late at night when the bumps come out got him look the difference read guide well I really hope that you guys enjoyed this episode training grounds has actually been in the works for a good month now and it took a whole 40 hours of editing post-production organisation transitions all kinds of effects to put it all together and one of the reasons why I wanted to make training grounds aka practice because I wish that other people would have made the same Battle Royale guides and Battle Royale practice grounds for me in ARMA 3 when I first started there was really nowhere I could turn to get that experience but then again I guess that just comes with time thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed the episode training grounds the first episode is finally over and I would really appreciate it guys if you could just take one second out of your day to hit that like button it really helps me out and if you found this video useful please don't forget to share it with your friends and if you're new to the channel thanks so much for subscribing guys I love you all stay strong and I'll see you your so here show's over go home work on that chicken dinner well since you're here maybe you could help me out got a new haircut let me know what you think in the comments below if you don't like it maybe just keep it to yourself you got a line run off


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