Training Pigs to Fence.

Training Pigs to Fence.

everybody is jordyn with farm builder and what we're gonna talk about today is training your pigs from the weaning pen all the way through finished stage as we covered in a previous video the weaning pen standing next to one here that we had a group of about thirty seven piglets in and if you want to see how we put these pens together you can check out that video will drop a link to that below what we're primarily talking about today is what do you do after you move the pigs out of here so when you are working with pigs and looking at containment there's two primary categories you can divide your fencing into there is a permanent barrier physical barrier which would be something like these panels concrete wall wooden fences and so on that's where the pig is gonna run into it and it's gonna actually bounce him back the other type of fencing that is fairly popular in pasture based space is psychological fences so that can be nets it can be wires combination of nets and wires or wires with a physical fence so what we're going to look at though is how we move from this onto the different stages so what we'll do in the weaning pen is we'll set up a training wire very similar to what you see in this paddock and so this will be a single strand of wire that we run on the inside of the weaning pen and that will begin to acclimate the piggies to an electric fence now we're still using it in conjunction with the physical barrier that way if the piggies do get through it they're still going to get bounced back and not be running all over the property after they've been on the single strand for a week or two we then will move them out of the leaning pen into a netting setup like you can see here now what we're doing is we're still using the wire for maybe one or two more moves to kind of ease that transition to now what used to look like the physical barrier that they could come up and smell this is now a psychological barrier and don't want them to touch this so after this move maybe the next one will take this wire away and these pigs will be able to run for three four or five months out here on the pasture just with the netting a couple aspects about the netting will cover real quick this is a fairly new product from the folks out at premier one and these are specifically designed for pigs this is called a hog net there are a hundred feet long on each side so you can see in this setup right here we have four nets and this will allow us to hopscotch our paddocks as we go along we can take the Nets from a previous paddock set it up in the direction we want to go and then we just open up and move our pigs over to the new paddock so moving on from here this is a group of weaned piglets different sizes as we're putting together kind of the surplus from groups of piglets that we send out to other farms so we've got some guys in here that might be seventy pound piglets and then we've got some smaller ones that are probably 35 to 40 pound range so I'm moving on from here we'll move up and look at some bigger groups of pigs that are still on pasture and then we'll check out some guys that are in the woods so once we've adequately trained those young pigs to netting we can take their wire away and exclusively use netting for a couple months now we're here in the middle of March so grass is really not growing that much yet but if it's during the growing season you will need to mow this grass down either with an herbivore or kneeling the bush hog or some other means but if this grass is knee-deep in here these Nets will not work very well but once these pigs are trained we will run them for three to five months on these Nets alone on the field now once your pigs become bigger say their replacement females for your breeding stock or you just want to move the group out into the woods what you can do is then put the wire back in get them a little bit retrained to the single wire and you will be able to move those pigs into the woods on a single strand of wire alone so what we're gonna do is go down and look at a set of sows in the woods and show you the single wire set up okay so this is the last stage of our psychological fence that we use we bring the piggies from the weaning pen out into the Nets and we'll train them to a wire as they're bigger in the field and this is how we contain all of our cells that we have on the farm they are in this single strand of wire that they're trained to on the pasture this is a 100% reliance on a psychological fence which means it needs to be hot and on all the time and we're also working with pigs that are more adaptable to this type of wire so for a sow to stay on our farm she has to get with the program on this kind of fence as well and these cells will be in a paddock anywhere from 1/2 to 1 acre at a time and they are going to move once a week so when we set up fence all we're doing is driving in our rebar post running wire around it opening up the old paddock and the same method as you saw before and moving them over so that's kind of the transitional process as we take a peg from that piglet stage introduce him slowly to new types of fencing until we have a fully mature Pig that can operate out here in our hog range is nothing but a little strand of aluminum wire keeping her exactly where we want her so thanks for stopping by today hope you guys enjoyed this video and learned a few things leave us a comment or a thumbs up appreciate it I'll catch you all next time

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  1. Dangerous! I read a book, and I saw a movie where animals were confined to paddocks by electric wire fence. Then , during storm, the power failed, and animals got out. People died. Company failed. What happens when generators fails on your farm. All these sows and other pigs will break free and eat everything and everyone. Just sayin!

  2. terrible idea sucked I did it doesn't work on mature pigs my 300lb pigs ran threw the fence while getting shocked. don't waist your re or money

  3. You mentioned that you have several different litters of weaners of different ages. How do you put these different groups of pigs together without them fighting? Great video btw.

  4. I don't use electric wire, I use a garden wire or chicken wire on the inside of my livestock cage. I slaughter my own but I just feel like I don't want to shock them, same with my cows and horses…

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