1. I broke my ankle at Get Air, I will never go back to a trampoline park again. I broke my ankle yesterday and today it hurts so bad and it is all bc of going to that stupid trampoline place! AND THE PROPLE WHO WORKED THERE DID NOT EVEN HELP ME!!! I was crying and all they did was ask for my name and how I got hurt GIVE ME SOME ICE AT LEAST!!!! I have weak ankles and I landed wrong when I jumped so now I'm suffering, but I took Advil so I'm not in too much pain right now.

  2. Ugh. The form is disgusting in their tucks. Being a gymnast, of course I'm going to criticize their form

  3. the helmets are probably for insurance purpose like the skate park is it cool to wear a helmet no is it smart yes

  4. they have helmets just in case they collide or hit their head it looks stupid though but its common sense

  5. lol how the fuck does a helmet do anything here… if anything it would make landing on your worse with extra weight lolol

  6. I didn't like that at all😤😤
    Their were barely any tricks or fails so who was that interesting if u just watch people jump stupidly😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡

  7. What is that place we have something like it in SC called plex hi wire but where is this place plex has trampoline dodgeball basketball diving pits a high wire and a ghost course but this looks more awesome

  8. Trampoline is fun but so dangerous i broken my femur bone just by jumping on a trampoline I'd never go on one again.

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